Sunday 19 March 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

I loved my four day weekend last weekend, but because of it, this one was only a short two days.  I know that is a normal weekend, but I've been spoiled with three days for some time.  As John once commented, it is nice to be able to arrange my schedule to take advantage of working, at the most, four day weeks.  

But with only two days available, and curling season in full swing, I certainly didn't accomplish as much as I would like.  The house is a disaster, with baby items strewn in nearly every room.  My daughter was using my kitchen table to craft and left everything as it was.  I tidied that up, and put the bin, scrapbook items, paintbrushes and tray away in the baby's room.  We've always said about her that stops, drops and rolls when she enters a room.  While she did do a load of dishes (in the dishwasher) and some laundry for the baby, she left a load of her own in the washer.  To be honest, I won't be entirely unhappy if she moves on soon.

She did spend some time at J's but was back here by Wednesday saying the honeymoon was over.  Then the weekend came and she was back to his house on Saturday morning.  She reported this morning, that J had taken care of Eli overnight so she could sleep....she managed nearly 8 solid hours so was feeling good

Speaking of Eli, he had his first appointment with the doctor on Friday.  He's gained a pound since leaving the hospital, weighing in now at 8 lbs. 3 oz.  (Although he was 7 lbs. 14 oz at birth, it isn't unusual for babies to lose weight at first).  The doctor told D that he's going to be a short baby.  Not surprising as mom D is only 5'3" and J is only an inch or two taller.  

Eli has been awake for longer periods of time.  His eyes are starting to fade to the blue I expect they'll be (again, mom and dad are both fair and blue-eyed).  He is quite happy to spend some time hanging out on his play mat staring at the lights and listening to the music.

Although I didn't get a photo of it, Saku likes to join him on the mat.  I was worried that he, Saku, would have a difficult time adjusting to the noise and motion of a baby, but that hasn't been an issue.  (Yet, knock wood! I expect when Eli gets big enough to grab, it will be a different story).

I did manage to get my taxes done, as well as my son C's.  D is missing two T4 slips - I'm sure they were sent to her but she has never been particularly good at keeping track of paper.  I did some work done on the little turtle blanket, but not enough yet to take a photo to share.

Our weather has improved, with temperature above freezing.  I've got rid of most of the remaining snow and ice off the driveway today and took down the Christmas ribbons from the garage lights (about time, I know!)  

I did get my laundry done, the cat litter cleaned, and did a bit of cooking for the week ahead.  Nothing fancy, just a meat loaf for sandwiches, and taco meat for salads.  I have some chicken marinating in the refrigerator for supper this evening.  I think I'll grill it on the barbecue...have to check to see if I have propane.

I'm just watching the end of the Canada-Russia women's world curling game.  Last end, and Canada needs to score to win...which they just did.  It's definitely been a good game though the skip of the Russian team hogged her last rock.  If she hadn't there may have been a different outcome.  This evening, the Canadian team will play the United States.  With the 11 hour time difference I've been PVR'ing the games and watching them later.  This evening's game I'll watch live.  Baby Eli will be here to hang out with me for a bit as well, as his parent's attend a viewing at a funeral home.  The deceased is the father of a friend of J's, so they are going to support him.

That sums up the weekend. It's gone by in a flash.  I just hope the work week does the same.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday 13 March 2017

Back to reality

I took an extra day off this weekend, so will go back to the office tomorrow.  I had planned this day of vacation in order to avoid having to work more than 4 days a week.  I've worked out my schedule to my planned retirement date and I'll use personal leave and vacation as needed to ensure I always have a long weekend.  Normally I would take Friday off but this week I'm one of only a few supervisors scheduled to be in the office this upcoming Friday so didn't dare ask for it off.  Monday it was, resulting in a 4 day weekend.  (I don't count Thurs afternoon as time off as I spent much of it worrying about my daughter and carrying for baby Eli).
Speaking of the little guy, my daughter has asked me to put this together for her.  It's a simple little blanket made of seven motifs sewn together and a little hat. 

We chose a darker green for the motifs and a similar bright green (as the picture) for the brown you see in the photo.  

Once complete we'll try to do a photo shoot with Eli.  I just hope he'll be as happy as the little one in the photo!

The Brier (men's curling) ended last night with a win by Brad Gushue's team (Newfoundland & Labrador) over Kevin Koe's team (Team Canada).  The event was held in St. John's, NFLD so the rink was rocking with excitement.  It came down to the last shot of the last end....exciting and just the way I like the game of curling to be played.  Truly, either one of these teams could have won - they are very evenly matched.

But as a result, there is no more curling until this upcoming weekend.  The women's Worlds are being played in Beijing, China and only the Canada games will be televised.  With a time difference of 11 hours, I'll be PVR'ing the first game, avoiding all sportscasts until I can watch it on Saturday morning.  It should be a good game, as our Canadian women (Rachel Homan) play the Chinese team who won the event last year.  

All of this to say, it's back to reality tomorrow.  Back to work and regular television programming, with a project to keep me busy at home.  All good!

Sunday 12 March 2017

Weekend wrap-up

Having a small baby in the house is quite the adjustment for my son C and I.  Of course, it's not all because of Eli but because both of his parents are staying here as well.  (Yes, both...more on that later).

