Sunday 13 August 2017

Moving along

Things continue to move along with the purchase of the house trailer.  I've managed to arrange financing - though that in itself was a bit of a gong show.  Suffice to say the bank I've dealt with for the past 35 years is very quickly becoming less likely to keep my business.  (I started with this bank as a teller in 1982, long before bank clerks became known as client service representatives.  Somewhere along the line, service has become less about the client, and more about form over substance).  Instead I'm in the process of re-mortgaging my own home. While it isn't what I wanted, the interest rate is fantastic, so I'll use the reduction in the expected payments to reduce the principal while I'm still here.  

We had the home inspection on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to view the roof before I made my offer, and it turns out there is missing flashing, a broken stack pipe (I think that's what it is called) and several missing shingles.  Our real estate agent let theirs know that we would be thinking about it over the weekend, but if we came back it would be with a lower offer.  He and I have planned to talk tomorrow - I'll probably offer considerably less and see where it goes.  I get the impression that the owners are in a hurry to sell, which is unfortunate for them, but good for me.  On the other hand I want to be fair so we'll have to wait and see what the agent has to say.  He's been very spot-on with his advice.  I've already told him, he'll get the call to sell my house next year.

While this process carries on, I'm looking forward to my upcoming cruise.  We've got a really good group going on Facebook and on CruiseCritic, so it should be a lot of fun.  There's talk of a trivia team (which I'd be thrilled to join) and karaoke (which I've promised not to join), as well as dinners on board ship, and excursions.  

I booked another excursion last night, this one for the port of  St. John, New Brunswick.  The tour takes in the Bay of Fundy, St. John River, and St. Martins. From the description: "After a photo stop at Fallsview Park, you'll embark on a one hour, scenic drive to St. Martins. The 200-year-old village features twin covered bridges, a small harbor and a lighthouse, favorite subjects for photographers and painters. You'll join your guide for a brief walking tour of the harbor, visit the lighthouse, and stroll the quaint gardens nestled between the covered bridges." 

One of the twin covered bridges was shut down earlier this year to vehicular traffic due to needed maintenance.  I'm hoping we'll have sufficient time to allow me to walk across and back on the bridge itself.  From there we head to the sea caves, then to a local restaurant for lunch and finally back to St. John to the Old City Market.  Sounds like a great day - not too strenuous and with an opportunity for some great photographs.

Just 35 days to sail-away (34 to leaving on a jet plane!)

Speaking of photographs, the subject of my camera is generally little Eli.  He's such a character!  He'll be grinning at me, and as soon as I turn the camera on, he turns solemn.  

He's started eating solid food...well as much as puree can be called solid food.  Sweet potatoes are his favorite, though he likes butternut squash, carrots, peas, and bananas.  Peaches have been tried with limited success.

He wants so much to hold his own spoon, so we give him one.  It takes a bit of work to pick it up but he gets it!

Of course, there is no hope of actually getting the right end of it into his mouth and certainly not with any food on it. But that's okay, practice will eventually make perfect.

He's also trying very hard to sit up on his own.  As long as he has backing he can sit (without sliding over sideways) for a few seconds.  I expect he'll master sitting in a few weeks.

He just makes me laugh. Even when he won't smile for me!  

Have a good week everyone. 



  1. Eli is such a cutie patootie! What a sweetie, solemn expression and all.

    Good luck with the trailer financing, your house re-financing, the trailer roof, offer, etc. I like to think that all works out as it should in the end.

    The excursion sounds fun! At least you have the cruise to look forward to, another adventure. :-)

  2. I wish I were going to Saint John! My old stomping grounds. Be sure to catch a good whiff of the Irving pulp and paper mill while you're there. The countryside

    There is nothing to bring a smile like a baby. Every day is an adventure for them, though they probably see it differently. Watching them learn and conquer must be one of life's most wonderful experiences.

    And yes, 'service' is becoming a joke. This is an age when garbage men don't get out of their trucks to pick up trash cans that have been knocked over, and postmen leave mail in a 'super-box' half a mile from the houses it serves. I think, though, that 'customer service representative' is an accurate term, as these former tellers represent customer service more than they provide it.

  3. Man, loved what John said there. I love seeing that sweet chubby face. That little cherubic mouth.

    You will love your cruise as you already know. Wish I were going too. xx


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