Saturday 31 August 2019

An early weekly wrap-up Aug 26-Sept 1

Quick question - do you title your blog post before or after you write the post?  I'm just curious because sometimes at title will pop into my head as I'm thinking about what I will write about, and other times I'm stymied even after I've written the post.  Hence the oft used weekly wrap-up or something equally as mundane.

This week I did a fair amount of driving - more than usual that's for sure.  Last Sunday evening I drove out to visit D and Eli (and to drop off some items she had ordered that she needed by Tuesday).  I spent the night - it was fun to wake up to that little guy in the morning.  He was a bit hesitant initially but was soon cuddled up with me on the couch reading a book and watching Halloween videos - he loves these!  Overnight I had Sheldon (the cat) sleeping with me.  He's just a lovely cat, and is so much bigger than when he left here.  I didn't get any photos of either Eli or the cats, Sheldon and Stanley.  

On Friday, I drove out to my brother's farm to check on their cat, Hollywood.  No pictures of her either as she is in rough shape, very frail, blind, and from what I could tell in some pain.  I've had conversations with him about her condition but he and his daughter aren't ready to let her go.  Poor thing!

I did take my camera so stopped along the way to capture a view shots.  This was taken mid-way down the hill leading into the valley.  We've had a fair amount of rain recently and this is as green as I've seen the valley this late in the year.  Usually by the end of July everything is looking brown. (The brown field is actually the tops of plants - perhaps potato, I'm not sure.)

On the way back to the city, I stopped to get this photo for Kim.  The two of them were standing head to tail, I assume to try to keep the bugs off.  Their tails were flapping like crazy.

These bulls (again I'm assuming) didn't seem to be bothered by anything.  I did take the photo from inside my car, just in case.  I'm not sure they'd get curious enough to get up and come to the fence but I wasn't going to take the chance.  They're big!!!

How bad is that, I grew up on the farm and I can't tell if these are bulls or cows?  

It was beginning to rain as I drove back to the city but was quite warm.  I drove with my windows opened and enjoyed the breeze. 

We had two more showings this week.  Despite the change to the advert the first group informed my agent the yard was too small.  I just have to laugh.  I haven't received any feedback from the second group as yet, but I assume they will have decided it isn't for them either.    

Another finish this week, the baby blanket I hadn't planned to make.  It started with the ball of "white" yarn in the centre but I went to start the second ball, I realized the color was different.  So I had bought some pink yarn (2 balls) and finished it as a baby blanket.  This was the project I took to the Wednesday group at the library.  I'll have to get something else started for next week.

I picked up a counted cross-stitch kit at the Salvation Army thrift store for $2.99 which will probably be the new project.  I know darn well the price was originally much more than that so I got a great deal on it, everything looks to be in the package and it's a fun "I love cats" so if I don't keep it, I know just the friend who would.  Her licence plate actually reads CATCRZ. :)  I had actually gone looking to see if they had any yarn ....not that I need more... and found the kit instead.  The store was crazy busy with back to school shopping in full swing.  School starts after the long weekend - so fall is definitely here.   

Friday evening, I met my friend C for dinner at Applebee's.  The menu selection is so much better than Denny's, and the food was very tasty.  I had the one piece fish and chips, with a small side of coleslaw.  Their portions always seem large; there were several fries left on my plate.  We chatted about a lot of things, including where we might travel this winter.  I was worried about the cost of the second month, and C said not to worry, she'd cover it if I feel it's too much.  What a friend!  I think we've decided on Costa Rica, and I spent some time when I got home researching possible properties to rent for a couple of months.  The prices are actually quite reasonable which is nice to see and depending on what we select, I may not need her help.  I suspect we'll book in the next couple of months.  The Farmers Almanac is calling for a very cold winter and neither of us want to be here to experience it, if at all  possible.  I'm fortunate as my son still lives me, while C will need to find someone to keep an eye on her house while she's away as the insurance company requires that someone check on it daily. That may impact the length of our stay as she may need to hire someone to come in. 