Finding his thumb
We've had some bumps along the road.  

On Monday, his father went to work, and when D went to pick him up later that afternoon, she left little Eli with me.  

Two feedings, three diaper changes, and four hours later his parents finally got home.  Apparently, daddy had things he needed to do. I'm not sure what could be more important than their four day old son, so I sat them both down and gave then a stern talking to.  

Tuesday was a quieter day, J (daddy) arranged to get rides with other people so that D could stay home.  Wednesday I went back to work and daddy went to court.  As the result of an incident last summer, J is now on probation for four months, must abide by a curfew between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and is banned from a certain cab company for life.  
napping in the swing
Thursday, I again went to work but left at 11 a.m. as D was feeling ill.  I ended up taking her to the hospital where she spent nearly 12 hours in emergency.  At first, there was some thought she might be having a gallbladder attack but that, thankfully, was ruled out.  

J had met with his parole officer that morning, so he met us at the hospital and stayed with D until about 9 that evening.  He had, unbeknownst to me, arranged to use my home address as the place he would staying overnights for the next three weeks.  I understand he did this so he could "help" D with the overnight feedings, diaper changes, etc., but it would have been nice to have asked permission first.

Unfortunately D's blood sugars were quite low, and she was hooked up to an IV while they monitored her.  After picking J up and delivering him to my house, I went back to the hospital and stayed with her until they released her about 11 p.m.  We still don't know for certain what caused the pain and discomfort she was feeling, nor why her blood sugar levels kept fluctuating.  I believe it is because she hasn't been eating much, or staying hydrated.  Since she has suffered an eating disorder, it's a fine line between encouraging her to eat and letting her make, hopefully, good decisions.
tummy time

On Friday, she went back to her doctor, and he prescribed a blood glucose monitor so she can keep track.  She's been doing better with eating small meals and keeps a bottle of water with her at all times.

In the meantime, little Eli is growing, eating and eliminating very well.  He sleeps between 2-3 hours at a time, takes 2-4 ounces of milk at a meal, and just being the sweetest baby ever.

Saturday and today, they've packed him up and gone over to J's house for the day.  I'm not thrilled about it, but I guess I'm going to have to get used to it.  I expect D and baby Eli will be living with him full-time within the next couple of months.  On one hand, the house will be quiet again, but on the other I do worry about how they will manage, emotionally and financially.  I'll do my best to butt out...not only is it time they figure this out but I think doing so will either strengthen or break this relationship.  Mind you, if there is at any time a concern that Eli is in any way in harm's way, I'll use all of my resources to ensure he's kept safe.

Hanging with my babies
This is a bit of a downer post, but these thoughts have been boiling in my head for days.  I know that if I were to express them to D and J, they may decide to keep Eli from me, and I love this little guy more than I could have imagined.  So I'll bite my tongue, be there when they need me, and hope for the best.

We're getting snow again this weekend, and it's been bitterly cold -17C with windchills near -28C.  I'm so tired of winter!

Time to get back to my chores, there are clothes in the washing machine, floors need to be washed, and bathrooms to be scrubbed.  Since I've no baby to hold and the curling doesn't start for 90 minutes, I've got no excuse!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday 4 March 2017

He's here, he's here!

Eli arrived about 12:22 p.m. on Thursday, March 2.  He shares his birthday with Doctor Seuss! I'm sure we'll be reading "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" together very soon.  It was one of my kid's favorites, so I had it memorized...I wonder how long it will take before I know every word again.

More importantly, here is Eli at about 10-15 minutes of age.

There was some initial concern that he might have some difficult with breathing, it was pretty quickly clear to all of us, that it wasn't going to be the case.  

He had no problem, letting us all know he wasn't happy with the cool temps and bright lights of this world.
I am totally enamoured of these little feet. He is a bit pigeon-toed due to be squished up in his mom, but she's been working his feet and two days later it is far less noticeable.

He weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. (3570 grams) and measured 19 1/2 inches in length.  

His eyes are blue, and I expect they'll stay that way, as both his parents are blonde and blue-eyed.

This photo was taken later in the day after his vitals were taken, he was given some Vitamin B12 and got his eye drops.  The nurse wrapped him up like a taquito, bringing his little feed up towards his chest.

I guess it was calming for him, but it sure didn't look very comfortable to me.

He and his mom stayed in the hospital for about 48 hours after his birth. She needed a bit more care as she needed several stitches, and he needed some suck training.  D is feeling better and he's figured out what he needs to do.

I haven't gotten any photos yet today.  When we arrived home, D went to have a shower, while I held my grandson and watched a little curling.  I made her some lunch (she did not enjoy the hospital food, at all, at all), and now she and Eli are having a well deserved nap.  

So far, none of the cats are too concerned, even when he cried a little.  They have all come to see him while I was holding him (thankfully one at a time), gave him a sniff or too and settled done for some petting.  Of course, they've all checked out the car seat too....I expect I'll find one or another curled up in it having a nap at some point.

Eli has definitely made himself at home in my heart.  He's sort of a gift I didn't know I wanted, but now he's here, I can't imagine my life without him.  He's perfect.