Monday 11 February 2019

Winter woes

Environment Canada has finally lifted the severe cold warnings for our area of the province.  However, temperatures are still a good 10 degrees Celsius lower than normal...which means it is still cold.  Today we're getting more snow so after the recycling truck comes by I'll head out to clear the driveway.

But for all my whining and complaining, I know it could be far worse.  The eastern provinces have had cold, snow, and then freezing rain.  The western most province, and the island have been hit by snow, up to 30 cms. in places.  I have a university friend who moved to Victoria, on the island, a year or so ago.  On Facebook she commented one evening, she might not make it home because of accidents and downed trees.  She did, but it took more than 3 times the normal driving time.  

Meantime, I simply stay indoors as much as possible - not having to work definitely makes that easier.  On Friday, though, I did get up and drive my son to work.  He drives a Chev Cobalt, whose designers were not up on winter weather.  The battery is in the trunk, while the engine is in the front of the car.  While he parks in our garage, and plugs the car in when he parks in the lot next to the office, the battery eventually freezes.  He had gotten on Thursday after work, in order to make it home, but as the forecast was for even colder temps I decided I'd save him the worry.  If I weren't I suspect he'd have taken a taxi to and from work, as the nearest bus stop is several blocks away.  He's looking into purchasing a charging block or a battery blanket with the hopes this won't happen again soon.

According to our latest forecast, we may be seeing more normal winter temperatures about 10 days out, but the worst of it is over.  Fingers crossed!

D and Eli were here overnight on Wednesday and headed back to Melville mid-day on Thursday.  I can't say I didn't worry as they were travelling in very cold temperatures, but they made it safely both ways.  

He and I had fun, while his mom had her medical appointments.  His favorite things to do are watching Paw Patrol (paw paw), eating, and playing tickle with G'ma.  Oh, and getting "guck" (stuck).  If he's trying to climb on a chair, or the bed, or the cat tree, he'll holler guck for help.  Yes, this little boy definitely rules his world.  

Eat, oh my gosh, can he eat!  Just Thursday morning alone, he had a slice of toast with peanut butter, half an orange  and a handful of dried cranberries, a Bear Paw cookaw (cookie), and for lunch a hot dog, a half of green peas, and half an apple.  He's definitely a growing boy.

I've yet to completely clean up after the visit because this weekend I spent a fair amount of time, watching curling events.  Three provinces were holding their men's Tankards, here in Saskatchewan, and also Manitoba and Alberta.  Unfortunately, for me, the timing often overlapped so at times, I was streaming one event on my laptop, while the other was on the television.  Both my son and my brother thought that was rather humorous.  

While I'm sitting, I've been knitting a lot. I've now finished 6 dishcloths, Eli's sweater is currently being blocked in preparation for assembly, and I knit up a quick hat to go with it last night.  However, I choose a pattern that was knit flat, and after I sewed the back seam this morning, I didn't like it.  So that hat has been pulled apart and the ball of yarn is ready to be cast back on to be knit in the round.  I'm sure it would have been fine but I wasn't happy with it, and I have lots of time.

My de-cluttering has come to a stall as well. In fact, I'm feeling rather lazy today.  I guess I'm ready for a bit of down time, and since nothing is pressing I can get away with it.  Tomorrow is another day!

The photo I'm sharing is obviously not mine, but from my pilot friend N.  He took the photo from 39000 feet above Regina a few days ago.  It looks cold even from that height.

I hope all of you are staying warm, dry and safe throughout this miserable stretch of winter.  Time for me to head out with the snow shovel...again!


  1. Great aerial shot but brrr.....!

    I can just picture you watching curling on both your TV and laptop at the same time. Not much of a fan, are you? :-P

    I like that graphic at the beginning of the post and I'll second that. We're bracing for another winter wallop starting tomorrow morning sometime and lasting into Wednesday. 35 - 40 cm of snow forecast now. Every time I check the Weather Network they've upped the snowfall amounts. All of it, plus the drifts (70 km winds) will be in my driveway. It will take me three days to shovel out.

    Take care, stay warm and stay safe!

  2. Regina looks smaller than I would have thought. Really, it looks the size of my city and, though Lethbridge is foolishly spread out, it shouldn't be as big as Regina. Interesting.

    I don't like the deep cold we are still having (-30 degrees at night, and not much warmer during the day). I have to ride my bicycle to work every day; it's only ten minutes away (taking the bus would be a thirty minute trip) but I am very cold by the time I get there. I prefer the trip home - just as cold, but not going to work. This is definitely a colder winter than the last one.

  3. What a cutie your Grand is! Stay warm! I will shovel again when the wind dies down:)


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