This being Labour Day weekend in Canada (Labor Day in the US), our Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing the nearest rivals, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers here in the city on Sunday.  Next weekend, they'll head to Winnipeg for the "Banjo Bowl" so named after a former Bomber player called Saskatchewan fans, banjo-picking in-breds back in 2004.  I'll be cheering on the Green and White from my couch.  Not that I'd head to the stadium anyway but the game is sold out, as it is every year. We take these two games and our rivalry very seriously!

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Thursday 29 August 2019

The good, the bad, and the meh

In a recent comment, Far Side of Fifty asked what the feedback has been from the showings of the house.  They've been varied - this past weekend there were two showings that illustrate the dichotomy.  The first on Saturday morning was a single guy, who was in the house for about 25 minutes.  When his agent got back to mine, the comments were: he wasn't interested because the unfinished portion of the basement height was too low, and there was cat smell in the house. The first is a new comment, the second I've heard before.  The living room is two steps below the kitchen so that area of the basement has a height of around 7 feet.  My son is over 6 feet and has never had an issue, in fact he has his weight bench in that part of the basement.  As for the cat smell, I've come to realize that some people are more sensitive to smells. There have been several showings since anyone else has mentioned an odor.  

Nor did the second showing on Sunday mention it.  In fact, the comments were very positive.  However the couple was split on the house, as he really liked the layout but she felt it might be expensive to update so they are off to look at new builds.  I suspect she'll find it is just as expensive to finish a basement and do the landscaping.    

There have been consistent comments that the back yard is too small.  I get that, because it is small - but short of removing the sun room, deck, and sheds there is not much that can be done.  Besides which, we only have a few short months each year when being outdoors is pleasant.  Personally I'd rather have the sun room because I can use it for 9 months of the year.  Other viewers have noted that some of the windows are old.  Again, I agree they are, but none are leaking, and I'm not about to replace something that really doesn't need to be replaced.  Beyond that, the damage to the carpet (by the cats) is an issue, but I have already agreed to replace or provide a credit to the buyer for the replacement flooring.  

I simply have to wait until the right person/people to come through the door.  And for those of you who've read this blog for some time you'll know patience isn't my strong suit!  The other option is to lower the price once again.  Not my first choice but I will consider it in the next few weeks.  The number of properties in my neighbourhood and price range listed has significantly declined; there are now only 14 properties available.  Of those six are condos and another is a duplex.  If someone is looking for a single family home in my neighbourhood, my odds should be somewhat improved.

In the meantime I'll buy a lottery ticket and hope for a big win.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Autumn calling - Aug 19-25

We've had lots of sunshine this week, with cool nights.  (Sorry to those who continue to have extreme heat - I'd send some of this to you if I could.)  I generally leave the door to the sun room open at night, so the entire house cools off.  That way, even when the outside temp hits 27C(80F), the air conditioning unit doesn't kick in until late in the afternoon.  Sadly, we had a cold front come in on Thursday night, with an accompanying thunderstorm that really cooled things off.  Yes, autumn is definitely on the horizon.

While I bemoan the cooler temperatures, for me, fall has always marked the start of the year, rather than New Year's.  The change of season provides a fresh start, summer vacations end, the children go back to school, and all sorts of programs start up again.  January on the other hand, is simply smack dab in the middle of the long winter.  

I've reviewed the City's fall leisure guide and while I haven't signed up for anything, there are several things I might be interested in doing.  A photography class is one, possibly a yoga class though I think a stretch class would be the best, and maybe even a creative writing class.  We'll see if current my level of ambition matches my possibilities. (Who am I kidding?  Probably not).

Friday was the anniversary of my Dad's birth.  He was born in 1910 at home near Mortlach, Saskatchewan.  This photo was taken on his 97th birthday, on August 23, 2007.  Slightly over a year later, he passed away on September 15, 2008. Dad was a modest man, he didn't like being fussed over, but I think he was happy that day surrounded by friends. 

I have to tell this story, because it still makes me laugh.  I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but he has no eyebrows.  The reason is, he did his own shaving and used to run his electric razor all over his face, including his eyebrows.  We asked why he did and he said they were too bushy.  I don't remember if they ever grew back or if he kept right on shaving them.

