Monday 25 February 2019

Enough already!

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the winter is going to relent any time soon.  We're back into extreme cold warnings again, though even when there the warnings are lifted it's still freaking cold.  I'm pretty sure I'm starting to suffer from cabin fever.  

I was out on Friday, but not for our regular dinner.  Unfortunately my son C was in a car accident on his way home from work.  I got a call from him, shortly after it happened, and because he wasn't certain where he was due to the pain he was in, I suggested he take the ambulance to the hospital and I would meet him there.  

I did find the aftermath of the accident on my way and spoke to an officer at the scene.  He indicated C wasn't seriously injured, but had "his bell rung" when he hit is head.  I headed over to the hospital and met him as he was being moved from the triage area to the waiting room.  Then we sat and waited; very little was said as he had a headache and wasn't feeling up to it.  We waited nearly 2 1/2 hours for him to be seen.  Meanwhile, a woman came in with a nose bleed and she was taken in shortly before he was, which made sense to me.  What frustrated me were the people with colds/coughs/possible flu who were seen earlier than he was - all of those could have been dealt with at a walk-in clinic. The doctor ran him through the concussion protocol and sent him home.  He was a bit bruised and sore but is feeling okay now.

Today we'll head over to the compound so he can gather up the tools he has in the car.  He's talked to the adjuster, and the claim is started, but I suspect he won't hear the results for a day or two.  However, since his current vehicle is a 2005 Chev product we both suspect it will be written off.  He spent some time on the weekend researching used vehicles for sale and has determined he would like to test drive a couple.  Since today's temps are so cold he agreed to hold off until tomorrow after he's done work.  He has a short day scheduled and I'll drive him to and from work.  I'm always up early on the morning anyway so it's no big deal to me.  Sadly we'd been talking about him replacing the car this spring, but now it is a must.

So, while I'm feeling a bit of being stuck indoors today and tomorrow will definitely take care of it.  Even if I'm only in and out of the car for brief periods of time!  At home, I've continued the de-cluttering, mostly in the craft/sewing room.  I had it set up a couple of years ago before Eli came along, then gave it up for the nursery and now it's back and actually getting used!  I finally got around to sewing the lining for the crocheted bag I made, and finished it up with some hand-stitching to tack into place in the bag.  I also went through my yarn stash, ridding myself of yarn I can't/won't use, sorting small balls of yarn that I will use in one bin, and putting the rest of the unopened/unused yarn in another.  There is stuff there I'd forgotten I'd purchased. Oops!  

Yesterday I tackled my sewing materials.  I now have one bin of fabric and patterns, and one of sewing supplies; needles, thread, elastic, buttons, bobbins, binding, etc.  I found I had three pin cushions, two of which are brand new.  No idea where they came from.  I also have enough sewing needles to outfit a small army unit.  Again, why?  I've set these aside and was thinking I might put together sewing kits for my adult children.  However, I suspect neither of them would ever use them, even to sew on a button, these items will likely end up as a donation.

Last of all the craft items to go through is my scrap-booking bin.  Years, and years, and years ago I dabbled in it.  My favorite scrapbook of all, was one I made for my Dad when he went into the nursing home.  The pages told his story, from a young child to adulthood, containing photos and mementos.  When he passed away, I brought it home and it is currently packed away.  I also had scrap-booked my first out-of-country vacation, and started one for the cats.  And that's were it ended.  I'll likely keep the items that might end up in the cat scrapbook, but the rest will be donated or given to my daughter.  She's continued with her activities and is more likely to use this stuff than I am.

While I was in the craft room, I looked longingly at the sewing machine and materials but decided I'd best continue to work on my current projects.  Too many things to do and not enough time to do them in!  Good thing I'm cooped up inside...most of the time.

Speaking of getting out of the house, it's nearly time to head over to the claims center.  

I'll leave you with this photo my daughter sent of Eli having his lunch today.  He's wearing one of the t-shirts I brought back from my latest cruise.  AND, of course he's bare-footed.  This kid hates socks!  

Have a great day everyone!  Hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are.  

Thursday 21 February 2019

Holding pattern

Another week has flown by!  This retirement gig is pretty good, or at least it will be when the pension cheques start rolling in.  I did call the Pension center to confirm they received my paperwork; they did and also confirmed I'd completed everything properly.  Phew!  I was assured I would receive my first cheque within 45 days of January 31.  Based on others' experiences I suspect it will be here by the end of this month but I'm prepared to wait until mid-March if need be.

