Sunday, 5 February 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

Another weekend is nearly over...and I really don't want it to be.  Though I had Friday off, I ended up going into the office for a meeting to deal with another situation that came up on Thursday.  The person I needed to meet with was leaving for Mexico this weekend and I didn't want to wait for two weeks until he returned.  

So Friday ended up being a busy day. After the meeting I ran some errands, picked up some groceries, went home to put those away before heading to the salon for my nail appointment.  From there I went shopping for a new pair of dress slacks as I had tossed out a pair this week that were simply worn out.  Of course I found tops instead of slacks - though managed to snag a pair that will do...they were pretty inexpensive so I expect they will wear out sooner rather than later. 

Back at home, I had time to watch a bit of curling before heading back out to pick up my son from work.  Home again to feed the cats before I went out for dinner with the Friday night crew.  When I got home I was feeling a bit off, but just put it off as being tired. 

Well, I guess I was actually feeling the preliminary effects of a migraine.  I woke up about 4 a.m. in such pain that I could barely see. I stumbled out to the kitchen to find some pain meds.  Though there are several choices in the cupboard, in the state I was in, I could only find Advil night-time which contains a sleep aide.  I took two pills and headed back to bed, tried to relax and wait for the meds to kick in. They apparently did, as I slept until nearly 9:30.  Sami and Saku both tried to wake me before that but I just couldn't do it.

Saturday was pretty much a write-off.  I was still feeling the effects of the migraine - I always feel off, a bit woozy, and not all there the day after - and didn't feel up to doing much.

I spent much of the day watching curling, and between ends and games, got my laundry done.  I can't just sit and watch television - I have to have something to do, so started knitting a scarf.

I wanted something simple, this is a rib pattern (similar to corduroy) that takes little thinking.  I'm using up scraps from various projects of similar weight yarn.  The hardest part is estimating when I've used up about half of the leftovers.  I'm not concerned though as I really won't care if it is exact...this isn't meant to be fashionable, just functional. 

This photo looks a bit washed out as the colors are darker than shown.  

Today, I've been a bit more ambitious.  I went to bed early but still managed to sleep until 8 a.m.  Sami did try waking me earlier, but I kept dozing off.  Poor cats will be off their least until I go back to work tomorrow.

We've been getting lots of snow today.  Big fluffy flakes, though it has been tapering off some in the last hour or so.

I gave my son a choice, clean cat litter or shovel the driveway.  Guess which one he chose? had nothing to do with the cats.

From what I can see we probably got about 2 inches of fresh snow.  It's light so I'm thinking it won't take long to clear it.  Hopefully it will pack into the ruts on the street...we won't see a snow plow until spring.  If the forecast is correct, we'll be above freezing by next weekend.  Maybe we won't even need that snow plow.

I watched most of the Pinty's Grand Slam women's final this morning. In between ends I caught some of the Saskatchewan Men's Tankard (provincial).  Both were good games.  This afternoon will be the Men's Grand Slam final and at the same time the provincial Tankard final.  The remote will get a work out again!

When I wasn't watching curling and knitting, I prepped some chicken for tonight's dinner, put away my laundry from yesterday, made the bed, baked a loaf of banana bread, and did dishes. 

I make my banana bread with peanut butter instead of margarine or butter and I cut back on the sugar.  I couldn't take it to work, as there are co-workers with allergies, but we sure enjoy it.  In fact, I think that is why my son finally got out of bed....the smell woke him up.

It's just about time for the start of the next round of curling.  I should have just enough time to clean the cat litter.  Guess I'd better get at it.  

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I understand migraines are terrible ordeals. I'm glad the medicine you took helped - helped you sleep, at any rate, which is probably a good detour around the pain. When assailed by any sickness, I think sleep is one of the best antidotes. In any case, I am glad that it at least left you Sunday for relaxation - combined with activity.

    I love banana bread. If I could, I'd have a loaf always in the apartment, and have two or three slices with my tea. It's filling and tasty.

    It's funny that Regina's weather forecast is so similar to southern Alberta's. We are getting snow here; we did yesterday, too. Light flakes but plenty of them. The temperature is supposed to be low until mid-week: -13 degrees Wednesday and +3 Thursday. I predict slush for Friday.

    Gee, I can almost taste that banana bread...

  2. OH that looks so GOD! Much bigger than I can make. Tell me, can you taste the peanut butter very well at all? How much sugar do you use? How much banana? 3? I'm like it UP!

  3. I'll echo John re: sleeping as healing. I'm glad you're better today.

    Peanut butter banana bread! Never had banana bread with peanut butter, it sounds yummy! The only thing that could make that combination even better would be some chocolate chunks or chips. LOL.

    As for winter...After a January that was more like March, we're back to normal conditions for the foreseeable future. But we're one day closer to spring!

    I hope your week goes well; take care.


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