Tuesday 3 September 2019

August's to do list

I definitely managed to complete more of the list this month.  I did reduce the number for 20 from 30, which made it a bit easier.  A lot were underway from last month too, so that helped!  I do like having the list - I keep it on the side of the fridge and it's a good reminder to do the things I enjoy doing...in addition to all the cleaning for showings that seem to never end. 
1. Count my blessings – daily - always
2. Send a letter or card to someone - J in England was the recipient, and I was totally amazed at how quickly it arrived. 
3. Drive out to visit D and Eli - I made a trip this week overnight on Sunday to drop off some items and get a visit with my adorable grandson.
4. Invite guests over for a visit or dinner - still my Achilles heel...maybe next month
5. Attend stitch, make, and chat at the library 
6. Make a gift - scarf for my SIL for Christmas
7. Sew or craft something/finish an ongoing project - finished another baby blanket and hemmed some jeans for my son
8. Go to the $$ or thrift store 
9. Try a new recipe - sausage and peppers with rigatoni pasta.  It was a hit with my son and I.  A do-over for sure!
10. Read a book - Two in fact, "She wanted it All" by Kathryn Casey - true crime, and "Begonia Brown: A Philadelphia Story" by Julia Press Simmons - novel
11. Watch a movie - The Accountant.  When it first started I wasn't that into it, but by the time it was finished I thought it was quite good.
12. Take a walk in the park
13. Repurpose/recycle something - I did find a pattern to make a cloth bag from an old t-shirt, and the t-shirt is sitting in the sewing room waiting for me get at it.
14. Bake something and and share it 
15. Learn how to make something
16.  Mow the lawn, sweep the deck weekly - I managed this about every 10 days due to rain which means it needs mowing badly right now!
17. Have coffee on the back deck or front patio
18. List something to sell on Varage sale
19. Volunteer - I did finish the weeding on the long weekend of August but I haven't been back.  Again, rain and procrastination.
20. Listen to my Spanish CDs in the car - I finally remembered to do this, but only when I was about halfway to D's house.  I got through the alphabet, though I'm sure I don't remember much of it.  

Time to start a new list for September, and work on those on those items that just seem to never get done.  


  1. You did accomplish a lot on your list; congratulations! Good luck with September's list. I'm not sure if a to-do list would give me small goals and therefore something to strive for, or if it would discourage me. Ha. Either way, the secret to success is starting small and lowering expectations! :-D

  2. Can't read the words, typed in yellow.

    But hooray for accomplishments!


  3. Yeah for making a list and getting some of it done!

  4. Wonderful! I am going to try to keep my list, but am giving myself a little leeway with it since Mom's care has become an issue.

  5. I like your idea of the monthly list. There are a few I'd like to adopt and make my own list, if you don't mind.
    #2, 8, 9 (1, 10 & 11 are easy ones that I do often) and 13 & 14 are inspirational! I must do those!
    Thank you!

  6. I do up a monthly list and lately there is always a bit of carry over to the next month. I did however manage to finish most of my projects with a couple started and soon to be completed this month. I don't know what I would do without my various lists.

    God bless.

  7. The Accountant was an excellent movie. I practice gratitude every night as well, or at least I try to. Rarely, I fall asleep too fast.

  8. You did do really well. I had trouble reading the yellow also. Kind of guessing on them. Visiting Eli has to be the easiest. Such a cutie.

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  10. Holy cow, that's a long list. I couldn't get through a third of that in a month, though I like the idea of baking something and sharing it. I'd be the 'share' half, of course...

  11. Thank you so much, for your Autumn Memories.... Which you commented... On my post about Autumn Joys. I love childhood memories, and yours are lovely!


  12. I like your list; I live by notes reminding me of what I need or want to accomplish. My current project is having a carpet put in a bedroom. By the way, I can't read the list items that are in yellow print. I think you said you are retired; I've been retired 10 years, isn't it grand?

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  14. OH I am a list maker...such a list maker. My reward is not only getting whatever it is done, but I get to mark it off, line through it...all of both! That is truly satisfying. I don't have much of a life apparently. :-)


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