I've completed the first round of de-cluttering.  I say first round, because as I think back to where I started, in the basement storage room that I ought to go through those bins more thoroughly and rid myself of even more stuff. 

These boxes, bags, and suitcase are all going to Value Village tomorrow.  I thought about keeping the suitcase, but my daughter has her own, and my son rarely travels and when he does, a duffel bag is sufficient.  Yesterday, I filled up another smaller box of items from the china cabinet (the photo I shared last week made me realize it was far too cluttered).  

I also finished Eli's sweater.  It is missing buttons, as I have none that I felt would look right.  I realized after the fronts were finished that I ought to have tried to start with a similar color in the variegated yarn (as I did for the sleeves).  But it is homemade so it looks homemade.  This pattern was a true pain in the asterisk, as the instructions were incomplete.  I initially sewed the pieces together, realized my mistake, took them apart, re-knit a portion of it, then sewed it back together.  I waited to inset the sleeves until last, as I would have if I were actually sewing,  It made all the difference.  The little hat whipped up quickly and I made a pom-pom for it, which will likely last all of about 10 seconds.  Eli destroyed the last one I made, and I expect this one will go the same way.

Currently I have two more projects on the go, a crocheted baby blanket, and a knitted table runner.  Both are simple patterns, that I could work on while I'm watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (women's curling).  Yes, I'm a huge fan of curling - in my opinion, this is the most wonderful time of the year!  After this event, there will be Winter games curling and then the men's Brier.  This will keep me entertained until mid-March, when it will be time to get ready for the next cruise.  

Over the years, I've gathered up quite a stash of yarn, always with plans to create something. I recall when I first started blogging (on my original blog), I had started an afghan, it took nearly two years to complete!  Now, I truly have the time and the inclination to work on these projects.  Unfortunately I don't always remember exactly why I purchased the yarn, but thankfully Google searches of the brand and weight of yarn give me ideas as does Pinterest.  In some cases I find the patterns on line (like the one above) and others I go back into my pattern books, many of which were originally my mom's, and find the patterns there.  Both current projects are from the latter.  

Today I've got a couple of errands to get me out of the house.  First up is an appointment for a manicure.  And oh boy, do I need one.  My poor nails have taken a beating in the clearing and cleaning process.  Then I'll drop off the boxes and bags at Value Village, before making a run to the recycling depot with some old electronic items.  I still haven't decided what to do with the old computer so will hold onto it for the time being.  Now if the weather would just cooperate so I can get the garage cleared...I suspect that is on hold until I return at the end of March.

We're finally out of the extreme cold warnings, it's been off and on for the past week, and we have no snow in the immediate forecast.  The sunshine is wonderful, and the cats have even convinced me to open up the sun room, briefly, for them to wander about.  So far, neither have decided to find a sunny spot to curl up in.  It's still a bit cool for that even with the sun coming through the windows.  That too, may have to wait until the end of March.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday 15 February 2019

Making progress

The purge continues. I've pretty much finished up in the basement, even firing up an old computer and transferring photos to my laptop.  I'm so glad I did, as there photos of my family, the cats, and even old vacation photos I'd forgotten about.  I've asked my son to clear the computer of any other programs that aren't necessary and will donate it.  I'm not sure who will want it, as it has Windows 7 or 8 as an operating system - I have no idea how much RAM/ROM would be available.  But surely someone can use it, otherwise it will go to recycling.  Besides the tower, I have the monitor, keyboard and mouse so will donate it as a package.

Upstairs I've tackled the kitchen.  I seem to remember clearing out the cupboards a couple of years ago, and my daughter went through them in the fall. Yet I still found stuff I don't use, need, nor want.  I started another box for D with a cake decorating kit, cookie cutters, and a spring-form pan.  She bakes more than I do, and is more likely to use these things.  C has a box started too, with storage containers, dishcloths, and coffee grinder.  Then there are the boxes for donation to Community Living.  I'm up to three currently, though I've asked C to grab a few more paper boxes at work as I have at least enough things to fill another one.  

