Sunday 11 August 2019

The week that was - Aug 5-11

I did it! I got the weeding done, for now, at the CCS office.  It took another three hours on Sunday and another three quarters of a black garbage bag full to get 'er done.  I'll go once a week to keep it clear at least until the weather changes.  Speaking of which, we had another very cool over night on Tuesday with our temperature dropping to just 6C (43F).  I tend to lose my impatience when we get to 4C so that was a little close for comfort.  

More showings this week. We had one on Monday an two on Wednesday.  The first on Sunday didn't seem promising as they were in and out of the house in less than 20 minutes.  But the following day, my agent got a text from the other agent, saying his clients really liked the house and though they want to see a few more it is at the top of the list... and then the words "for now".  I did a little bit of finger crossing hoping we'd hear from them asking for a second look.  

The first showing on Wednesday was promising too with a quick response from the agent saying that they "may" want a second look and letting us know he'd be in touch the following day.  The later showing were in and out in a flash.  As it turned out neither of the potential second showings came to fruition, the first because they found a house in a totally different area of the city and the second because they decided the back yard was too small.  I continue to hope that I'm not the only person in this city who prefers not to do a lot of yard work.  

On a happier note, Wednesday I met a former co-worker for breakfast.  She worked in our Saskatoon office and retired around the same time as I did.  We've stayed in touch and try to get together nearly every time she is here in Regina visiting her daughter.  It was fun catching up, with some laughter as we talked about certain people we worked with...especially those with little talent and big egos. We don't miss those folks at all.  Later I went to the afternoon stitch, make and chat group at the library.  I took along a loaf of zucchini bread to share.  I quite like this group, some interesting characters and while they've obviously known one another for some time they are very welcoming.

My current project is getting too large for the bag that I've been carrying it in to the library.  I'm not about to make another bag yet, so will have to find a smaller project for next week's meet-up.  Here's what I am working on: 

It is a new afghan for my bed that will eventually be large enough to cover a double bed (my current bed is queen) but I do plan to downsize at some point.  I was looking for something different than a ripple pattern - you can see a small bit of the afghan I made several years ago to the left of the photo.  I found this circular pattern and thought it was unusual and very pretty.  I had started it originally with other yarn and then discovered the yarn was a different color than the rest of the balls I had planned to use.  Rather than rip it back, I'll take what was started and add pink to it to finish that piece off as a baby blanket. I just need to buy a ball or two of pink as I don't have enough in my stash.  Oh no, more 

On Thursday I woke up to another cool morning and the house was quite chilly.  I decided it was a great day to tackle the fridge and do some food prep.  I made a couple of salads, coleslaw and a broccoli/walnut/bacon/cranberry blend, mixed up some egg salad from hard boiled eggs I had boiled up earlier this week, cooked up a pot of rice and cut up chicken to marinate.  The latter two items were used for supper that night along with some peppers, celery and onion for chicken fried rice. While I normally don't have peppers in my fried rice I wanted to use these up before they got too soft.  It was yummy!

We were back into the heat for one more day on Friday but the morning was quite comfortable.  I've been neglecting my own yard so after my first cup of coffee I took the second outside.  I spent about 45 minutes watering, deadheading, and picking up pine cones.  I really like my evergreen because it provides privacy on the patio from the street.  But I sure dislike the pine cones. I'd picked up a small bag full earlier in the week and did so again today.  There is at least one more bag to go but I'll do that another day.  It was so nice I sat out with my coffee, finished off a card to a friend, and enjoyed the quiet of the morning.

The rest of the day was relaxing, I puttered around the house doing a bit of picking up, read a bit and just hung out.  In the evening the Riders played in Montreal winning the game after a thunderstorm caused a game delay.  Not the way I'd like to see a win but it worked.  In the meantime we were having a storm of our own here.  There was a Garth Brooks concert at the stadium that was also delayed due to the weather.  I sure hope he started with "The Thunder Rolls".  

We had rain for the most of the night; I would wake briefly and hear it running off the roof.  No need to water the containers in the morning. Saturday was a day of catching on television programs I'd PVR'ed earlier in the week, continuing the work on my afghan, and relaxing.  My FitBit showed it as I barely made a dent in my steps that day!

Today, I've not much planned.  Just a bit of housework and possibly coffee with my friend C this afternoon.  It's a cool and cloudy day but if the rain holds off I might get out and pick up another bag of pine cones.  

Have a great week everyone!


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  2. Another week of getting things done. What is it about people thinking the back yard is too small? What does everyone plan on doing out there? Building a second house? It doesn't seem like you have a deadline by which you need to sell the house, as I did mine, but even so, it must be a bit trying, all these home invasions without good results so far. I think people are too picky these days. Everyone talks 'do-it-yourself' but they want everything ready and waiting for them. Well, better luck this coming week.

    We had rain Friday night, but no thunder. I think it was too cool for that. Right now, the heat has abated and it is tolerable, with thin overcast. I can live with that.

    I noticed you changed your font. I think I use the same as you used to, as I find it rather neat and orderly, but I know that some found it a bit small, and it is, a little. In any case, the content remains as good!

    (First comment deleted due to spelling error that changed a sentence's meaning. And me proofreading it, too. Sigh.)

  3. I, too, think people are too picky, and suspect, as you posted a while ago, that it's at least in part to HGTV. To Instagram, etc., too, IMO, where people post carefully curated and staged photos, unrealistic views of their homes.

    Anyway, I wish you'd sell your house and rent out your services. I have plenty of spare keys to my townhouse, so feel free to come and paint, reno, tidy the tiny garden, etc. :-)

    BTW, I've been off on holiday this past week, one more day to go (back on Tuesday the 13th), and I haven't done a lick of work, other than the usual weekly housework. I have absolutely ZERO interest in doing any of the things on my "to do" list.

    P.S. I love that circular pattern! My bed's a double and I like very soft sage greens and soft buttery yellows. You know, in case you need practice. :-D

  4. God to hear you are having some showings, all you need is one! Your bed cover will be beautiful!

  5. At least you are getting some nibbles. Hope you get to reel one in soon. Someone who will grateful that they don't have to do a lot of yard work.
    Surprised working on your afghan doesn't add to your steps. Even typing adds to mine.

  6. It only takes one buyer!
    The bed cover beginnings are lovely!

  7. What a great post and if Im not mistaken, your font is larger. I love that. These old eyes, I guess. :)
    Love the crocheting project, makes me want to get my blanket out. I need to tear my blanket out and follow a friend's instruction to make it 'holier'.
    My toes are getting cramped from being crossed so someone needs to smarten up and snap up that lovely home soon! I'm with you on the small backyard. :)


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