It's been a pretty quiet week, I've managed to get a bit of my crocheting done, and started a counted cross stitching project.  It's meant to be a gift for a friend for Christmas so I've been working on it in the afternoon when the lighting is better.  I've been inspired by the women at the Stitch, Make, and Chat group.  Also on Wednesday I had a short visit with Eli and his mom.  He had an appointment at the ear, nose, throat specialist.  D was concerned that he snores, but after the examination the doctor says there is nothing wrong with him.  

Late Friday evening, I had a call from my agent, advising me that we'd had a request for a 10 a.m. showing on Saturday.  He'd forgotten to let me know!  So I was up early in the morning to do some extra cleaning and tidying as we hadn't had a since last weekend and I'd let a few things slip.  This potential buyer is a single guy and his agent told mine that a small back yard shouldn't be a problem.  They were in the house for close to 25 minutes, but were obviously heading off to another showing as papers and phones were being looked at as they left.  

In the evening, I watched a double header of the CFL.  First up were our Riders versus the Ottawa Redblacks.  The Redblacks starting QB gave us three interceptions in the first quarter giving us a 17-0 lead, and resulting in him being pulled from the game.  Though they did do better with their second team QB, our Riders brought the win home!  

The second game was a snore fest, a low scoring affair between the Hamilton Ti-Cats and the BC Lions.  The latter team has a record of 1 win, 9 losses, the worst in the league and a record that they haven't started with in 50 years.  They have one of the best QB's in the league but their offensive line is, well, offensive.  I think he was sacked seven times in the game!  I still watched to the bitter end, but had no difficulty falling asleep when it was over. 

Today, I woke to rain, with more expected throughout the day.  I'm driving to visit D and Eli tomorrow, but may leave this afternoon and overnight there.  Otherwise it will be a quiet day, with more crocheting and cross stitching on the agenda.  Oh, and another football game.  Hopefully this one is  more exciting to watch.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday 18 August 2019

Passing time - Aug 12-18

Is it October already?  It sure felt that way on Monday!  I woke to pouring rain and a cool day, only 13C (55F).  It didn't warm up much more than a couple of degrees the rest of the day but thankfully the rain had stopped by mid-morning.  Even so we got nearly 40 mm (just over 1.5 inches) of rain.  No weeding was done at the Canadian Cancer Society office that day. 

Instead I stayed home, baked buns, crocheted, made Shepherd's pie for dinner, and had an afternoon nap.  I did send an e-mail to my real estate agent to revise the wording for the house advertisement such that it now includes a description of the back yard as small, and having a partially finished large storage area in the basement.  I did include a comment that less yard work meant more time to relax.  Hopefully these revisions will give the viewers a better sense of what they will find. Time will tell.  

I also finished a Christmas gift for
my SIL. This was some funky yarn that I picked up on sale at Michaels  I can't tell you how many times I started it and ripped it out, once because Eli pulled the knitting needles out of it, but more often because I dropped a stitch!  Picking up a stitch with this yarn proved to be beyond my skills.  It didn't look like much on the counter so I tried to take a selfie.  I am so lousy at those!

Tuesday I had an appointment for my nails.  Since I have a tendency to break them if I do anything too strenuous in the first 24 hours after getting them done, that meant the morning was full of chores.  Laundry, floor washing, oven cleaning, and bathroom scrubbing were completed in record time.   

I headed out a little early to do a bit of Christmas shopping/browsing....I told you I thought it was October!  At Winners I found the perfect comforter to replace my son's old ratty one.  I also found monthly calendars for my daughter and myself for 2020 at a price lower than they were last year.  At Marshalls I found a book Stories for a 3 year old for Eli for his birthday next March.  And I spoiled myself a bit and bought a new purse because my old one was rapidly falling apart.  

I had a relaxing Wednesday, just a bit of vacuuming, dusting and the like before heading off to the Stitch, Make, and Chat at the library.  Since the afghan for my bed is far too big to carry with me, I pulled out the smaller one and took the ball of pink yarn I bought the other day.  I'll likely have it done in the next week, it's what I like best about crocheting seeing the results much more quickly than knitting.