While there are still other decision to be made, the major area left is my bedroom.  I do have two bags of clothing set aside but will make another sweep of the closet and dresser before I call for pick-up.  There's also the bathroom cabinet - I know I have far too many lotions and other sundry items.  I did a clear out awhile ago, but for some reason the stuff seems to have multiplied again.  

Another consideration is what will go with me when I move.  Cheapchick had mentioned in a comment, a couple of post ago, that moving to the island can be expensive, and I've determined that only a few pieces of furniture will come with me.  When my son moves out, he can take what he wants, and then most of the rest I'll dispose of, either as donations or to the dump.  (My bed fits into that latter category, as the cats have destroyed the box spring from beneath, and the mattress isn't in great shape either).  I've already sold my dining table and chairs.  My goal is to have no more than a studio apartment contents by the time I'm ready to move.

These two pieces will definitely be included.  The china cabinet was my mom's. At one time it had inserts in the glass doors, but they were old and brittle and my mom removed them.  As a result the doors are somewhat fragile, so it will need to be packed carefully.

This desk was actually my paternal grandmother's.  Dad received it after she passed away, my mother never liked it, so it passed to me a decade later when I left home after high school. (That's over 40 years ago!)  The third drawer no longer opens and the second sticks badly but I love it anyway.  Perhaps I'll even get around to seeing if it can be fixed.

I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, as there are several steps before I can actually make a move.  Not only do I need to wait until C finds a place of his own, but my house has to sell.  Since I won't be putting it on the market until later in the spring, that isn't going to happen anytime soon.  But in the meantime I'm feeling productive in doing the clean-up, getting better organized with the knowledge the house will present much better.  Plus I'm enjoying checking the real estate boards and looking to see what may be out there for me.  

I had thought the cold warnings had been lifted last week, but I spoke too soon and we went straight into the deep freeze. My brother sent me this snippet, with a comment, "I'm glad that's over".  I responded with, someone has a different concept of what extreme cold means than I do.  -40C with the windchill is freaking cold to me!

However, looking ahead the forecast suggests we won't go lower than -23C at night with the exception of one night in the next seven days.  It will be a relief, as I'm starting to feel as though I'm got a bit of cabin fever.  With the exception of shovelling snow, and walking over to the mailbox, I haven't been out of the house since last weekend.  I'll go to dinner tonight, but my son just called, and he needs me to run down to the office to give him a boost.  He'd pulled the battery and allowed it to thaw out for the afternoon, but it hasn't enough oomph to get his car started.  I think we'll all be glad when this weather finally breaks.  

I'll end this post with a photo from a long ago vacation to Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  It was mid-October and a rather rainy day if I recall, but still a wonderful time.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday 11 February 2019

Winter woes

Environment Canada has finally lifted the severe cold warnings for our area of the province.  However, temperatures are still a good 10 degrees Celsius lower than normal...which means it is still cold.  Today we're getting more snow so after the recycling truck comes by I'll head out to clear the driveway.

But for all my whining and complaining, I know it could be far worse.  The eastern provinces have had cold, snow, and then freezing rain.  The western most province, and the island have been hit by snow, up to 30 cms. in places.  I have a university friend who moved to Victoria, on the island, a year or so ago.  On Facebook she commented one evening, she might not make it home because of accidents and downed trees.  She did, but it took more than 3 times the normal driving time.  

Meantime, I simply stay indoors as much as possible - not having to work definitely makes that easier.  On Friday, though, I did get up and drive my son to work.  He drives a Chev Cobalt, whose designers were not up on winter weather.  The battery is in the trunk, while the engine is in the front of the car.  While he parks in our garage, and plugs the car in when he parks in the lot next to the office, the battery eventually freezes.  He had gotten on Thursday after work, in order to make it home, but as the forecast was for even colder temps I decided I'd save him the worry.  If I weren't I suspect he'd have taken a taxi to and from work, as the nearest bus stop is several blocks away.  He's looking into purchasing a charging block or a battery blanket with the hopes this won't happen again soon.

According to our latest forecast, we may be seeing more normal winter temperatures about 10 days out, but the worst of it is over.  Fingers crossed!

D and Eli were here overnight on Wednesday and headed back to Melville mid-day on Thursday.  I can't say I didn't worry as they were travelling in very cold temperatures, but they made it safely both ways.  

