Thursday, 22 September 2022

Short and sweet

This will be a short post as it was a very quiet first half of the week, and I'm off to visit my daughter and grandson for the weekend. It's also been very cool with temperatures near freezing most nights. I turned the furnace on for one cycle on this morning - it was a mere 18C/64F inside this morning. It strikes me that I'd be quite comfortable with that temperature outdoors but inside it feels very cool. 

Grocery shopping was accomplished on Monday and I met with the stitch and chat group on Wednesday. We were up to six of us, including P who joined last week. There were a variety of items being worked on, including counted cross stitch, knitting, crocheting and embroidery. This last project looked like a lot of fun. B brought it with her and she and S worked on it together. They were stitching French knots for eyes, and running stitch for mouths on felt teeth. A tooth is then blanket stitched onto a small pillow case with an opening at the top for the insertion of a lost tooth for the tooth fairy to retrieve. These are being made for a craft sale in the snowbird community in Arizona where they both have homes. At least two of the group will be heading south in a few weeks. 

I've been working on another scarf but took a short break from that to make my little goblin. (My son says it looks like a snowman dressed up for Halloween). I need to find a piece of black felt to make a little jack-o-lantern face for the little basket. It was a fun little project, but I always forget how much time it takes to put together all the small pieces. The crocheting itself is quick and generally easy.  I don't think I have enough white wool to make the little girl goblin (she has a pony tail with the bow). It definitely helped use up a bit of scrap yarn.

This morning I'm on a mission to find my mom's mitten pattern. I seem to have misplaced the physical book so I'll try to find the/a digital pattern. She had made notes in the margins that I found helpful so I'm annoyed with myself for losing it. I've been through the ottomans where I keep supplies and pattern books several times already so it's time to look for it on-line.

There is curling on the television too - an event being held in Fredericton, New Brunswick. There were sixteen women's and sixteen men's teams entered and it's a single knock-out event. In other words, if you lose a game, you're out of the tournament. As a result it's a short event and will be complete by Sunday afternoon. With three draws today I'll be doing house work and packing for my short trip in between games. I have a stack of paperwork for D, some items that were left behind when they were here last, a project or two to work on while I'm there, and of course, my clothes and personal items that need to be made ready. I'll also take my laptop so I'll be able to watch the curling. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll likely post again when I return from my visit. 

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Cool and quiet

The weather has definitely turned to autumn. The photo on Wednesday was actually taken mid-morning after it warmed up several degrees. And yes, the thermometer is measured in Fahrenheit. We've been overcast with occasional light rain for several days and it doesn't warm up much during the day. While the house feels cool, I haven't yet turned on the furnace but I have had to wear socks! I've been using the oven to make dinner and baked a cake one day in a effort to bring the temperature up a little bit. Normally at this time of year I'd open up the sunroom - it helps to warm up the rest of the house but without sun it hasn't been nice enough to do so.

I did go for a walk Wednesday morning as I wanted to check out the creek and pond. As I entered the park I spotted the tree that seems to be the first to change color every year.

The thistles have gone to seed.

It was quiet at the creek; I only saw eight ducks in total.

There were far more geese at the pond, but far less than I've seen in years past. I have to wonder if, due to the heat we've had this summer, they haven't delayed their departure to the south. I'll have to ensure I do my walk more often.
My childish nature came out when I spotted this goose with it's butt in the air. 
I was watching for the red-necked grebes and found one at this end of the pond as well. I think it's one of the young ones from this year due to the mottling on the feathers.

This shot was a lucky one, as this bird was just resurfacing after a dive. I think it's a cormorant because it doesn't have a red neck like the grebe. I haven't seen the cormorants this summer at the pond but they've been their in the past.

Then I was excited to spot a marbled godwit on the edge of the pond. I was able to get fairly close before it spotted me and flew off.

I made it back to the house just as the rain started. Perfect timing. That afternoon I went to my stitch and chat group. We were joined by someone new to the group who came to check it out. P had moved the city just a year or so ago. She didn't bring a project with her but stayed to chat and said she'd be back next week. There are a few regulars who haven't yet turned up - a couple are away and another is working. For a small group we certainly have no problem finding things to talk about.

With the exception of Wednesday, I didn't leave the house for errands or shopping. Good for the wallet, though I did make on on-line purchase. I've finished knitting the tank top and I've blocked it before I sew it together. Since I tend to procrastinate, that might happen in a week or so. :)  I've finished three toques/beanies as well. The counted cross stitch is still in early stages and I've already found a mistake I made. Argh! I've pulled another skein of yarn for another toque/beanie and have started the little crocheted ghost. If you can't tell, I've spent a lot of time sitting and not a lot of time on much else.

I have to say September baseball is a lot of fun to watch. Though I do wish the Blue Jays were a bit more consistent; one game they look amazing and then another game they tank. Last year they were out of the play-offs by a single game, so I'm hoping they can pull out a wild card spot this year. 