Thursday started out quiet but got busier as the day went on.  But it was the good kind of busy!  My friend K and I were meeting for lunch but I'd talked to her the night before and she suggested I stop by her house earlier as our travel agent (and friend) L was coming over to drop off some paperwork and a visit.  I pulled a loaf of the banana bread I made last week out of the freezer and took it with me.  We had a nice visit discussing potential trips (Panama Canal next March, maybe - if the house sells, absolutely).  Then K and J and I went out for lunch at Applebee's.  She had coupons so it was a reasonably priced lunch.

From there I headed up to a used book sale.  The receipts go to charity, and the prices are great.  I got five novels to read, a Fodor's See It London guide, and four books for Eli. Two of the books for him are in French.  My daughter is fluent and is starting to work with him, he knows that his nose and le nez are the same thing! Smart kid.  The Fodor's book I'll use for a bit or reading before I start researching material for next June's trip.  L from Nova Scotia and I are planning to spend a few days there before we travel to Amsterdam for the start of our U.K. cruise. 

On the way home I stopped in at Michael's and bought a few things for more crafts.  Some I hope to use for Christmas gifts.  We'll see if my ambition lasts that long.  That evening I had a text from my real estate agent for a showing on Sunday.  That's the first showing in over 10 days.  I needed the break but I was starting to wonder if we'd get any more.

Friday I did some cleaning, some crafting, went out to dinner with my friend C, and watched football. An overall good day!  Saturday was another cool "October" day, only 7C (44F) when I woke up, and I had nothing much planned. Then the real estate agent texted with a request for a showing at 1:30, then delayed to 3:00 and followed by another showing at 5:15.  I did a bit more tidying: reviewed flyers and recycled them, did the morning dishes, wiped down counters, etc.  Since the first showing was delayed, I settled in and watched "The Accountant" - it was an interesting movie.  Then it was outdoors to mow the lawn and sweep up pine cones off the deck. 

As I always do, I gather up the cats and leave the house about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment, just in case they show up early.  I needn't have bothered. The first appointment was 30 minutes and the second 45 minutes late in their arrival. Neither agent was considerate enough to contact my agent to let him know they were running late.  I texted him, he had to contact them, and get back to me.  I was annoyed as the cats and I spent close to 2 1/2 hours in the car for about 25 minutes of showing time.  

We do have the showing this evening at 6:30.  This is a second time through for the agent but not his clients.  I would anticipate that he has informed them of what to expect, thus my hopes are up for this showing.  There isn't a lot to do to prepare the house so I'm going to take it easy for most of the day.  I did PVR another movie last night, "No Country for Old Men", so I may just settle in with my crocheting and watch another movie.  

That, my friends, was the week that was.  Have a good week ahead. 

In a recent comment, Patti mentioned she would have expected that my crocheting would add to my Fitbit count.  It probably would but I wear it on my left arm because I'm left-handed when it comes to writing or using utensils for eating.  But I'm right hand dominant when it comes to crocheting, knitting, using scissors, and even washing dishes.  The same is true (though I rarely do either) for golfing and throwing a baseball.  I have no idea why though I was taught to knit by an aunt who was right handed.  Is anyone else an oddball like me?

Sunday 11 August 2019

The week that was - Aug 5-11

I did it! I got the weeding done, for now, at the CCS office.  It took another three hours on Sunday and another three quarters of a black garbage bag full to get 'er done.  I'll go once a week to keep it clear at least until the weather changes.  Speaking of which, we had another very cool over night on Tuesday with our temperature dropping to just 6C (43F).  I tend to lose my impatience when we get to 4C so that was a little close for comfort.  

More showings this week. We had one on Monday an two on Wednesday.  The first on Sunday didn't seem promising as they were in and out of the house in less than 20 minutes.  But the following day, my agent got a text from the other agent, saying his clients really liked the house and though they want to see a few more it is at the top of the list... and then the words "for now".  I did a little bit of finger crossing hoping we'd hear from them asking for a second look.  

The first showing on Wednesday was promising too with a quick response from the agent saying that they "may" want a second look and letting us know he'd be in touch the following day.  The later showing were in and out in a flash.  As it turned out neither of the potential second showings came to fruition, the first because they found a house in a totally different area of the city and the second because they decided the back yard was too small.  I continue to hope that I'm not the only person in this city who prefers not to do a lot of yard work.  