He and I had fun, while his mom had her medical appointments.  His favorite things to do are watching Paw Patrol (paw paw), eating, and playing tickle with G'ma.  Oh, and getting "guck" (stuck).  If he's trying to climb on a chair, or the bed, or the cat tree, he'll holler guck for help.  Yes, this little boy definitely rules his world.  

Eat, oh my gosh, can he eat!  Just Thursday morning alone, he had a slice of toast with peanut butter, half an orange  and a handful of dried cranberries, a Bear Paw cookaw (cookie), and for lunch a hot dog, a half of green peas, and half an apple.  He's definitely a growing boy.

I've yet to completely clean up after the visit because this weekend I spent a fair amount of time, watching curling events.  Three provinces were holding their men's Tankards, here in Saskatchewan, and also Manitoba and Alberta.  Unfortunately, for me, the timing often overlapped so at times, I was streaming one event on my laptop, while the other was on the television.  Both my son and my brother thought that was rather humorous.  

While I'm sitting, I've been knitting a lot. I've now finished 6 dishcloths, Eli's sweater is currently being blocked in preparation for assembly, and I knit up a quick hat to go with it last night.  However, I choose a pattern that was knit flat, and after I sewed the back seam this morning, I didn't like it.  So that hat has been pulled apart and the ball of yarn is ready to be cast back on to be knit in the round.  I'm sure it would have been fine but I wasn't happy with it, and I have lots of time.

My de-cluttering has come to a stall as well. In fact, I'm feeling rather lazy today.  I guess I'm ready for a bit of down time, and since nothing is pressing I can get away with it.  Tomorrow is another day!

The photo I'm sharing is obviously not mine, but from my pilot friend N.  He took the photo from 39000 feet above Regina a few days ago.  It looks cold even from that height.

I hope all of you are staying warm, dry and safe throughout this miserable stretch of winter.  Time for me to head out with the snow shovel...again!

Wednesday 6 February 2019

What am I doing?

What have I learned since I retired?  There still aren't enough hours in a day...and yes, I'm aware it's been less than a week.  Although it is early days, I'm finding the days flash by; certainly more quickly than the last days at the office.  

The cats are still waking me and expecting their breakfast by 6:30 in the morning.  Some days I wake up even earlier on my own and I don't bother trying to go back to sleep as I assume, wrongly as it turns out, that I can always have a nap later in the day.  But I'm so busy during the day I don't have time to nap!  So the cats and I are tucked up in bed by 9:30 or so each evening, I watch the news or read a chapter of a book before putting out the light.  I'm asleep in moments and sleeping better than I have in months.  I do so love not having to wake to an alarm clock!

What's been keeping me busy are all the things I would have liked to get to, or do more often, if only I'd felt I had the time, energy, and inclination.  I've started another de-clutter of the house, working my way through the basement and now onto the upstairs.  Of course, I'm doing this with an eye to moving out of the house, so things I kept in the last round (about two years ago??? maybe) I'm now ready to dispose of.  I sorted through my books and have three boxes ready to go to a charity book sale.  I'm down to a single shelf of books!  These include a few favorite novels that I've read over the years, and will read again, a few gardening books, and a couple of do-it-yourself guides. I suspect I'm going to need those as I prep the house for re-sale.

I've been knitting and crocheting too!  It seems every time I sit down, I pick up a piece to work on.  I've made two pairs of slippers, a pair for my daughter and a pair for myself.  These are knitted with two strands which make them super cushy and warm.  D's old house tends to have cold floors on the main; I'd bought her a pair of slippers but they fell apart in two weeks so I decided to try making my own.  This was a really easy pattern and I didn't bother putting the pompom on the front.  I used a bulkier yarn for hers, but mine are holding up well and wash up like a charm. 

My next project was this crocheted bag. It was easy to make as well, and I had it finished in a few evenings.  I'm planning to sew a liner for it, that's the material on the right - it's actually cream colored, the lighting in the sewing room is poor and I used my cell phone camera.  I found simple instructions on the internet for making a bag, which I'll then hand sew into the crocheted bag.  I'm thinking it will make a great lightweight bag to take on the next cruise to carry my towel, lotion, clips, and a book for the beach.  I'll put in a pocket as well to hold my phone and sea pass card. When it's not in use on a cruise, I'm sure it will come in handy for shopping as well. 

