Saturday 13 January 2018

Winter's wacky weather

We're back into the deep freeze and will be until early next week.  I know this isn't abnormal for January but I starting to feel a bit of cabin fever.  While I went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and to dinner with friends in the evening, the only time I spend outdoors is dashing from and to the car.  

I did chuckle a little yesterday when I realized, that due to the freezing rain earlier this week, the trunk of my car has frozen shut.  Oh yes, we certainly had freezing rain on Wednesday - a rare thing here in Saskatchewan.  In fact we had more rain, 2.8 mm, than we had for the entire month of July 2017.  Overnight we went from 1C to -17C so parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways became skating rinks.  In fact, one intrepid individual actually went skating on his residential street!

I used some ice melt on my sidewalk and driveway but to be honest, haven't been out to see whether it did any good.  Yesterday's high temp was -21C with wind chills of -37C.  Today is slightly cooler/warmer with a temp of -24C and wind chills of -34C.  I have no plans to leave the house for the rest of the weekend, unless J calls and wants Eli to overnight.

When I went to pick Eli up on Thursday evening, I managed to take a fall in J's yard.  He doesn't clear the sidewalks and with the freezing rain the walkway was treacherous, it was dark and I misjudged my step.  Luckily only my pride was bruised...I landed putting my left foot and knee down but bounced right up.  I really do prefer to pick Eli up in the daylight hours.  I noticed yesterday as I drove to dinner at 5:45 p.m. that the light is lasting longer. Hooray!

Yesterday, I also stopped at my hairdresser's to get a wash and cut.  I've let it grow....well, as much as it can in 2 months time and it was looking a bit like a mullet...yuck!  She did an awesome job, cutting of over an inch and more in the back.  It is short but doesn't look masculine which I appreciate.  It is the first step in preparing for my upcoming cruise.  Next up is to re-dye it as the purple has faded.  

I may book a couple of tanning sessions pre-cruise as well, simply to ensure that I don't burn the first day.  Though I am spending a couple of days before the cruise in Cocoa Beach so it might not be necessary.  The best part about tanning ahead of time is I get warmed up all the way through!  I also have a pedicure and a manicure booked shortly before I leave.  

But that's a few weeks away yet (32 days until I fly out and 35 day to the cruise to be exact).  Next up is sorting through and trying on my summer/cruise clothing.  I won't need a lot of dressy items as I'll be joining the solos.  In fact the last Norwegian cruise I did, I managed with a small suitcase, one that some travellers use as a carry-on.  I have a small duffel bag I carry though, that holds my camera, my purse, a change of clothing, a nightgown, a bathing suit and a small bag of toiletries.  It is enough that should my luggage not arrive when I do, I can manage for 24-36 hours.  Things would get a bit dicey after that, especially if we are at sea.  Fortunately, since I've started this practice I've never had my luggage not appear on the carousel.  

I've no new photos of Eli to share this week.  He continues to be adorable, is beginning to let go of the furniture and standing on his own.  This frightens him though, so it doesn't last long.  He wants so badly to climb and his mother caught him putting his foot in one of the holes in the baby gate.  I suspect he'll be trying to climb over it at some point.  

For our drives to and from dad's, I've been singing with him - well, he babbles, I sing.  The ABC song is a favorite, and I made up words to go with the tune "Jesus loves me".  I sing:
"Grandma loves me, this I know
For she always tells me so
Little one, I am so sweet
From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.
Yes, Grandma loves me,
Yes, Grandma loves me,
Yes, Grandma loves me,
She always tells me so."

He was fussy today, just before he went down for a nap.  I started singing, he calmed down and gave me the sweetest smile.  I'll leave you with that mental picture.

Stay warm and have a great week!


  1. YOU stay warm and have fun selecting summer wear for your upcoming cruise. Much better than having to don thermal layers and cope with the cold. We had 3 days of mild temps, then high winds and incredible rain (bringing flooding), but it got rid of a lot of our snow. Lawns were down to bare ground. Then it turned to freezing rain yesterday evening, then a freakin' blizzard (almost) overnight. There was AT LEAST a foot of snow in my driveway, city is a mess and digging out yet again. :-(

    Maybe I can stow away on that cruise with you? :-P

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. P.S. Do you have those ice gripper thingies you put on over the sole of your boots? They come in handy!

  3. Please be careful. A fall may seem not to have caused trouble, but it could lead to bruises and pains later. We have people who don't clear their sidewalks here, too. We can report them to the city and they'll be fined for it. I haven't done it, but this year, it's tempting.


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