On a happier note, Wednesday I met a former co-worker for breakfast.  She worked in our Saskatoon office and retired around the same time as I did.  We've stayed in touch and try to get together nearly every time she is here in Regina visiting her daughter.  It was fun catching up, with some laughter as we talked about certain people we worked with...especially those with little talent and big egos. We don't miss those folks at all.  Later I went to the afternoon stitch, make and chat group at the library.  I took along a loaf of zucchini bread to share.  I quite like this group, some interesting characters and while they've obviously known one another for some time they are very welcoming.

My current project is getting too large for the bag that I've been carrying it in to the library.  I'm not about to make another bag yet, so will have to find a smaller project for next week's meet-up.  Here's what I am working on: 

It is a new afghan for my bed that will eventually be large enough to cover a double bed (my current bed is queen) but I do plan to downsize at some point.  I was looking for something different than a ripple pattern - you can see a small bit of the afghan I made several years ago to the left of the photo.  I found this circular pattern and thought it was unusual and very pretty.  I had started it originally with other yarn and then discovered the yarn was a different color than the rest of the balls I had planned to use.  Rather than rip it back, I'll take what was started and add pink to it to finish that piece off as a baby blanket. I just need to buy a ball or two of pink as I don't have enough in my stash.  Oh no, more 

On Thursday I woke up to another cool morning and the house was quite chilly.  I decided it was a great day to tackle the fridge and do some food prep.  I made a couple of salads, coleslaw and a broccoli/walnut/bacon/cranberry blend, mixed up some egg salad from hard boiled eggs I had boiled up earlier this week, cooked up a pot of rice and cut up chicken to marinate.  The latter two items were used for supper that night along with some peppers, celery and onion for chicken fried rice. While I normally don't have peppers in my fried rice I wanted to use these up before they got too soft.  It was yummy!

We were back into the heat for one more day on Friday but the morning was quite comfortable.  I've been neglecting my own yard so after my first cup of coffee I took the second outside.  I spent about 45 minutes watering, deadheading, and picking up pine cones.  I really like my evergreen because it provides privacy on the patio from the street.  But I sure dislike the pine cones. I'd picked up a small bag full earlier in the week and did so again today.  There is at least one more bag to go but I'll do that another day.  It was so nice I sat out with my coffee, finished off a card to a friend, and enjoyed the quiet of the morning.

The rest of the day was relaxing, I puttered around the house doing a bit of picking up, read a bit and just hung out.  In the evening the Riders played in Montreal winning the game after a thunderstorm caused a game delay.  Not the way I'd like to see a win but it worked.  In the meantime we were having a storm of our own here.  There was a Garth Brooks concert at the stadium that was also delayed due to the weather.  I sure hope he started with "The Thunder Rolls".  

We had rain for the most of the night; I would wake briefly and hear it running off the roof.  No need to water the containers in the morning. Saturday was a day of catching on television programs I'd PVR'ed earlier in the week, continuing the work on my afghan, and relaxing.  My FitBit showed it as I barely made a dent in my steps that day!

Today, I've not much planned.  Just a bit of housework and possibly coffee with my friend C this afternoon.  It's a cool and cloudy day but if the rain holds off I might get out and pick up another bag of pine cones.  

Have a great week everyone!

Monday 5 August 2019

Weekly wrap-up

Before I get babbling on, I thought I'd address Kim's comment about my energy level.  I have to say, it is far easier to be energetic now that I'm retired.  When I was working, I used to come home and crash on the couch after dinner.  I have to assume it was due in part to being mentally tired, but I think for a least the last year or so at work (probably more) I was also mildly depressed.  I wasn't enjoying my work environment...which resulted in this new blog as those of you who followed me previously know.  These days, I sleep far better than I did back then getting up only once a night and despite Sasha's best efforts to wake me between 5:30 and 6 a.m. for his breakfast I wake up rested and ready to tackle the day.  

Besides that, I can putter at something for as long as I like.  Well unless, of course, there is a showing.  But really there are no deadlines, just self imposed ones.  As a friend of mine once said to me, "when I retire I plan to do nothing all day.  If I get half of it done everyday I'll be happy."  Best of all, for the most part, what I need and want to do are things I generally enjoy.  Maybe not the vacuuming...but pretty much everything else is okay.