Next up on the needles is this sweater for Eli. It's a pretty basic pattern, though I would have preferred to knit it in one piece as I'm still learning how to sew the pieces together in such a way that it looks good.  I'll have time to research the proper technique, and figure it out, as I'm making it in a size 4.  He's into a 2T or a 3 right now - it should fit him in the fall or next spring.  

The yarn I'm using is a variegated blue, teal, purple, grey and bit of black.  I just have to finish the sleeves, one is partially complete, and I'll be working on putting it together.  I'll share a photo when it is complete. 

I need good light to knit, so I only work on the sweater during the day.  In the evening I've been knitting up a few dishcloths using the cotton I used for the bag.  These are such a quick knit, I can finish one in an evening.  D has already put in her dibs for these two, so I'll keep making them until I run out of yarn as I could use a couple and C will need some when he moves out.  

In addition I've washed curtains, scrubbed down the kitchen cabinets and started tackling closets and storage spaces.  First up was the storage room off the laundry area, where I sorted Christmas and other decor, went through my bin of wrapping paper and bags, and identified old electronic items my adult children have stored in there (who knew) that can be taken for recycling.  Broken items were tossed, and paper products went into the recycling bin.

On Tuesday, I had SaskTel in to connect my internet to infiNet- their newest fiber optic network purported to provide 4 times the speed I had previously.   Last summer they had trenched in the cable throughout the neighbourhood, and this year they want everyone switched over by spring.  As I am away for a couple of weeks in March, I agreed to have a worker out yesterday to do the install.  He was here about 3 hours, drilling and pulling wires, and installing the equipment.  I'm not certain I notice any difference but my son did a check and assures me this is much better than the service we had.  

While the technician was here, I wasn't able to have the television on or use the internet.   I turned up the radio and took the time to sort through my desk - I rid myself of old pens that no longer work, organized my container of nails, screws, and picture hangers, and sorted through cards and envelopes.  Oh my, I have a lot of Christmas cards.  One full box was set aside to be donated to Community Living, and I got rid some older cards that didn't seem to have envelopes to match.  I also came across several envelopes of photos that I had found in my parents' home and old albums.  That reminded me I had found a box of old photos in my bedroom closet (packed in with several photo frames).  My next task was sorting these photos to share with family.  For my uncle and cousin, I wrote a card and enclosed the photos, and I'll mail these later this week.  The others are for my children and my brother.  

I've also been cooking, a lot!  It's much easier to put together a meal when you have time during the day to decide what to make.  I think C's been really enjoying coming home from work to a hot meal.  I've wanted it too, as we've had snow almost every day this week, and I've been out clearing the driveway and walkway for 20 minutes or a half hour each time.  AND it's cold out there!  Tuesday was the warmest day, with a high of -23C (-10F), and windchills of -35C (-31F).   Brrr!!!

Despite the cold I joined some former co-workers for coffee on Monday morning.  There were six of us and two spouses at the table, with lots of conversation, none of it about our prior workplace.  One of the group was leaving this week for Puerto Vallarta, another at the end of February to Vegas, while one of the couples is off to Jamaica, and in March one spouse is off to Australia with her mom, while I head to my cruise.  Travel was definitely a popular topic.  Of course, the weather was also on everyone's mind.

Next up, is a short visit with D and Eli.  They will be here Thursday and spend the night before heading home on Friday.  D has doctor' s appointments to attend to, so I get to hang out with my favorite little guy for a few hours each day.  He is getting to be a real stinker...she posted to FB today:

When your toddler is doing something wrong so you start counting “One...”

And they finish with “Two...”

In the exact tone of voice you use...

His second birthday is coming up in just a few weeks.  I think the terrible twos have arrived a bit early!  In any event I'm sure we'll have fun.  I certainly won't be leaving him on his own for any length of time, I don't need a repeat of the lotion poured out onto the bedroom carpet on this visit. 

Life as a retired person is pretty darn good!  Now if this darn weather would just warm up enough to allow for time outdoors I'd been even happier.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Friday 1 February 2019

It's official

I'm retired!  I realize I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to do so, at the relatively young age of pushing 60.  

