Saturday 2 June 2018

This and that

The wet weather we've had the last few days has put a bit of a damper on the weekend.  Actually it started with a head cold and accompanying headache on Thursday.  I called in sick and had a relaxing day...well, as much as anyone can have with a toddler in the house.

I did get some housework done yesterday (Friday) and the weekly grocery shopping out of the way.  But I still wasn't feeling 100% so finished reading a book.  Called "Secret Sister", it is the true story of two women, one who was adopted at 6 weeks as an only child in a loving home, the other who grew up in a dysfunctional home with a beloved older brother.  As they share their life stories, they both express the wish for a sister.  Later, when Jennifer looks for her birth mother, only to be rejected, not once but twice, does she discover that she has several siblings.  This is a story of family secrets, most of which are never entirely uncovered.  We can only surmise what might have been, though with the help of DNA, Jennifer and Helen discover they are twins.  Why one was adopted and the other not is a question only their mother could explain but never did.  It was not a book that I could read in one sitting; Helen's life was painful to read with a disinterested and uncaring mother, and an abusive father.  It's a wonder she made it to adulthood!  Jennifer fared much better as an adoptee, excelling at sports, and going on to become a champion golfer for the U.K.  Despite their very different upbringing, the two have built a strong and loving relationship.  

I am not so enamoured of the weather!  We've had about 40 mms. (just over 1 1/2 inches) over the past two days.  It was quite warm yesterday but today is cool and windy.  Prior to that we had several days of hot temps.  The front flower bed is starting to look good. 

The ferns are getting huge, and the hosta (behind the bergenia) was a mere sprout two weeks ago.  The spirea bush is finally leafing out...I thought I may have pruned it too much (or perhaps it was the rabbits) as it has been quite late leafing.

On the other side of this very small garden bed, things are coming along a little more slowly.

The columbine is doing well, with several volunteer plants.  I expect it will be a week or two before I see any evidence of blooms.  The nicotiania I planted is, however, starting to show small buds!  They are most fragrant in the evening.  The dianthus is doing well and continuing to bloom, and the sunpatience (in the hanging basket) and impatience in the other container add some lovely color.  

Now if I could just get outdoors to enjoy it all!  Perhaps tomorrow as the rain is supposed to let up today with temperatures in the more normal range forecast.  Of course, mother nature may have other ideas.

In the meantime I've been spending lots of time with my grandson.  This morning, his mom went shopping with a friend for a couple of hours.  There is a local thrift shop, Once Upon a Child, that sells new and gently used children's clothing and toys.  Today was a body suit sale (onesies). She came home with a large bag containing several items for Eli and the rest to give away.  Over the past six months or so she has been gathering donated items along with a few purchases.  D sorts these and creates baskets to give away on a pay it forward Facebook page.  She offers these to single moms under the age of 23, as she feels these young women need the help most.  Thus far she's given away 40-50 hampers/baskets.  Each basket contains clothing, a few toys, sometimes baby food or formula, and something for mom as well.  It gives her a purpose, while helping other moms.  I know she feels grateful for the help I provide and she's well aware not every mom is as fortunate.

I love spending time with Eli, his personality is more defined every day.  Generally he is a very happy baby, though he has a bit of a stubborn streak when he wants his own today.  This morning, his mom put him down for a nap just before she left.  Within 15 minutes he was hollering, so I went into check...whooee that child had filled his diaper!  He didn't seem too sleepy after his diaper change so I kept him up while I made my breakfast (egg and toast) which he then shared with me.  About an hour later he was getting fussy and rubbing his eyes so I tucked him back in his crib.  Guess what?  Fifteen minutes later he was hollering again.  Up again, he played until his mom came home about an hour later.  She fed him lunch, tucked him back in bed and all has been quiet for the past 20 minutes or so.  I think he may finally be having his nap!

Good thing, as G'ma could use one too.  \

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. After weeks of dry hot weather it actually started to rain here on the island this weekend too. Your flower beds are filling in nicely. Very nice of your daughter to pay it forward - many don't have understanding parents like you and struggle just to put food on the table for their kids.

  2. I like the rain, but I always worry about flooding. A nice, steady, gentle rain is very pleasant for me, especially if I have the day off!

    Little children are as changeable as cats! But a picture of Eli always makes me smile - like pictures of cats!

  3. He is a darling and those new teefs! Love seeing them.

    I enjoyed the garden but couldn't make out the columbine. A fave of mine. I really like and appreciate what your daughter is doing. That is very nice and I know the recipients are grateful.


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