Friday 15 February 2019

Making progress

The purge continues. I've pretty much finished up in the basement, even firing up an old computer and transferring photos to my laptop.  I'm so glad I did, as there photos of my family, the cats, and even old vacation photos I'd forgotten about.  I've asked my son to clear the computer of any other programs that aren't necessary and will donate it.  I'm not sure who will want it, as it has Windows 7 or 8 as an operating system - I have no idea how much RAM/ROM would be available.  But surely someone can use it, otherwise it will go to recycling.  Besides the tower, I have the monitor, keyboard and mouse so will donate it as a package.

Upstairs I've tackled the kitchen.  I seem to remember clearing out the cupboards a couple of years ago, and my daughter went through them in the fall. Yet I still found stuff I don't use, need, nor want.  I started another box for D with a cake decorating kit, cookie cutters, and a spring-form pan.  She bakes more than I do, and is more likely to use these things.  C has a box started too, with storage containers, dishcloths, and coffee grinder.  Then there are the boxes for donation to Community Living.  I'm up to three currently, though I've asked C to grab a few more paper boxes at work as I have at least enough things to fill another one.  

While there are still other decision to be made, the major area left is my bedroom.  I do have two bags of clothing set aside but will make another sweep of the closet and dresser before I call for pick-up.  There's also the bathroom cabinet - I know I have far too many lotions and other sundry items.  I did a clear out awhile ago, but for some reason the stuff seems to have multiplied again.  

Another consideration is what will go with me when I move.  Cheapchick had mentioned in a comment, a couple of post ago, that moving to the island can be expensive, and I've determined that only a few pieces of furniture will come with me.  When my son moves out, he can take what he wants, and then most of the rest I'll dispose of, either as donations or to the dump.  (My bed fits into that latter category, as the cats have destroyed the box spring from beneath, and the mattress isn't in great shape either).  I've already sold my dining table and chairs.  My goal is to have no more than a studio apartment contents by the time I'm ready to move.

These two pieces will definitely be included.  The china cabinet was my mom's. At one time it had inserts in the glass doors, but they were old and brittle and my mom removed them.  As a result the doors are somewhat fragile, so it will need to be packed carefully.

This desk was actually my paternal grandmother's.  Dad received it after she passed away, my mother never liked it, so it passed to me a decade later when I left home after high school. (That's over 40 years ago!)  The third drawer no longer opens and the second sticks badly but I love it anyway.  Perhaps I'll even get around to seeing if it can be fixed.

I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, as there are several steps before I can actually make a move.  Not only do I need to wait until C finds a place of his own, but my house has to sell.  Since I won't be putting it on the market until later in the spring, that isn't going to happen anytime soon.  But in the meantime I'm feeling productive in doing the clean-up, getting better organized with the knowledge the house will present much better.  Plus I'm enjoying checking the real estate boards and looking to see what may be out there for me.  

I had thought the cold warnings had been lifted last week, but I spoke too soon and we went straight into the deep freeze. My brother sent me this snippet, with a comment, "I'm glad that's over".  I responded with, someone has a different concept of what extreme cold means than I do.  -40C with the windchill is freaking cold to me!

However, looking ahead the forecast suggests we won't go lower than -23C at night with the exception of one night in the next seven days.  It will be a relief, as I'm starting to feel as though I'm got a bit of cabin fever.  With the exception of shovelling snow, and walking over to the mailbox, I haven't been out of the house since last weekend.  I'll go to dinner tonight, but my son just called, and he needs me to run down to the office to give him a boost.  He'd pulled the battery and allowed it to thaw out for the afternoon, but it hasn't enough oomph to get his car started.  I think we'll all be glad when this weather finally breaks.  

I'll end this post with a photo from a long ago vacation to Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  It was mid-October and a rather rainy day if I recall, but still a wonderful time.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You're doing an awesome job with the decluttering! I like your idea of having only enough for a studio apartment to move. In effect, you're Marie Kondo-ing. LOL.

    It's amazing, though, how even if you declutter regularly, as I do, how much "stuff" seems to accumulate. It flows flows out...repeat endlessly.

    As for the temps and this winter....arggghhhhh! Minus 40 windchill is extreme to me too, thanks, even if the weather forecast doesn't seem to think so. We'd had about a foot of snow earlier this week, and OMG, I'm sick of it all. Can't wait for spring!

  2. Very smart woman. The early you downsize the easier it gets - by the time you actually move I bet you let go even more stuff. You will look at it for the next couple of months and say - I don't really want to move that either lol. We had another snowstorm. Our snow is up to almost 2 feet but it's raining right now so hopefully if it stays a few degrees above zero will start melting the snow. My back is sore from shoveling. We got caught off guard the first year as had left all our shovels behind in Alberta. We had to borrow a neighbors shovel but now we have lots of shovels again for the odd time it snows. We have had a rather snowy February so far....hoping thats the end of it

  3. You really have this downsizing down to a science. You won't regret it but sadly once you get resettled, the "stuff" starts accumulating again. At least it did for me.

  4. You are making progress! Stay warm!

  5. I enjoyed reading this to the max. You have been rather an inspiration to me as well regarding some decluttering. I use the modifier "some" as I have't gotten rid of many things I could and should. There is an organization that sends mail flyers to residents asking for donations. They are then donated by the organization to varying charities. They even take small furniture. I happened yo be home one morning when they came and saw it was a box truck and two looked like high school kids driving and picking things up. I cleaned a lot out of every closet I had and the clothes were legion! The house actually took a deep breath after that was done. I also set out two old vacuums and the small tables. Wait! I think I just wrote a blog. Sorry. :-)

  6. I envy you your move - despite the necessity for an actual move!

    I would keep the desk, too, regardless of sticking drawers. I don't have many heirlooms, and no one to pass them to when I die, but they are part of my history. As regards the photographs on your computer, I would also store them on discs, in case something happens to your computer, and maybe print out hard copies of them. I have all my family's old pictures on discs.

    Quite exciting for you, eh?

    (Oh, and that cold is here, too, blast it.)


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