Back to the weekly update.  On Monday I was out the door shortly after 8 a.m. to go downtown to work on the garden project at the Canadian Cancer Society's office.  Here are a couple of photos of the "after".  
The one on the left is closest to the main entrance, gets the most sun so is more filled in.  The opposite view is on the right and you can see there is lots of room for more plantings.  Actually I plan to split some of the day lilies (once I figure out when is best to do so), and move some volunteer plants to the center of the bed.  That is, after I finish with the other bed which is on the in the shade of the tree (top right of the photo on the right).  It's even shadier and although I haven't checked it out, it appeared less weedy than this bed.

In the 5 1/2 hours I weeded, I removed three garbage bags of weeds, including thistles, creeping Charlie, purslane, and the bane of my existence quack grass!  I hate quack is so difficult to get rid of.  Since this is the cancer society, no chemicals can be used.  Thus I'm digging by hand to try to get the roots as far down as I can.  I figure once the second bed is complete, I shouldn't need to weed more than once a week.  I do think I'll ask if the office will invest in a few bags of mulch as it would definitely keep the weeds at bay as well as hold the moisture.  If not, I may just see if I can find some on sale and donate it.

On my way home I stopped at one of the Pet stores...there are so many, PetSmart, Pet Valu, Petland - I can't remember which one I went to.  I picked up some enzyme cleaner for cats stains and urine, and also a black light.  I'm still getting comments that some (not all) of the viewers can smell the cats.  This stuff is expensive but I'm hoping this will be the thing that "clears the air".  I spent the afternoon washing the walls and doors in the front hall, living room, kitchen and hallway.  There definitely was an indication of something on the wall at the front door and foyer so I just kept going.  I diluted the cleaner with very hot water and when I went back over the area with the black light later that night, whatever was there was gone.

Tuesday I tackled the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs before heading down to the basement to clean the carpet.  I did not dilute the cleaner for the carpet, and gave some of the set in stains a good work over.  I had washed the walls last week with Mr. Clean and the black light only picked up a few areas where I didn't clean well enough. Once the carpets were dry I went over those spots.  I also scrubbed down the laundry room, the furnace room, and area in the back where I'd pulled out the carpet several years ago.  I figured the more I cleaned the more likely I am to find the problem areas.  Meantime I was in the midst of doing laundry...the clean sheets for my bed that evening were sublime!  

Wednesday brought another showing, at 10:30 in the morning.  In and out in 20 minutes according to the e-mail notices I got. Definitely not promising.  I used the time to run a couple of errands so at least there was that.  In the afternoon I headed to the library again to meet the stitching group. There were only four of us there but it was a nice couple of hours working on my latest project and chatting.  These ladies are all very experienced stitchers and quilters and while I'm not doing any of those crafts at the moment I'm learning lots of great tips.

Saku checking out my purchases
On Thursday I had nothing planned and no showings booked.  It was such a relief to get up and know that I could just do whatever I wanted.  I did a few chores, had a couple of cups of coffee and my breakfast before heading out to Value Village for the 1/2 price sale on summer clothing.  I was able to find two pairs of capris, a tank and a brand new t-shirt for a $13!  In addition I picked up two fleece jackets for Eli for $9.  These weren't on sale.  On the way home I stopped at Salvation Army as D was also looking for a rain jacket for Eli.  I found one for less than $6.  I also picked up a couple of books to read for $2. Considering the listed price on the books was $36 this was my best buy of the day.  

The rest of the day was spent crocheting (sometimes with Saku's help), reading, and watching television.  Our temperature was up into the 30C so it was a good day to stay indoors and simply relax.  Our Riders played that evening and one so it was a even better day!  Friday was much the same, hot and humid so I stayed indoors for most of it before meeting friends for dinner.   Ditto for Saturday including going for dinner.  Yeah I was very lazy.

The heat let up on Sunday and  I woke to a rather cool 14C (57F).  A perfect day to do a bit of yard work outside, some baking inside, and more crocheting.  First up though was a video chat with my adorable grandson.  When he gets the phone from his mom, he races upstairs to his room and we sit in his tent.  I usually end up upside down on the floor so I told him, "it's dark in here".  He immediately repeated it to me...he's a real little mimic.  There are also a lot of unintelligible sounds - at least to me - that only he and his mother seem to understand.  His vocabulary is definitely increasing and with the mimicry I reminded his mom to be careful what she says!

