Friday 2 August 2019

July's to-do list

I've been reading blogs where the author has challenged themselves to complete, or at least attempt, a number of tasks.  One of those blogs, Thrifty Mom in Boise published a 30 things in 30 days list in earlier posts and this inspired me to create my own list for July. 

1.         Count my blessings daily
2.         Bake buns
3.         Send a letter or card to someone
4.         Drive out to visit Destiny and Eli – two trips actually
5.         Invite guests over for a visit or dinner – did not happen.  This was a stretch for me, as I always feel my hosting skills are lacking so unless I count Eli and D, I'll really have to work on this one.
6.         Make a gift – started but Eli helped so I started it again!
7.         Sew or craft something – finished toddler sweater
8.         Make a monthly meal plan for August – A number of the blogs I read have meal plans.  That was a bit daunting for me, so I started a list of possible meals using items in my freezer and pantry.  I started using the list in July but as many are faves I'm sure they'll show up in August as well.
9.         Go to the $$ Store
10.       Try a new recipe – zucchini loaf
11.       Read a book – The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea
12.       Watch a movie – apparently not memorable as I can’t remember what it was called!
13.       Thoroughly clean the laundry room
14.       Take a walk in the park
15.       Investment cooking - hamburger patties, sloppy Joes, buns, and potato soup.
16.       Repurpose/recycle something
17.       Weed the front flower bed
18.       Detail the inside of my car
19.       Mend my capris
20.       Bake something and share it
21.       Complete an inventory of my freezer
22.       Empty the basement freezer - a work in progress
23.       Learn how to make something
24.       Finish crocheting edging on Eli’s blanket – done!
25.       Finish crocheting sweater – oops I counted this twice
26.       Mow the lawn weekly – almost, it was closer to every 10 days
27.       List something to sell on Varage sale
28.       Volunteer
29.       Listen to my Spanish CDs in the car – I kept forgetting about it these!
30.       Take some time for myself - I'm fortunate as I get to do this everyday!

I probably won't try to fit in as much this month, as I found myself feeling a wee bit stressed that I wasn't getting everything done.  But having the list was great too because it was a great reminder of the things I want to do, enjoy doing, with a couple of stretch possibilities as well.  I'll carry over some of things I didn't accomplish - I really need to go walking, and I've been meaning to send a card to my friend in England, and add a few new projects as well as keep some of the ones that I truly enjoyed from last month.  Oh maybe the list will still be as long!  Check in for an update in September.  


  1. I too, have seen these lists.

    But I'm a wimp, so never did it. ,-)

    I love lists of things to do... Today.

    And "possible-in-future" lists.

    But week/month lists, of things to do... As I said, I'm a wimp.

    I'd probably get stressed. Or just plain "rebel," because I do not do well, with being told to do anything. And a list like those, would eventually translate into.. Feeling like I *had* to do those things.

    Just knowing myself. :-)

    But super, if a list works for you!!!!

    And it's a New Thing. New Things are fun! If they keep being fun, we keep doing them. If not, we look for something else, that's new. :-)


    1. You're right, it's something new and therefore seems fun. If it is ever just a chore I won't do it anymore.
      This is one of the ways I'm trying to create my new normal of retirement, by trying to create opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

    2. Ahhh, you are retired. Since I am very new here, I didn't know that.

      We are too, but we are in 'Elderhood.' And have been, for some while.

      Just fun, to learn a bit more about bloggers, who are new to me.


  2. I have to keep a list or I will do nothing.

    1. I can understand that, your life is incredibly busy so having a list is definitely a way to keep on course.

  3. I love lists but only if they make me feel like I'm accomplishing things - I don't want them stressing me out! As for meal planning, I have done that in the past, especially when we were watching our pennies, but only for one week at a time. I don't think I could do a whole month! -Jenn

  4. Just carry the unfinished items over - without stress :) You don't need that in your life. That is part of the joy of being retired - really no set deadlines on most things

  5. You are ambitious. None looked really hard but the list might look daunting on day one. I do a daily list but a monthly one would make me find a place to hide:)) Good luck and hope you make it.

  6. I should do that! BUT I just cannot see to think very far ahead these days. I just do what I think is important everyday! :)

  7. I keep a list but they are chores..not fun things. I like what Cheapchick said...let them carry deadlines are there . Sometimes I may be reading...ding! something in me suddenly happens re: cleaning in the house and suddenly it hits me. Clean and wax the kitchen cabinets. Bam. It gets done. Clean the I go. Can the baseboards and use the hand vac to vacuum where they meet the carpet. It will get done. I wait for inspiration. I have cleaned the fridge the stove, whatever because of a cleaning impulse. If I wrote to as a to-do list. I'd never do it. I'm like a bratty kid.

  8. I definitely make lists... keep notes for each day on my iPhone calendar (if I didn't, I'd forget to do half). And I do plan meals, but on a weekly basis (it's a loose list and can change as the day goes). When I come up with either something that needs doing (call, write, or text a friend) or perhaps just an idea to cultivate, I put it in my iPhone notes. I have lists of things I'd like to write about, books I want to read, things I want to sculpt or sketch, etc. as well as things that need doing (washing, dusting, etc.) and also things that I would like to do ONE DAY. It's great to scratch things off as accomplished (which I got to do this week when my book was published!!) But there are always days when almost nothing gets done... but that's OK too. Hopefully there's always tomorrow.

  9. I make lists, too, usually daily ones, but they are not ambitious, just things that need to be done; chores, mainly. I find that making the list is helpful because, as I cross the items off, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing things.

  10. I need to do something like dropped off over the summer


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