Saturday, 16 December 2017

Stress, who me?

Can you believe Decembe
r is half over?  Nine more sleeps until Christmas, and just 15 until 2018 comes our way.  From this perspective, the entire has flown by.  Of course, it hasn't.  Every day has had 24 hours, every week seven days, and every month....well, you get the picture.  (Besides the fact that 365 doesn't divide evenly by 12, it makes for something more for children to learn.  Who remembers "30 days hath September, April, June and November.  All the rest have 31, excepting February all alone with 28 days, and 29 in each leap year."  I don't recall if we learned this at school or if it was something my dad taught us.  

I had good intentions to get a post up every week.  Yeah, that didn't happen and I'll be honest, it is unlikely to happen in 2018 either.  My daily life isn't very interesting and there is so much I cannot blog about (yet).  Where I once would have expressed my views on a number of issues, I've learned my lesson well and will keep those thoughts to myself.  At least for the next twelve months or so....  I want my last year at work to be less stressful than this one.  Unfortunately recent events would suggest otherwise; I'll have to find a way to manage those feelings without an outlet.

On the home front, my daughter and Eli have returned to his dad's home for the past week.  I assume it is temporary as their stuff is still here.  It's been very quiet (and peaceful) without the two of them here.  I've used my time wisely this weekend so that by mid-afternoon Saturday I've got all my weekend chores done, including grocery shopping.  

With D out of the house, I took the opportunity to clear off my dining table of her crafts.  It's highly she'll finish any of it by Christmas anyway, so it is now in a box in the garage waiting year, perhaps.  In an event, my table is cleared off and with the exception of the cats using it as a landing strip it will stay that way.  (From the looks of it, I should have ironed the tablecloth and runner first. There's still time.)

This year, I changed up the display on the top of the china cabinet.  Each of the Santas was a gift as were the two cats.  I made a toque and scarf for the one and a scarf for the other a year or so ago.  With a couple of candles and few ornaments, I quite like the way it looks.  

Thus far, neither Sheldon nor Saku have attempted a visit.  (Sasha never would).

I also got the gifts wrapped yesterday, though I seem to have misplaced a couple.  One, for my daughter, I bought just a couple of weeks ago.  I've torn my closet apart (my regular "hiding" place) and cannot find it.  The other, is for Eli; I purchased a Fisher Price house last spring and had it tucked away in the basement.  I have no idea where it might be, unless D took it with her to J's???  Guess I'll have to wait to find out.  In any event, I won't be replacing either item.  I'm certain one or both will show up and if not, both intended recipients have received many gifts in the past year.

I intend to spend the rest of the weekend, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.  I'm working on a couple of knitting and crocheting projects and have several books waiting in a pile for my reading pleasure.  No stress!

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. I'm sorry the last year of work isn't shaping up to be relatively stress-free and hope you do find a way to manage whatever frustration, etc. work brings. A private journal perhaps? Or a more conscious effort to keep in mind that very soon all of it will be in the past and won't matter to you anymore. That might help! In other words, not giving a sh*t. (I think men are better at that, at compartmentalizing! I'm not good at it at all and don't know any women who are, really.)

    Your cabinet looks very festive, btw. I love those Santas! Oh, and your runner? Who cares if it's wrinkled? The cats will mess it up anyway, and dinner will be about the food, not the table settings. (Unless you're an interior designer!)

    Take care, enjoy the holiday, especially the time with Eli. :-)

  2. Well, at least this will be the last year, and after that, you won't have any more work-related stress. Just focus on that, and you'll have that wonderful goal to work toward.

    But to be honest, I thought that this blog was for expressing your thoughts, as your previous one had been 'compromised', as they say in the spy movies. I suspect that no one who regularly visits you here would censure you for your opinions, even if they disagreed with them.

    I like your Santa display. I like detailed Santas (Santi?) and the cats would naturally go with someone as loving and kind as Saint Nicholas. Your table is neat and festive. I've always liked tablecloths, though I don't have one myself - the cat visit the table-top too often for that - and like the old tradition of removing it for dessert. Tablecloths somehow seem very civilised, like napkins.


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