Thursday, 29 August 2019

The good, the bad, and the meh

In a recent comment, Far Side of Fifty asked what the feedback has been from the showings of the house.  They've been varied - this past weekend there were two showings that illustrate the dichotomy.  The first on Saturday morning was a single guy, who was in the house for about 25 minutes.  When his agent got back to mine, the comments were: he wasn't interested because the unfinished portion of the basement height was too low, and there was cat smell in the house. The first is a new comment, the second I've heard before.  The living room is two steps below the kitchen so that area of the basement has a height of around 7 feet.  My son is over 6 feet and has never had an issue, in fact he has his weight bench in that part of the basement.  As for the cat smell, I've come to realize that some people are more sensitive to smells. There have been several showings since anyone else has mentioned an odor.  

Nor did the second showing on Sunday mention it.  In fact, the comments were very positive.  However the couple was split on the house, as he really liked the layout but she felt it might be expensive to update so they are off to look at new builds.  I suspect she'll find it is just as expensive to finish a basement and do the landscaping.    

There have been consistent comments that the back yard is too small.  I get that, because it is small - but short of removing the sun room, deck, and sheds there is not much that can be done.  Besides which, we only have a few short months each year when being outdoors is pleasant.  Personally I'd rather have the sun room because I can use it for 9 months of the year.  Other viewers have noted that some of the windows are old.  Again, I agree they are, but none are leaking, and I'm not about to replace something that really doesn't need to be replaced.  Beyond that, the damage to the carpet (by the cats) is an issue, but I have already agreed to replace or provide a credit to the buyer for the replacement flooring.  

I simply have to wait until the right person/people to come through the door.  And for those of you who've read this blog for some time you'll know patience isn't my strong suit!  The other option is to lower the price once again.  Not my first choice but I will consider it in the next few weeks.  The number of properties in my neighbourhood and price range listed has significantly declined; there are now only 14 properties available.  Of those six are condos and another is a duplex.  If someone is looking for a single family home in my neighbourhood, my odds should be somewhat improved.

In the meantime I'll buy a lottery ticket and hope for a big win.


  1. Selling is bloody hard on a person. You just need to connect the right person with your home - and it will happen. Keep you chin up :)

  2. I agree that it will happen, though obviously not in the time frame you were hoping for when you first put it up for sale. I, too, lack patience, and I also get discouraged quite easily, so I probably would have given up or "given it" away!

  3. I am one of those very sensitive to cat smells people.

  4. Oh how I hate what you are going through. Besides being constantly rousted out and cleaning, you have to hear such comments. Have you tried one of those ozone odor removing machines? Maybe rent one? When the right person comes in none of those complaints will be heard. It will be perfect for them. There is a lid for every pot as my mom would say.

  5. It would be wonderful, if this would soon be over! The right people come through, and all be happy.


  6. Hope the right person comes along soon. I know we are very aware of smells of all kinds. Patience is a hard just have to do the best you can. :)


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