Monday 3 September 2018

Random weekend wrap-up

Another quiet week capped off by a long weekend for Labour Day (or Labor Day).  Of course, since I don't work Friday's any more, every weekend is really a long weekend.  I must admit though that I've become so accustomed to the 3 day weekends that it takes a 4 day to feel like a true long weekend.

Friday morning, I took Eli and his mom with me when I went grocery shopping.  Bad idea!  The pocketbook took a bigger hit than I would have liked.  But I did score nearly 200 AirMiles so there is that.  After our visit to Safeway, we headed over to Costco.  Another bad idea!  Friday morning at Costco is the very definition of hell on earth.  The place is/was packed with whole families, I guess because it was the last Friday before school, no one paying any attention to their cart or their children, and stopping willy-nilly to check out the over-sized and over-packaged products.  

So why did I go there?  Well, they had toilet paper on sale, toilet bowl cleaner, and one other item that I can't remember.  Add to that the book I bought, the sleeper for Eli, and a couple other items my daughter convince me we needed...I need to learn to avoid that place or go on my own.  

Friday night dinner was the regular crowd - it was also the day after C's 51st birthday.  I hadn't remembered (not having b'days of my own anymore I rarely remember anyone else's) and only realized when he picked out a piece of cheesecake for dessert.  While he often gets "dessert" it is usually a bowl of soup.  While C went off to the washroom, N asked the waiter to add a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday when he returned.  He was a little embarrassed but I think he was pleased too.  K and T picked up his tab, though he hadn't learned that when I left.  Next year, I'll have to try to remember to bring at least a card!

Saturday was one of those days, starting and stopping various activities until, at least, some of them were done. I wanted to clean out the car but I couldn't find the extension cord in the garage. (OMG, my garage....I have to remember just over 30 days to moving day).  So I went around back to get the one off the mower.  That reminded me the grass needed to be mowed.  I took care of that before heading back to the front yard with the cord.  I noticed the containers needed watering so took care of that before I went back to the car.  I discovered the cord wouldn't work, as I needed a three prong for my wet/dry vac and the extension cord on the mower was a two prong.  That precipitated a shopping trip to the nearby Walmart.  I got a new extension cord - I expect the old one will show up later once the garage is cleared out, and added several other items to the basket.  Of course I did!  Apparently shopping with D and Eli isn't the problem, I am.  

On the way home, I remembered to stop at Rona and pick up my gift cards - just over $80 worth as a consolation for the crappy paint I had purchased. I checked out a stack of wooden crates - $11/per box - and decided they are just too pricey.  (Seriously, this after I'd spent a fortune at Costco the day before).I've seen some absolutely awesome ideas for them on Pinterest.  My favorite is the coffee table seen below.  (Picture courtesy of via Pinterest.  

The crates are attached to a piece of plywood with caster wheels on the bottom to make it easy to move. These boxes are stained but could have been just as easily painted out.  Hmmm, looking at it here...I may have to re-think spending some of the $80 I have in gift cards. Or maybe I'll wait until I move, as gift cards no longer have expiry dates.  That actually seems like a better idea as I'm annoyed with the local store...I'll spend my money in a different location. Of course, I probably won't be able to find the crates then. 

Since I was out I decided to check out Winners because I had run out of the cleaner for my glass top stove.  I purchase the cleaner at Winners as they generally have it in store in a fair sized bottle and I never seem to be able to find it elsewhere.  Of course, while I was there I wandered around for awhile.  I picked up a pumpkin vanilla candle and two small notebook sized day planners.  One is for me, the other for my daughter and cover the period August 2018 to December 2019.  I'm horrible at remembering appointments so I'm hoping I'll remember to use this book.  I know, I know, I can input appointments into the calendar on my phone but that would mean I would have to remember to have the ringer turned on so I would hear the ping.

I did eventually make it home without spending (much) more money.  After a bite to eat, I headed back outdoors to clean up the car.  I was almost through doing that when D brought the phone out to me.  On the line was my friend C, who I haven't seen in almost a year.  She was in town, had her son R with her, and was asking if she could come for a visit.  I thought about that for a nanosecond, and said no as my house is a total disaster area.  But I did suggest we meet at the nearby Tim Hortons' for coffee.  I cleaned up and headed out for a good visit.  

R is now 10, wishing summer was shorter - he loves school, and nearly as tall as I am.  Which isn't saying much since I'm only 5'2"....his mom is even shorter. When R was about 4 years old, C and I had him with me while we visited garage sales on a Saturday.  As we left one location, he asked his mom to compromise.  He really, really wanted something - I don't remember what.  I laughed at the big word and told him, he didn't want mom to compromise, he wanted his way.  I reminded him of that time at our visit, and said the word you were looking for was capitulate.  He hadn't heard that one before, so I gave him the definition and I'm sure he'll find a way to use it in the future.

C is doing reasonably well.  She met a fellow about a year ago (on the internet) and after a few weeks moved to be with him on a farm about 2 hours from Regina. The relationship has had its ups and downs but she says they are making it work, she has a good job in another community, and really enjoys all the animals.  They have pigs, sheep, and llamas - her favorite is a 250 pound boar!  It was good to get together and visit - hopefully it won't be a year before we get together again. I did promise her a visit once my house is clean again.

Sunday was a more relaxing day. I did a bit of housework, read, and played on my computer for most of the day.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders had their Labour Day game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  They won, so that was the real highlight of the day.

Today, I got more housework done, including scrubbing the kitchen and living room floors.  It was desperately needed as master Eli is very good at dropping bits of food, and his mother is not very good at cleaning it up. Sigh....just over 30 days to go.  (Yes, I know I've mentioned that before...I'm surprised it isn't every second sentence).  I also put a meatloaf in the oven and made up a batch of taco meat for salads and wraps. While the meatloaf was cooking, Eli and I played in the sunroom.  He decided to try crawling through the cat tunnel, managed to fall over and bang his cheek.  He is carrying the mark on his face as a result.  He cried for maybe a minute then was smiling when he found a little wooden toy.  Tough kid!  

At the moment, the football is on - this time the Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos to be followed by Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Ti-Cats.  I'll probably not move from my chair for most of the afternoon and evening. For me, it's a great way to cap off a long weekend.

I'll end this post now by sharing a couple of photos taken by N, in their garden earlier this week.  N is a phenomenal amateur photographer.  He said that the hummingbird was so intent on the flowers that he was able to get up and go indoors to get his camera equipment, come back out and set it up, and take several dozen photos.  The hummer must have been very hungry!

The next photo is my favorite of the 8 or so he sent me. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. First, those hummingbird photos are utterly amazing! Wow!!! I hope he submits or sells his work.

    As for your weekend, oh, I couldn't help but laugh over all the shopping and the spending money. I can so relate. One thing leads to another, just as in renos. 😁

    BTW, in 30+ days you will be missing your grandson. Happy to have your house and garage back, but missing Eli. (As is to be expected!)

    You have a great week too. It will be especially short for you!


  2. Your quiet week seemed pretty busy. I am not a member of Costco, though I buy Tucker’s insulin there, which you can do even if you’re not a member. (How is that for an advancement in medicinal availability: buying insulin at Costco…) That place always seems a madhouse. I went there on the Sunday of the long weekend, and because I was just going to the pharmacy, I wasn’t long delayed, but there were line-ups practically out the door.

    I love the hummingbird photos; that flower made a perfect background; so vibrant. What an astonishing little creature that bird is. N did a great job.

  3. I loved every word. I wish I lived in the neighborhood. I'd enjoy becoming a friend if that worked out. However, as I am not..I will enjoy what I read here. And I sure do.


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