Saturday 31 August 2019

An early weekly wrap-up Aug 26-Sept 1

Quick question - do you title your blog post before or after you write the post?  I'm just curious because sometimes at title will pop into my head as I'm thinking about what I will write about, and other times I'm stymied even after I've written the post.  Hence the oft used weekly wrap-up or something equally as mundane.

This week I did a fair amount of driving - more than usual that's for sure.  Last Sunday evening I drove out to visit D and Eli (and to drop off some items she had ordered that she needed by Tuesday).  I spent the night - it was fun to wake up to that little guy in the morning.  He was a bit hesitant initially but was soon cuddled up with me on the couch reading a book and watching Halloween videos - he loves these!  Overnight I had Sheldon (the cat) sleeping with me.  He's just a lovely cat, and is so much bigger than when he left here.  I didn't get any photos of either Eli or the cats, Sheldon and Stanley.  

On Friday, I drove out to my brother's farm to check on their cat, Hollywood.  No pictures of her either as she is in rough shape, very frail, blind, and from what I could tell in some pain.  I've had conversations with him about her condition but he and his daughter aren't ready to let her go.  Poor thing!

I did take my camera so stopped along the way to capture a view shots.  This was taken mid-way down the hill leading into the valley.  We've had a fair amount of rain recently and this is as green as I've seen the valley this late in the year.  Usually by the end of July everything is looking brown. (The brown field is actually the tops of plants - perhaps potato, I'm not sure.)

On the way back to the city, I stopped to get this photo for Kim.  The two of them were standing head to tail, I assume to try to keep the bugs off.  Their tails were flapping like crazy.

These bulls (again I'm assuming) didn't seem to be bothered by anything.  I did take the photo from inside my car, just in case.  I'm not sure they'd get curious enough to get up and come to the fence but I wasn't going to take the chance.  They're big!!!

How bad is that, I grew up on the farm and I can't tell if these are bulls or cows?  

It was beginning to rain as I drove back to the city but was quite warm.  I drove with my windows opened and enjoyed the breeze. 

We had two more showings this week.  Despite the change to the advert the first group informed my agent the yard was too small.  I just have to laugh.  I haven't received any feedback from the second group as yet, but I assume they will have decided it isn't for them either.    

Another finish this week, the baby blanket I hadn't planned to make.  It started with the ball of "white" yarn in the centre but I went to start the second ball, I realized the color was different.  So I had bought some pink yarn (2 balls) and finished it as a baby blanket.  This was the project I took to the Wednesday group at the library.  I'll have to get something else started for next week.

I picked up a counted cross-stitch kit at the Salvation Army thrift store for $2.99 which will probably be the new project.  I know darn well the price was originally much more than that so I got a great deal on it, everything looks to be in the package and it's a fun "I love cats" so if I don't keep it, I know just the friend who would.  Her licence plate actually reads CATCRZ. :)  I had actually gone looking to see if they had any yarn ....not that I need more... and found the kit instead.  The store was crazy busy with back to school shopping in full swing.  School starts after the long weekend - so fall is definitely here.   

Friday evening, I met my friend C for dinner at Applebee's.  The menu selection is so much better than Denny's, and the food was very tasty.  I had the one piece fish and chips, with a small side of coleslaw.  Their portions always seem large; there were several fries left on my plate.  We chatted about a lot of things, including where we might travel this winter.  I was worried about the cost of the second month, and C said not to worry, she'd cover it if I feel it's too much.  What a friend!  I think we've decided on Costa Rica, and I spent some time when I got home researching possible properties to rent for a couple of months.  The prices are actually quite reasonable which is nice to see and depending on what we select, I may not need her help.  I suspect we'll book in the next couple of months.  The Farmers Almanac is calling for a very cold winter and neither of us want to be here to experience it, if at all  possible.  I'm fortunate as my son still lives me, while C will need to find someone to keep an eye on her house while she's away as the insurance company requires that someone check on it daily. That may impact the length of our stay as she may need to hire someone to come in. 

This being Labour Day weekend in Canada (Labor Day in the US), our Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing the nearest rivals, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers here in the city on Sunday.  Next weekend, they'll head to Winnipeg for the "Banjo Bowl" so named after a former Bomber player called Saskatchewan fans, banjo-picking in-breds back in 2004.  I'll be cheering on the Green and White from my couch.  Not that I'd head to the stadium anyway but the game is sold out, as it is every year. We take these two games and our rivalry very seriously!

