Sunday, 26 February 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

First off, still no grandchild.  When I talked to D earlier today, she mentioned she cleaned the b/f's house today.  Perhaps she is finally nesting.  It would be nice if she'd show up here and clean up her room.  (Sheesh, she's 35 years old and I'm still nagging her to clean her room).

She wasn't the only one who was bit by the cleaning bug.  I got some of my housework done on Friday, but Saturday was a write-off.  I lazed around, reading, playing on the computer, and watching television for most of the day.  This morning, though I woke up after a great night's sleep, and got busy.

By lunchtime, I had washed the kitchen, front foyer, and bathroom floors, vacuumed the living room and hallway, scrubbed down the bathroom fixtures, wiped down the kitchen cabinet doors, folded the laundry, dusted, gathered up the garbage and took it out to the bin, and cleared out the television cabinet. makes me tired just to list it all.  

I even ventured into the baby's room and did a quick tidy in there.  I organized the closet, put away boxes of diapers, picked up some paper and bags from the shower, and got the bassinet set up.  D is planning to have the baby sleep in her room for the first while so had picked up a second-hand bassinet.  I'm not sure where she plans to have him sleep as her room is a disaster and I'll be damned if I'm going to clean it up for her.

Okay, enough crankiness.

No photos but we seem to have a cat living in our backyard.  We're not sure if he lives nearby and just visits, or if he's living under the deck.  My son spotted him a day or so ago and pointed him out to me today.  He/she (since we haven't gotten that close) is a long haired gray and white cat, very skittish, and quite large...but that might be the fur.  We put out some dry food for him just in case.  I called the Humane Society to see if they would trap him.  They won't, as they don't deal with cats "running at large".  They told me if we can trap him in a shed or the garage they will come pick him/her up.  We'll keep an eye out and move the food closer to one of the sheds.  Hopefully he's just visiting and has a home to go to, but based on what we've seen I doubt it.

I had wondered that I haven't seen any bunnies in the yard for awhile.  It makes me wonder how long the cat has been around.  Or maybe they've found somewhere else to hang out.

Thankfully it hasn't been very cold, though was cooler today than it has been for awhile.  We got a skiff of snow, just enough to cover the driveway.  With the sunshine it is pretty much gone again.

I've been watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts Canadian Women's curling most of the weekend.  Tonight is the final; the skip of the Manitoba team is from Saskatchewan so, of course, I'm rooting for them.  My brother called, he and his children are cheering for Ontario because they have Deadpool on their sweaters.  I had to ask what that was....  

Just as well I'm watching curling and not the Oscars.  I wouldn't have a clue what was going on. 

Have a great week everyone!  


  1. Maybe the baby has heard the news on the radio and tv, and has decided to stay put. Smart kid!

    Is there an organisation that loans traps for cats? We have one here in our town, though they will do the trapping themselves, as well. But if you can borrow a trap, you may be able to interest the Humane Society after the little creature is caught.

  2. *I'm* tired just reading about all your cleaning! Feel free to teleport over to my house, because I have NOT been bitten by the cleaning bug!

    Poor cat. I hope you can get him or her. Are there any no-kill rescues in your area? Or groups that trap/neuter/release? I don't imagine you have the time, though, with your grandson on the way. Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed for this cat; I'm glad you put food out.

    As for your grandson, yeah, maybe he heard about all the idiocy in the world these days and has decided to stay put a while longer! :-D

    Isn't it March 5 that your daughter will be induced, if the baby hasn't made his appearance before then?


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