Sunday 27 May 2018

Simple moments

I'm starting to feel like I'm on repeat...another week nearly over, with great weather for the weekend. 

The work week was particularly short with Monday as a holiday, I was in the office on Tuesday, then flew out to Calgary for a meeting on Wednesday and Thursday, and had scheduled Friday as a vacation day.  The meeting went well as my presentations were generally well received.  I say, generally, as my first presentation was on time management.  Many of the participants were quite adamant that they were far too busy to use the suggestions I provided.  Hmmm...perhaps there was a lesson to be learned that was missed.  On the other hand I had some of the participants tell me they will definitely use some of the suggestions and a couple asked if they could job shadow me for a month.  (Of course, that won't be happening but it was a lovely compliment).

On the way home, I was upgraded to Plus (that's never happened before) so I was seated right at the front of the plane.  My seat mate got on just before we took off, and when the air was turned before the engines were started, she had a bit of a panic attack.  The attendant checked with her, and she shared that as a teenager, she had been trapped in a car wreck and the confined space and heat was troubling to her.  As we took off, I noted the tears falling.  Not knowing what to do, I did what I know best.  I asked her if she was from Regina.  Through her tears she told me she was.  I waited a minute or two, and asked if she was in Calgary for business or pleasure.  She told me she'd been in Phoenix with her daughter.  I kept this up for several minutes, asking a question that led from the answer she had given.  

After we'd reached altitude, the attendants came by and she ordered a glass of wine and a snack.  We chatted while she ate, and drank, and by the time we were starting our descent into Regina, she was relaxed, and told me I must be a good mother, as I had managed to keep her distracted through most of the flight.  I definitely thought that was a nice compliment!  

Friday morning, I did a little housework before meeting my friend K for lunch.  Who knew there were two Applebees' in Regina?  Apparently, neither of us.  K thought it was odd that I wasn't there at 11:45 (our agreed time) and asked the waiter.  She then hopped in her car and drove across the city to the east end Applebees.  I had thought she was at line dancing so hadn't worried when she didn't arrive on time.  

We ended up having a very leisurely lunch, not leaving the restaurant until 2:30.  We chatted about their most recent cruise, a TransPacific from Japan to Vancouver, their upcoming cruise to the Baltics in September, and our New Orleans cruise in December.  She's looked into renting a car for at least a day so we can visit a plantation.  I want to visit one of the cemeteries; she wasn't certain what her partner J wants to do.  

I had my nail appointment at 3, while K dashed off to bar tend (volunteer) at a nearby senior's complex. My esthetitian L, told me about a tomato/herb container she had purchased at Lowe's.  I hadn't planned to have any vegetables this year, but the price, $26.99, was too good.  I headed up to Lowe's and picked one up.  It contains a cherry tomato, a marigold, basil, oregano, parsley and thyme.  The tomato has several fruit already on it, and the herbs are quite large and definitely healthy.  If I had purchased the items separately, I'm certain the cost would have been much higher.

Dinner was with the regular crew at the regular spot.  The service was so-so, the food about the same, as usual.  It is the company that keeps me coming back.  C and I made arrangements to get together for coffee on Saturday morning when her husband N was off gliding at the base in Moose Jaw.  I've missed her at work, and it was lovely to get together and have a gab.  Their yard is so lovely, too.  C has the green thumb and an artistic flair, while N provides the muscle.  This year they have replaced the base for their new gazebo, enlarging it to 10 X 14 (from 10 X 10).  C has planted most of the containers, of which there are approximately 40, as well as the two flower beds out front.  She is holding off on the beds in the back yard until the gazebo is finished.  The only thing I don't care for in their yard, is the fact they back onto a busy roadway, but she says they don't notice the traffic noise.

Last evening we had a thunder storm roll through the area.  Eli was still awake, so we took him outside.  D and I took the chairs from the front patio and moved them onto the sidewalk.  Eli ran between us until Uncle C came out and sat on the step.  That child loves his uncle!  He wasn't the least bit frightened by the thunder, though I don't believe he noticed the lightening.  However, when the rain started and Eli wandered off the sidewalk onto the patio, we learned he didn't like being rained on. I think it was a shock as it was too dark to see the rain drops.  It started coming down hard then, so we all moved into the house. 

Today, I got more housework done in the early morning before heading out to relax and read on the deck.  I grilled some chicken for lunch, made myself a Caesar salad, and ate my lunch outside as well.  By 2 it was getting quite warm, so I came back indoors.  D and Eli came back from running errands, he had a brief nap while she ate lunch.  We're currently watching the pre-season football between the Saskatchewan Riders and the Edmonton Eskimos.  Sad to say, the game isn't going well for our team.  Later we'll watch the Memorial Cup Junior Hockey final as the local team, the Regina Pats are playing.  D is responsible for dinner tonight; she'll be grilling a rack of ribs and asparagus, while I'll do potatoes in the microwave. 

No garden photos this week, but I do have a couple of shots of the rainbow from a week ago.  

The first shot was taken on my deck looking to the north east.  I've enlarged it because of the double rainbow.  The second shot is from the street out front, looking east.  We didn't get much rain that evening, and I only just happened to walk out the back and spotted the rainbow. 

It's back to work tomorrow. I doubt the week will pass quite as quickly as the last... but I'm sure there will be simple moments to look back on too.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Your weekends certainly are jam-packed!

    As a crier on plane flights, I truly thank you for being so kind to that woman and helping her through. Like her, I will be ordering alcohol as soon as possible, on the Toronto - Halifax leg of the trip!

    The double rainbow was amazing, how lucky to get the shots. Maybe it's an omen to buy a lotto ticket. :-D

    Have a terrific week, I hope all goes smoothly.

    1. Hence the reason I need to retire. :) I can only imagine what it will be like when I get the opportunity to spread the weekend activities over an entire week.

  2. Great rainbow shot! I planted a few tomatoes and strawberries and 2 peppers and that's it - I have 2 growing boxes and ceramic pots. I did just get rid of all the plastic containers I had - no point in keeping things I will no longer use. Sounds like a great deal on that pot - plants are so expensive

    1. I have far too many plastic containers. You've given me a great idea, as my daughter is planning a garage sale. I think I'll put them out and see if someone will take them off my hands.

  3. It's wonderful that you were able to calm your fellow passenger. I've not been affected by air travel but, on the other hand, I wouldn't know what to do to calm someone's shattered nerves. I'd probably just talk to them.

    It's good that Eli wasn't afraid of the storm, but hopefully he'll take an interest in lightning and thunder as he ages. For me, there's nothing more appealing than an approaching thunderstorm. Was it the first time he's been out in a rainstorm? That must have been a puzzling and annoying surprise, being rained on. It's interesting that you may have witnessed the beginning of a life-long behaviour - he'll never like the rain because of that one moment!

    1. My mother started taking me out to the porch when I was about 18 months old, not much older than Eli. I think my love of storms started then. I suspect he'll enjoy it too, though he may not be as big a geek as G'ma who follows the radar waiting for the storm to arrive. :)

      This was definitely the first time he's been out in the rain but it won't be the last. I'm definitely going to take him out to puddle jump one of these days!


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