When I look back the path that led me to this point, I see it was built on moments of sheer luck, being in the right place at the right time, and by setting and eventually achieving my goals.  I must admit, the latter was not part of my early experiences, I tended to float and took the fortunate circumstances for granted.  As I aged, and when my children were young, I learned that working hard wasn't enough (for me) and I had to step out of my comfort zone and take risks.  Fortunately, those risks turned out for the best.

I started my first part-time job when I was 16, as a cashier at the ice rink in my hometown for the winter.  I got the job, even though I had no experience, in part because of a comment I made to the interviewer.  When he mentioned my lack of experience, my immediate response was, "how the hell do you expect me to get any experience, if you won't give me my first job".  He sat back, and said "I remember how that feels" and I got the job.  My mom was shocked and a little upset with me for making the comment.  I learned to be a little more polite in interviews, however, I'm not sure I ever stopped being as blunt when I felt the need.

My first full-time employment came shortly after high school ended, when I went to another interview, walked in and was told I got the job because I'd showed up.  This took me to northern Saskatchewan, by floatplane (a Cessna 180), sitting in the back on a pile of parts destined for the hangar.    This is when I fell in love with airplanes and debits and credits.  I learned to do bookkeeping, first as the accounts receivable clerk, later taking over payroll, payables, and general ledger entries.  I was also responsible to dispatch first I didn't understand a word I heard on the radio but I learned quickly. 

Later, after my daughter was born, I moved back to my hometown due in part to the sale of the air charter service, and the distance from hospital and school about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away.  After a short vacation, I walked into a local bank branch on a Wednesday afternoon and handed my resume (brief as it was) to the manager.  He called me later that afternoon, to ask me if I could start work the following day.  It turned out an employee had been fired the previous Friday.  Serendipitous for me indeed, not so much for her.

Eventually, the job I was doing was cut to part-time, but I was offered a transfer to Regina, where I currently reside.  I left that financial institution a year or so later, simply because of my work schedule. I worked Tues-Sat, and with a small child I wanted a Mon-Fri position.  Again, there was a bit of dumb luck involved, as initially when the offer was made, I indicated I would need to give two weeks notice to my employer.  Another person was hired but left very shortly after as she was a teacher, and the offer was extended to me once more.  This time the two week delay was accepted.  During my career at the next financial institution, I obtained my first promotion to management and continued to work there for five years after my son was born, until the company was sold to another institution.  

At this point, I decided I needed to get further education - I'd run into the glass ceiling and without a degree I felt it would be difficult to achieve higher level positions.  While I went to school full-time, I also worked part-time at the student union center.  They were great, fitting my work schedule around my classes, without impacting my family life.  Both children were in school, with their own activities and social calendars.  I was also volunteering on the board of the daycare my son attended.  I look back now and wonder I ever got it all done!  

Unlike prior times in my life, finding a job after I finished my degree wasn't as easy.  I took a job with Kelly Temporary services, and found employment with a local retirement home as a bookkeeper. Six months later, I accepted a term position with federal department as a budget analyst, but left that job just three months later, to join another department as an auditor.  I worked my way up the ladder over the next 12 years, attaining my final position as a supervisor where I remained for the past 9 1/2 years.  It was my dream job, and although it wasn't always easy, the work I did was interesting, often challenging, and for more than 20 years I enjoyed going to work everyday.

So now what, in retirement?  Well, I may not be knitting underpants for squirrels, but I do have lots of projects to complete. Just in the past week, I've knit two pairs of slippers, for me and my daughter. I've started crocheting a shopping bag, it's going quickly, I'll probably finish it before the weekend is over.  My yarn stash is still large, so that will keep me busy for quite some time.  I also want to get back to sewing - the machine is set up and gathering dust.  A local fabric store went out of business a couple of years ago, and I purchased a fair amount of fabric that has yet to be touched.

In the meantime, I'm starting the process of getting the house ready for re-sale.  There are holes to patch and touch up to the paint, closets to sort through, clutter to have removed and so forth.  I suspect this will take me until April to complete and then I can turn my attention to outdoors.  With any luck the house will sell by the end of August and then....who knows for sure.  I may be staying with friends or family for a period of time until I head out to Vancouver Island. Whether I rent or buy will depend on what is available at that time.  I do know that I plan to spend the summer months in Saskatchewan with my children and grandson.  But beyond that, things are rather nebulous.  For the first time in my life not having a firm plan doesn't matter.

Because I'll have some time for this:

Wishing all of you a good day!