Sunday, 3 December 2017

Moments of joy

It's been a generally quiet week around here.  Thank goodness, though I suspect since I've made that comment all h*ll will break loose.  That seems to be how things work out.  In the meantime I'll enjoy the daily routine.

Young Eli has been very busy this week however.  The pace at which he is learning is totally amazing to watch.  I know, I had two children of my own, but those times have faded in my memory.  (I probably was too sleep-deprived to notice in any event).

His newest accomplishment is his ability to stand, with support, on his own.  Here he is at his play table.  I've wedged it between my chair, the couch and the end table to keep it stable. The other night he made his way from the couch to the table to my chair on his own.  I suspect the little guy will be walking by New Years at this rate.

The gate you see in the background is used to block off the basement stairs.  Neither I nor my daughter can climb over it so usually it leans against the front hall closet doors.  So far, Eli has been smart enough to stay in the living room or if feeling adventurous he makes his way up the stairs to the kitchen. Those cat dishes and water fountain are very attractive. :) 

As for me, I ran my errands on Friday so I could relax at home and watch the Roar of the Rings curling this weekend.  In addition to groceries, I think I've finished my Christmas shopping.  I say "think" because when I get around to wrapping the gifts I might find I've missed something...this despite of my list. The local malls and stores are getting so busy and I dislike the crowds, so getting done early is a relief.  Though I'll need groceries between now and Christmas I'll go early in the day when it is quiet, hopefully.

Kim mentioned it on her blog, and I concur, it is hard to believe it is already December! 2017 has passed in a blur....which in many ways is a good thing.  Eli reached his 9 month mark yesterday, and on Monday I'll take another marble out of the jar.  Just 12 more to go! 

I'll keep this short, as Jacobs and Koe are putting on a show.  I'm rooting for Koe but  the way Jacobs is playing I suspect he will prevail.  Our Canadian curlers, both men and women, are some of the best in the world which makes this event so fun to watch.  I foresee lots of PVR viewing will be necessary as the week progresses.  

Have a great week everyone!


  1. He is so cute! Yes, cat food dishes are a real draw. Gross but my nephew ate a fly out of a window sill before my Mom or Sister could run over there (they both saw what was happening and tried to prevent it). Anyway, he didn't even get sick, just a little extra protein. You can bet my sister vacuumed her windows on a daily basis to prevent that from happening again. I need to buy hubby a stocking stuffer or two and that is it. Cookie making next week and then next weekend we are bringing our truck to help a friend get a real Christmas tree.

  2. Wow, that little guy is indeed learning fast. Watch out, as he may figure out how to circumvent your security measures soon. From all you write, he seems a happy fellow, and eager to get on in the world. Tell him to slow down. He's actually at a good age now!

  3. Eli starting to toddle around, with help, is amazing to me, as is that he's 9 months old already. Wow. I swear he looks more adorable in every picture you post.

    I hope your week is calm and uneventful. Good luck finishing up your holiday preparations!

  4. Testing comment ability...


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