Sunday 25 August 2019

Autumn calling - Aug 19-25

We've had lots of sunshine this week, with cool nights.  (Sorry to those who continue to have extreme heat - I'd send some of this to you if I could.)  I generally leave the door to the sun room open at night, so the entire house cools off.  That way, even when the outside temp hits 27C(80F), the air conditioning unit doesn't kick in until late in the afternoon.  Sadly, we had a cold front come in on Thursday night, with an accompanying thunderstorm that really cooled things off.  Yes, autumn is definitely on the horizon.

While I bemoan the cooler temperatures, for me, fall has always marked the start of the year, rather than New Year's.  The change of season provides a fresh start, summer vacations end, the children go back to school, and all sorts of programs start up again.  January on the other hand, is simply smack dab in the middle of the long winter.  

I've reviewed the City's fall leisure guide and while I haven't signed up for anything, there are several things I might be interested in doing.  A photography class is one, possibly a yoga class though I think a stretch class would be the best, and maybe even a creative writing class.  We'll see if current my level of ambition matches my possibilities. (Who am I kidding?  Probably not).

Friday was the anniversary of my Dad's birth.  He was born in 1910 at home near Mortlach, Saskatchewan.  This photo was taken on his 97th birthday, on August 23, 2007.  Slightly over a year later, he passed away on September 15, 2008. Dad was a modest man, he didn't like being fussed over, but I think he was happy that day surrounded by friends. 

I have to tell this story, because it still makes me laugh.  I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but he has no eyebrows.  The reason is, he did his own shaving and used to run his electric razor all over his face, including his eyebrows.  We asked why he did and he said they were too bushy.  I don't remember if they ever grew back or if he kept right on shaving them.

It's been a pretty quiet week, I've managed to get a bit of my crocheting done, and started a counted cross stitching project.  It's meant to be a gift for a friend for Christmas so I've been working on it in the afternoon when the lighting is better.  I've been inspired by the women at the Stitch, Make, and Chat group.  Also on Wednesday I had a short visit with Eli and his mom.  He had an appointment at the ear, nose, throat specialist.  D was concerned that he snores, but after the examination the doctor says there is nothing wrong with him.  

Late Friday evening, I had a call from my agent, advising me that we'd had a request for a 10 a.m. showing on Saturday.  He'd forgotten to let me know!  So I was up early in the morning to do some extra cleaning and tidying as we hadn't had a since last weekend and I'd let a few things slip.  This potential buyer is a single guy and his agent told mine that a small back yard shouldn't be a problem.  They were in the house for close to 25 minutes, but were obviously heading off to another showing as papers and phones were being looked at as they left.  

In the evening, I watched a double header of the CFL.  First up were our Riders versus the Ottawa Redblacks.  The Redblacks starting QB gave us three interceptions in the first quarter giving us a 17-0 lead, and resulting in him being pulled from the game.  Though they did do better with their second team QB, our Riders brought the win home!  

The second game was a snore fest, a low scoring affair between the Hamilton Ti-Cats and the BC Lions.  The latter team has a record of 1 win, 9 losses, the worst in the league and a record that they haven't started with in 50 years.  They have one of the best QB's in the league but their offensive line is, well, offensive.  I think he was sacked seven times in the game!  I still watched to the bitter end, but had no difficulty falling asleep when it was over. 

Today, I woke to rain, with more expected throughout the day.  I'm driving to visit D and Eli tomorrow, but may leave this afternoon and overnight there.  Otherwise it will be a quiet day, with more crocheting and cross stitching on the agenda.  Oh, and another football game.  Hopefully this one is  more exciting to watch.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I am seeing the same thing! Autumn has arrived!


  2. Autumn is in the air here too, with cooler nights now, and this week at least, lovely sunny, warm days. Perfect.

    How wonderful to have the memories of your dad. He certainly was long-lived! Funny thing re: his eyebrows, lol.

    Have a great week; I certainly hope one of these viewings finally pays off!

  3. Harvey watched the Rider game as well. We gave up our season tickets this year as the late night drive from Regina home was getting a bit tiring.

    I know where Mortlach is. We pass by it often. Glad you have wonderful memories of your Dad.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that one of your viewings pays off.

    God bless.

  4. Hope you get your place sold soon! What is the feedback from people? You are staying busy! Cute story about your Dad! :)

  5. I chuckled too over your story about your father. I have not heard of anyone shaving their eyebrows like that. I thought you were going to describe how he had been in a fire as a child, or some sort of car accident that damaged him so that his eyebrows didn't grow. Nope. He just shaved 'em off...

    It must be frustrating to have so many viewings of the house and no offers. Let's hope this week is the week! After all, there are just four months until Christmas from today!

  6. Like your take on why Fall should be the start of the year rather than January. Makes senses.
    Funny about your Dad's eyebrows. He and my Dad would have been the same age.

  7. I am so hoping for an end to this up and out thingy you have to do. Bless your heart and the cat's hearts too. Made me smile seeing your Dad. I have been thinking of mine here lately.

    1. My dad fell in with yours and Arkansas Patti's dad's age.


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