Thursday 21 February 2019

Holding pattern

Another week has flown by!  This retirement gig is pretty good, or at least it will be when the pension cheques start rolling in.  I did call the Pension center to confirm they received my paperwork; they did and also confirmed I'd completed everything properly.  Phew!  I was assured I would receive my first cheque within 45 days of January 31.  Based on others' experiences I suspect it will be here by the end of this month but I'm prepared to wait until mid-March if need be.

I've completed the first round of de-cluttering.  I say first round, because as I think back to where I started, in the basement storage room that I ought to go through those bins more thoroughly and rid myself of even more stuff. 

These boxes, bags, and suitcase are all going to Value Village tomorrow.  I thought about keeping the suitcase, but my daughter has her own, and my son rarely travels and when he does, a duffel bag is sufficient.  Yesterday, I filled up another smaller box of items from the china cabinet (the photo I shared last week made me realize it was far too cluttered).  

I also finished Eli's sweater.  It is missing buttons, as I have none that I felt would look right.  I realized after the fronts were finished that I ought to have tried to start with a similar color in the variegated yarn (as I did for the sleeves).  But it is homemade so it looks homemade.  This pattern was a true pain in the asterisk, as the instructions were incomplete.  I initially sewed the pieces together, realized my mistake, took them apart, re-knit a portion of it, then sewed it back together.  I waited to inset the sleeves until last, as I would have if I were actually sewing,  It made all the difference.  The little hat whipped up quickly and I made a pom-pom for it, which will likely last all of about 10 seconds.  Eli destroyed the last one I made, and I expect this one will go the same way.

Currently I have two more projects on the go, a crocheted baby blanket, and a knitted table runner.  Both are simple patterns, that I could work on while I'm watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (women's curling).  Yes, I'm a huge fan of curling - in my opinion, this is the most wonderful time of the year!  After this event, there will be Winter games curling and then the men's Brier.  This will keep me entertained until mid-March, when it will be time to get ready for the next cruise.  

Over the years, I've gathered up quite a stash of yarn, always with plans to create something. I recall when I first started blogging (on my original blog), I had started an afghan, it took nearly two years to complete!  Now, I truly have the time and the inclination to work on these projects.  Unfortunately I don't always remember exactly why I purchased the yarn, but thankfully Google searches of the brand and weight of yarn give me ideas as does Pinterest.  In some cases I find the patterns on line (like the one above) and others I go back into my pattern books, many of which were originally my mom's, and find the patterns there.  Both current projects are from the latter.  

Today I've got a couple of errands to get me out of the house.  First up is an appointment for a manicure.  And oh boy, do I need one.  My poor nails have taken a beating in the clearing and cleaning process.  Then I'll drop off the boxes and bags at Value Village, before making a run to the recycling depot with some old electronic items.  I still haven't decided what to do with the old computer so will hold onto it for the time being.  Now if the weather would just cooperate so I can get the garage cleared...I suspect that is on hold until I return at the end of March.

We're finally out of the extreme cold warnings, it's been off and on for the past week, and we have no snow in the immediate forecast.  The sunshine is wonderful, and the cats have even convinced me to open up the sun room, briefly, for them to wander about.  So far, neither have decided to find a sunny spot to curl up in.  It's still a bit cool for that even with the sun coming through the windows.  That too, may have to wait until the end of March.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I think the retirement gig is terrific as long as one has (a) sufficient income and (b) sufficient interests to keep oneself well occupied. It sounds like you have both! :-)

    The sweater and hat for Eli are absolutely adorable. I don't see that you should have changed anything!

    As for all your decluttering: Congrats, you go! You're motivating me to continue with mine. I've run out of boxes, because I've used them all up for previous donations over the years. The trick (for me) is to declutter and STOP buying more! :-D

    Have a great rest-of-week and weekend!

  2. Admire your zeal to declutter. I think it is a virus that is spreading fast for most of my blog buddies are paring down. Now I need to catch that virus.

  3. What a lovely sweater and hat! Way to go on decluttering! :)

  4. It's always a bit unnerving, I'm sure, waiting for apension cheque, or at least the first one. Will it arrive? Will it arrive on time? Will it be the right amount? It sounds like yours is on target.


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