Have a great long weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for the photo of the horses! They look well fed. LOL. Quarter horses, I presume?

    BTW, I would think that those were steers (neutered), not bulls, but that's just a guess. Or maybe cows. But I think more than one unneutered male together would cause problems. Maybe not, but....

    Winter in Costa Rica! Did I miss something? I figured you were lining up cruises...don't you have one coming up this fall? I presume that wherever you go, you've researched safe places for foreigners to be. Definitely stay safe!

    The baby blanket is such a pretty pattern; nice to have finished it. And great find on the cross stitch kit! I've stayed away from the thrift stores (and others) this weekend, other than what was necessary. I was in and out of Walmart yesterday (Saturday) before 8:30 AM. Yesterday was move-in day for residences on campus, so I wasn't going anywhere near mid or downtown. LOL. It's going to be a zoo on campus next week, with Frosh Week activities and all the parties our university is so well known for.

    Enjoy your Sunday and Monday. I'm just about to start repainting my guest room, so it's a sure bet you'll be having more fun than me. :-D

  2. Lovely view in that first picture and of the bulls being lazy. :) You don't see them laying down too often. Daddy used to say it meant rain when the cows were laying down.
    People are far too fussy and don't deserve your lovely home!! My crossed fingers are still hopeful. It just takes the right one.
    To answer your question, I name my blog first and sometimes have to change it when I finish. :)

  3. You would think the realtor would really emphasize the size of the back yard and play up the lack of yard work needed. Not sure I could deal with what you are having to go through but am pretty sure it will be over when the right person says,"I have to have this house."

  4. Those are beautiful photos.
    I have no suggestions about the house. It only takes one person who wants it though.
    I am envious that you can drive to see your grand. Ours lives across the country and I see her in person only a couple of times a year. I am so thankful for facetime where we can interact with her on a regular basis.
    I name my blog post when I first start writing. No idea why, it is jsut the way it happens for me.

  5. Happy football weekend lol. What beautiful pictures. I always thought Saskatchewan was flatter but all the pictures I've seen lately are rolling hills. We had a wetter summer than normal (thankfully) so we have more green here too - I love it. I am hoping for a dryer fall than normal as fall is my favorite time of year. Months in Costa Rica, that sounds lovely! I've been once, only for a week but we loved it and would go back. If you need inspiration my blog posts around July 2011 show some of what we saw:

  6. Oh that is awful! How can your brother and his daughter, condone, letting that cat suffer??????????????????????????????????????????????????


  7. I know...I sure do about a loved cat who is having ua terminal sickness as did Admiral. I would wake one day and say this is the day...and because my love was so strong toward her, I couldn't. After a month or so, I made the decision and took my baby in. Each time is as devastating as the last.
    You will love Costa Rica. My teacher son was there a few months back as a Fulbright scholar ..just for a month..and then he headed to Uruguay for another Fulbright scholarship. You'd love it there too. The Costa Rican winter is like near Fall to us. Very nice he said. he enjoyed being there.

  8. Someone like me will show up..who wants a big enough yard that they don't have to walk a dog but small enough that they can clean it up in half an hour (of course I live with the plant whisperer and have a big yard but I don't have to do anything). I do try and name the blog before I begin, but I often change it afterwards.

  9. The first photo of the landscape looks very much like the district around my town in southern Alberta, with the hills (called 'coulees' here, when they are along the river) and brush. As for titles of blog entries, I usually come up with a title as I am writing it, though the title might change as I write.

  10. Lovely photos. We are a bit concerned with our cat as she is getting pretty slow and very whiney. She is 20 years old now and I don't think she will be with us much longer.

    I usually think of my blog titles right away, though I do follow a set routine.

    Our Roughriders pulled off a win!!!!

    God bless.

  11. I have short titles and usually stick with my first thought:) Glad you had another showing....Costa Rica my parents hosted a foreign exchange student from there we are facebook friends now. You should have a good time there:)

  12. Poor kitty. It's so nice of you to help care for it. I love titling my blog posts. I usually write titles after the post, although sometimes before. But my posts change directions so often that I have to re-title them after writing them if I try to title ahead!


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