I did get outside to do a bit of yard work.  I watered the containers, refilled the bird bath, picked up pine cones, and pulled some weeds.  My neighbour was out as well so we had a visit across the fence.  She's recuperating from back surgery about halfway through her 12 week recovery.  I'd say she's doing well as I've seen her puttering in the yard and enjoying company on the deck.  She said that she's even managing the stairs in the house so that's a great sign.  Next up a hip surgery!  Wow, I'm so grateful to be in general good health.

Back indoors I pulled a couple of bananas out of the freezer, a zucchini out of the crisper and put together three mini loaves of banana bread and three zucchini loaves.  I probably should have done that prior to the outside work as it had warmed up considerably.  But I was on a mission...and the house sure smelled good!

And then, of course I got a call from the real estate agent asking for a showing that afternoon.  I spent the next 60 minutes or so cleaning up the kitchen, washing the living room, laundry room, and furnace room floors, and dusting and straightening things up.  Then, of course, they were only in the house for 15 minutes or so.  Anyone want to bet me a million billion dollars the back yard was too small?  I'm guessing not. :)

Monday is a statutory holiday here in Canada.  I'd quite forgotten about it and have planned to go do some more weeding at the CCS office.  I'll still go, and take my own tools and garbage bag, as I'd like to get that last bed cleared before I start regular maintenance.  It will be quiet downtown, the weather will be cooler, and I'm sure I can finish it off in a couple of hours.   

We haven't had any storms this week, so I'll sign off with a photo my brother sent me from an earlier storm.  The storm clouds were building above the old stone house, what a sight!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday 2 August 2019

July's to-do list

I've been reading blogs where the author has challenged themselves to complete, or at least attempt, a number of tasks.  One of those blogs, Thrifty Mom in Boise published a 30 things in 30 days list in earlier posts and this inspired me to create my own list for July. 

1.         Count my blessings daily
2.         Bake buns
3.         Send a letter or card to someone
4.         Drive out to visit Destiny and Eli – two trips actually
5.         Invite guests over for a visit or dinner – did not happen.  This was a stretch for me, as I always feel my hosting skills are lacking so unless I count Eli and D, I'll really have to work on this one.
6.         Make a gift – started but Eli helped so I started it again!
7.         Sew or craft something – finished toddler sweater
8.         Make a monthly meal plan for August – A number of the blogs I read have meal plans.  That was a bit daunting for me, so I started a list of possible meals using items in my freezer and pantry.  I started using the list in July but as many are faves I'm sure they'll show up in August as well.
9.         Go to the $$ Store
10.       Try a new recipe – zucchini loaf
11.       Read a book – The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea
12.       Watch a movie – apparently not memorable as I can’t remember what it was called!
13.       Thoroughly clean the laundry room
14.       Take a walk in the park
15.       Investment cooking - hamburger patties, sloppy Joes, buns, and potato soup.
16.       Repurpose/recycle something
17.       Weed the front flower bed
18.       Detail the inside of my car
19.       Mend my capris
20.       Bake something and share it
21.       Complete an inventory of my freezer
22.       Empty the basement freezer - a work in progress
23.       Learn how to make something
24.       Finish crocheting edging on Eli’s blanket – done!
25.       Finish crocheting sweater – oops I counted this twice
26.       Mow the lawn weekly – almost, it was closer to every 10 days
27.       List something to sell on Varage sale
28.       Volunteer
29.       Listen to my Spanish CDs in the car – I kept forgetting about it these!
30.       Take some time for myself - I'm fortunate as I get to do this everyday!

I probably won't try to fit in as much this month, as I found myself feeling a wee bit stressed that I wasn't getting everything done.  But having the list was great too because it was a great reminder of the things I want to do, enjoy doing, with a couple of stretch possibilities as well.  I'll carry over some of things I didn't accomplish - I really need to go walking, and I've been meaning to send a card to my friend in England, and add a few new projects as well as keep some of the ones that I truly enjoyed from last month.  Oh maybe the list will still be as long!  Check in for an update in September.