The Riders finally got rid of the player I was so upset about, but they too are not having their best season. This isn't unusual for the team throughout its tenure, but the last few years have been better than most. This week, the QB and his wife welcomed a son, so the commentary was the need to win the game for the little one. It didn't happen, as the opposition managed a last minute drive to score a field goal for the win. I'm pretty certain the baby neither knew nor cared about the outcome.

Curling has started in earnest, though there is no televised events. YouTube and Facebook are my options for watching the live streams.. This weekend there are both men and women's events - lots to watch. For the moment I'm catching up on blog reading, some PVR'ed television, with a cat on my lap wanting attention. It looks like the weekend is going to be much the same as the rest of the week.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, 10 September 2022

Highs, lows, and in between

What an emotional week it has been, with all that has been happening at home and abroad. While I was never concerned about my safety in light of the search for the mass murderer, the thought of what the victims (those who survived) and the families who lost loved ones were going through was never far from my mind. 

When Queen Elizabeth II passed on Thursday, it was another blow. I don't consider myself a monarchist, however she has been a steadfast presence in the lives of Canadians for decades, and is the only British monarch in my lifetime until now. She always demonstrated such grace, such poise, no matter the situation and I admired her greatly. While she was often the voice of calm through times of trouble and sorrow, she also had a wonderful sense of humour. One of those fun moments is a favorite of mine, when she and Paddington Bear met for tea in a video ahead of her Platinum Jubilee this spring. She truly will be missed. 

This is also the week my grandson had his first full day of kindergarten. I got to Facetime with him after school to hear about his day. What a joy that was! D had a call from his teacher the following day and she said he did very well. He was able to sit still when needed to in class, he drew a picture and colored (both activities that are not his favorites), and for the most part, he behaved himself making more green choices than red ones. He's growing up so quickly and I treasure all of these firsts. 

Back to regular programming, our weather has turned. It is most definitely fall weather now. Originally we were forecast for heat this week, but by Wednesday the temperature had dropped significantly and this morning, there was frost on the roof of the neighbour's house. By Friday morning (a cool 3C/37F), most of my tomato plants were starting to look a little worse for wear so I pulled the plants, and picked the larger tomatoes and  peppers. I hope that the green tomatoes will ripen here in the house; those that are ripe will be processed at some point this weekend.

I was actually out of the house four days this week. Tuesday was a visit to Value Village, Wednesday I joined the stitch and chat group at the library, Thursday was grocery day, and on Friday I ran an errand for my daughter. At Value Village I found several counted cross stitch kits, not in the craft area, but tucked in on a shelf of office supplies. Definitely not where I would have thought to find them. I picked up two larger kits, and six smaller ones - all for $17.50! The one large kit had a original price tag of $60 while the smaller ones were marked between $10 and $15. I've started one of the smaller kits - a sunflower - and will share a photo when it is completed. 

There were four of us at the stitch and chat group. It was so nice to see the others, as it has been over two years. I did talk to S once but that was a year ago. Sadly, I learned her husband passed away of cancer last winter. He was just beginning his treatment when the pandemic started. There wasn't a whole lot of stitching - we mostly chatted and caught up on one another's lives. I'm sure next week things will be more "normal", whatever that is.

My grocery run didn't take long - just a few needed items and some sale items that I couldn't pass up.  I've quite appreciated not having to buy potatoes, tomatoes and peppers for the past few weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll pass on growing flowers next year and go strictly veg. 

My knitting is coming along - I've finished the lace pattern portion of the front of my tank top and if all goes well (meaning I work on it), it should be finished this weekend. In the meantime I finished sewing in the ends of the three cowls, and knitted up a child's toque/beanie from the remaining yarn. This is the knitted cowl; the crocheted cowls are simply infinity scarves and not nearly as cozy. I may keep this one for myself. 

I started another toque for the stitching group as I don't have to pay much attention while chatting until it's time to decrease. So if you're keeping count, I have three projects on the go at the moment. AND then there is the sweater I started for Eli a couple of months ago. I'm telling myself I'll get back to that one when the tank top is finished. But, but, but.... Pinterest sent me an notice including the cutes little ghosts for Halloween. I have the supplies so that might happen instead. :)

I expect it will be a quiet weekend - no need to leave the house, and there are various sports events to watch. Including curling! There is an event being held in Alberta this weekend, and it is being live streamed on You-tube. There are three draws today, along with two football and baseball games. At some point I know I'll have a curling game on the laptop while I watch football and/or baseball on the television. While knitting. We're having leftovers for dinner so I don't even have to think about that. 

I should have enough time before all that starts to get the tomatoes cooking down for sauce, so I'd best get to it.  Have a good week ahead everyone!