Saturday, 18 August 2018

Spin, spin, spin

I usually start the post with a title and go from there.  Today I know what I want to write about but have no clue how to title it.  So I guess I'll just start writing and see where this goes.

Have you ever been worried and stressed about something, and when it is finally resolved, you feel the weight of the world is off your shoulders?  That is a rhetorical question, as I'm sure everyone has.  Today, I'm feeling such relief that things are mostly settled with my daughter.  (48 more sleeps to moving day!)  She has booked the movers and has packing well under way.  This morning she told me she's realized that she doesn't need to keep much out, just clothing and personal items, and the toys that are currently cluttering up my living room. Yippee!

The garage is beginning to be cleared of the extra stuff.  She's taken several bags full of items to Value Village (more to go today), and consigned a bunch of toys and clothing at a local children's resale outlet.  There is a pile of boxes and bins in the garage about the size of my car that is packed and ready to be moved.  There is still lots to go though as she's brought home crap stuff that J had at his place for sale.  There are tools and blinds and god only knows what else.  I don't know if she is planning to take it with her or if she'll donate it somewhere...either way she knows it has to be out of my garage.  When I informed her of that, there was a bit of a melt-down on her part.  She has to realize my home is not a storage unit.

Knowing all of this is coming to end means I can begin return to planning for the future.  I've just over three months before I'm finished work, hooray!  Yesterday, I had breakfast with two former co-workers.  We had a wonderful visit, talking about travel (C just returned from a short trip to Ottawa and area), future travel plans (all of us), the benefits of retirement (the two of them), and a bit of work gossip. ;)  I am so looking forward to the day I join the ranks of the retirees and don't have to plan my life around the weekends and a few weeks a year.

My son C and I have been talking about his plans as he is about ready to move out as well.  He's interested in finding a condo as he is not a yard work guy, likely a one bedroom, but possibly two, with parking, and hopefully an in-suite laundry.  I don't think he cares as much about the laundry but communal space can be such a nuisance.  In his case, mom won't be the bank as he's done a great job of saving money for a very nice down payment.  I may have to co-sign, however as he is still working a term position.  By then he'll have nearly 4 years in, and he must be permed up by the 5th year.  There has been some movement of those who are temporarily positioned outside his area...fingers crossed that every one is permanently moved so there is position available for him.

I've convinced him to wait until spring for selfish reasons.  I mentioned previously that I have booked two cruises for the period after I've left the office and before I officially retire at the end of January.  Just as a reminder, the first is in early December, a 10 day western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans, with four days in NOLA before I come home, just a few days before Christmas.  The second is a 12 day out of New York to the southern Caribbean - lots of sea days at the beginning and end.

AND then...I found a 16 day re-positioning cruise on the Star Princess out of Santiago, Chile to Los Angeles, California in March.  The price was a steal even for someone travelling alone - just over 50% of what the same itinerary would cost on a different ship a week later..which wasn't a bad price itself.  Traditionally, re-positioning cruises are quite a bit less than the traditional cruises, I think because there are lots of sea days, less ports mean less port fees.  Still, there are sufficient ports on this cruise along with the sea days to make it interesting and enjoyable.  I've booked my air through the cruise line as I don't want to take the chance of not arriving in time and scrambling to get to the next port.  With Princess, if for some reason, the flights are delayed the ship will often wait or if that's not possible, they are responsible to get the guest where they need to be. 

By booking these cruises, I've taken care of most of the winter.  I suspect I'll hate the almost two months of cold weather between my return from New York and my departure for Santiago.  But there will be much to do, with readying the house for sale in the spring so I'll stay warm indoors. I'm thinking the for sale sign should go up by the beginning of May but if it is a few weeks later that will be fine.  To be honest I'm not really in a hurry to sell - the more I pay off the mortgage the more I should be able to get out of the sale proceeds.  There have been three houses on the market (with a fourth sign go up this week) in this particular neighbourhood.  Of the three, two have sold within 2-3 months, while the 3rd is my next door neighbour.  I think they are over-priced in this market and have had one price drop thus far.  Based on the size, location, and upgrades I suspect they will need to come down quite a bit more.  I do know they spent a pretty penny putting in a new driveway and garage floor but I doubt they'll recoup those costs.

I'm not making any definitive plans beyond spring 2019.  When I move to the island is truly dependent on the sale of the house, my son finding a condo of his own, and the availability of property where I want to be.  There was a perfect condo that went up for sale this summer, but of course, I'm not ready.  Hopefully when I am ready I'll find something similar.  

In the meantime I'm enjoying the time I get to spend with Eli.  At this moment, he's off visiting with his mom at a friend's home.  They had planned to go to the spray park but her 2 1/2 year old woke up with a cough this morning.  She also has a little one a month or two older than Eli.  I bet they are having a blast!  

The little stinker has learned some new tricks this week.   On Thursday, D called me at work to tell me that she heard some noises in the kitchen and went to see what was happening.  She found Eli sitting on the table eating from the cat food dishes!  We had been putting the dishes on the table out of his reach.  No they are on the counter, which so far he hasn't figured out.

From these photos you can see he has mastered climbing onto the chair.  From there it is an easy transfer from the chair to the top of the table.  

His mom scolds him, saying "feet don't belong where we eat".  He doesn't seem to care...but of course, he has his own high chair with a tray.  

His climbing doesn't end with the kitchen table though.  He discovered that if he moves a stool to the back of the couch, he can climb over the back, onto the couch, scoot off the front of the couch, race around to the back and do it again.  And again, and again, and again.  It's quite the game!

This little monkey has no fear.  

The other trick he learned is spinning.  He'll stand in the middle of the living room and spin until he's dizzy.  Then he tries to walk and it's a hoot watching him stagger around. You'd think it would be uncomfortable but he seems to enjoy it.  I've had vertigo before...I can state that I don't enjoy it at all. 

Okay, I've got my title now.  Things are moving along with D and Eli's move, the days are growing fewer to my vacation and retirement, and little Eli...well, he just getting bigger and smarter and if I say so myself, cuter by the day.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. That's a lot packed into your update! The post title definitely is appropriate, for many reasons.

    I'm glad things are progressing well with your daughter's move. If there is a Habitat for Humanity store in your area, she could consider donating to them as well. I donated all my power tools and leftover building materials and they picked them up happily, no charge. They've since moved to a larger store and I see that they take couches, other furniture and house stuff now too.

    Regarding a condo for your son, I'm sure you already know this, but make sure he asks about outstanding repairs to be done and whether or not any special assessments have been made in the past. That can be an unwelcome surprise of thousands of dollars.

    As for your trips... Wow! Something to look forward to. 🙂

    BTW, I wasn't sure if you were planning to move to the Island after Eli made his appearance, so I'm glad you haven't given up that dream, that intention.

    Take care, this Sunday and have a good week!

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan! I can't recall where on the island you were thinking of moving but waiting to sell before buying something is definitely the right way to go. There will always be another condo, maybe one even better

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  4. Once again I'm late in getting to read your story, but it was worth the wait. I can tell that you are rather excited at the prospect both of your daughter moving out and of retiring. What a wonderful dream, retirement. And you phrased it perfectly: not having to plan your life around weekends and a few weeks a year. I know exactly how that feels.

    Ah, to have the energy of a child. I chuckled over Eli's 'dizzy' game. I did the same thing when I was a boy, though I was older than Eli when I played it. It may be the novelty of not being able to control your movements, which he would probably only think is fun now that he is old enough actually to control them most of the time.

    It sounds like things are moving in the right direction for you.

    (I deleted this the first time I wrote it due to spelling errors. Two of them!)


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