Sunday 26 August 2018

Weekend wrap-up

This will be another boring post*, where not much is new and I'm simply documenting the mundane and benign moments of my life.  Of course, there will be a little of Eli...which makes it much more fun!  In fact, why don't I just start there?  That way, if you choose you can read this portion of the blog and skip the rest.  I'm thoughtful that way. :)

Eli is rapidly approaching the 18 month mark (September 2), and is way smarter and creative than most.  Of course, he's the only nearly 18 month old I know so I might be a bit biased.  

But just look at that face (hidden by the sunglasses as it may be), is that not a bright looking boy?  I call this his gangster look ...he loves G'ma's sunglasses and if I don't tuck them in my purse, they disappear with a little help from him.

This week he's continued to discover climbing.  I hear him giggling in the sun room and spotted him on the cat tree earlier this week.  Sheldon was hiding, or rather attempting to hide, in the top of the tree.  Eli climbed up and when I first saw him was leaning into the little house talking to Sheldon.  When he saw me, he showed me how he climb down safely on his own.

Eli has also discovered he can reach the telephone on the counter.  We'll occasionally find him with the phone to his far he hasn't figured out how to dial it.  Good thing I have a good long distance plan for when he does.  

The next thing up is doors.  A few nights ago, D and I were watching television in the living room when we heard the door handle turning in the front hall.  We found Eli there, standing in his little shopping cart trying to open the door.  Thankfully it opens inward so he and the cart were in the way.  The door to the garage is another matter as it opens up from the front hall into the garage but so far he hasn't tried it.  There is a lock at the top of the door left over from the previous owners.  They ran a foster home so I suspect it was needed then.  And I'm guessing we'll be using it soon too.

However, as we learned this weekend his ability to climb can be dangerous as well.  I was making dinner on Saturday night, D was in the garage on her phone in an argument with J (a far too frequent occurrence), and Eli was quiet.  I went looking for him and found him in the bathroom sink.  I took a quick pic on my phone and sent it to D as the pizzas had just come out of the oven.  I wanted to cut them and get rid of the pans as they were hot and within Eli's reach.  Not seconds later I heard the water running in the bathroom and a yell from Eli.  I rushed to the bathroom, followed quickly by D, and my son C.  He had turned the hot water tap on and was trying mightily to get himself out.  I pulled Eli out of the sink and we stripped him of his pants.  Both his legs were red but it turned out we were fortunate as only his one foot was scalded.  With lots of aloe vera, a soaking of tea, and some Motrin for the pain, he was back playing within the hour.  That first giggle was wonderful to hear.

He slept well during the night and this morning there is one large blister on the side of his foot, the others have popped and are healing up nicely.  It always amazes me how quickly little ones heal.  He hasn't shown any discomfort at all, and when D slathered some aloe vera on his foot he giggled as it felt cool.  

His vocabulary is growing as well.  Apple and football were two new words I heard this week.  I still love hearing him babble, and watching him get excited about his bath, ice cream, and Sheldon.  He really loves that cat, even if Sheldon is less enthusiastic about him. Eli is definitely a ray of sunshine in our lives and I'll miss having him here everyday.  Though I won't miss the mess that accompanies his progress.  Well, not a lot anyway.

Okay, onto the mundane.  Friday was ordinary with a nail appointment, grocery shopping and dinner with friends.  The only thing out of the ordinary was how quickly the temperature dropped that evening.  It was 32C in the afternoon, and cooled off to 15C by the time we left the restaurant at 7:30 p.m.  With the wind, it actually felt "cold".  Of course, it's not and at another time the temp would feel balmy.  Just not then!

Saturday meant housework.  I'd done my laundry on Friday but hadn't  put things away.  Oh that reminds me, I did make a quick stop at Value Village last weekend and found two pairs of denim capris for $16, one of which were brand new with tags at an original cost of $30. I had a pair I'd bought in the States several years ago which have worn thin...good enough for putzing around the house but I can't go out in them. 

I spent a good part of the morning cleaning the kitchen.  D was busy baking this week, buns and cookies.  While she is an excellent baker she's a lousy cleaner-upper.  There was flour spilled down the front of the cabinets, the counters hadn't been properly wiped down of sugar and flour, and the floor badly needed a scrub.  In the midst of these chores, D got a message from a woman interested in buying my kitchen table and chairs on Facebook Marketplace.  We'd had it listed on Varage sale; although we had one couple take a look, there wasn't much interest except for one low ball offer.  D posted it this morning, the woman and her son were here less than two hours later and I had the money in my hand just minutes later.  

They bought for the son and his wife, who have recently returned to Canada from South America.  They spent 15 years there, mostly in Brazil and Argentina as missionaries.  Their mom, who I'm guessing paid for the table, lives here.  The family is moving to Brandon to work with the Spanish community there.  I wouldn't have realized there would be that many Spanish speakers there but apparently there is.  They were both very nice people, and we had quite the visit as D and the son took the table apart and moved the pieces out to the van.

I chose to put this up for sale now, mostly because my daughter is so much better at posting items for sale, and the table was a heavy beast so having her help the purchasers was much appreciated.  In addition, it's one less thing (well, seven when you count the six chairs) that I'll eventually have to move.

The space looks bare now and the kitchen looks twice the size it once was.  I've moved a card table into the spot for the time being and covered it with a table cloth.  We don't often have sit down family dinners - generally we grab a plate and eat in the living room, though if Eli is having his meal, G'ma does join him. 

Sunday, has been much less busy.  I got up early, before anyone else, other than the cats, was stirring.  After feeding the clamoring hordes, I made a pot of coffee and put away the dishes that I'd left drying last night.  It is so lovely to sit in the peace and quiet.  It won't be much longer before that is the norm.

It is a cool day here, with clouds and possible rain forecast for later in the day.  Today is the final round of the LPGA which is being held at the Wascana Golf Club here in Regina.  I have no intention of going to the course, but will watch some of it on television.  There is vacuuming to be done and the living room floor needs to be scrubbed at some point too.  Don't you wish that housework would just stay done?  I do!

Have a great week everyone! 

*I started writing this prior to the excitement of Saturday evening but decided to leave it as originally written.


  1. Yikes! Poor Eli, that sure would have hurt. I'm glad he was okay, though, and has healed quickly. Yes, it's amazing how speedy healing is in the young. Good thing, too!

    Congrats on selling your table/chairs! And on the V. V. capris. I do love a bargain--even better when you find a brand-new item!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good week ahead, with no Eli mishaps.

  2. Geez, it seems like children Eli's age always have to burn themselves at least once. I'm happy it wasn't serious. I recall my nephew pulled some hot coffee or perhaps tea onto himself at about the same age. Yikes. Even faster than the physical healing seems to be the emotional healing. Children can be back at doing the same thing that got them hurt shortly after a mishap. As I wrote, I'm happy the outcome wasn't serious.

  3. I enjoyed every word here and it is good to be back. You say "mundane" events of life. My gosh, that's life though. Life offers us rare fiction-book exciting, which is a good thing when you think of it..😊 and I loved this glimpse into a normal natural world. I wish I had that table and chairs myself. The one set I have is looking mighty creaky and tired.
    The event with Eli just shows us all over again how you cannot leave them by themselves, the wee rascals. Bless his heart. But all is well now.
    Have a great rest of the day! I'd enjoy reading all about it.

  4. I was thinking of my own grandson and his propensity of getting into everything belonging to, tunnel, food, litter..if it's hers...he has to sample it one way or another. :-)


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