Sunday 16 September 2018

What to say...

I've written two posts today and erased them both.  Nothing of real interest has been happening here.  We're continuing the packing (just 19 sleeps to moving day!), so my house looks horrendous with boxes half packed and items scattered about as Eli helps unpack.  He's going to be a great helper on the other end of this.  His newest favorite toy is a cheese grater.  It makes a very cool noise when it is banged against the stove, the television stand, the lamp on the side table....well, you get the picture.

D has packed away most of his toys and I've noticed he doesn't seem to be missing them. Well, except for his ride-on police car.  He tried very hard to pull it out of the box before she moved it out to the garage.  There is a small toy box of items that will stay behind so he'll have something to play with at G'ma's.  I hope she'll learn from this and not put everything out for him at the new house.  It will be like Christmas when she brings out a new box.  AND, if she gets rid of the broken and outgrown items each time, she should be able to keep things under control.  To be honest, I'm doubtful that will happen.

On another note, I had to take my car in for some work this week.  I'd noticed a noise from the front end and a bit of shimmying.  The tech thought it might be a bearing, but when they took it out for a drive they couldn't hear the noise.  Of course not!  However, the mechanic did find that my brakes on the front right were seizing...something about calipers and brake pads, that they thought might be causing the sound I was hearing.  It was a bit of an unexpected expense though I was expecting something needed to be fixed, and something that could not wait.  Heaven forbid, that my brakes failed when I'm driving Eli out to Melville on moving day.

D's decided that I should take Eli away from the house while the truck is being loaded.  I agree, though I'm not sure what we'll do for the 2 hours.  I am planning to drop into the office, as there are several co-workers who would like to meet the little guy.  They've seen many of G'ma's brag photos!  Then I'll take him somewhere for a bite of breakfast before we head to Melville.  He'll be staying with D's friend A while the movers unload.  He loves to play with her little boy so hopefully he's not too upset when I drop him off.

I'll admit it, I'm going to miss my little sports watching buddy.  Today, the mixed doubles in curling was re-broadcast (it was live in the middle of the night as the game was played in China). Eli used to sit with me last winter/early spring while I watched curling and I didn't think he'd remember.  Well, when I turned to the curling he came skidding to a stop in front of the television and stood there mesmerized through the first end.  

His mother suggests I am brainwashing the child.  I say I'm training him right.  :)  Either way, this child enjoys watching sports.  He's a big fan of football - he'll even point it out when an ad comes on.  Eli and D also watch gymnastics together.  I know she plans to take him to the gym in the next town over for classes.  He's certainly got the flexibility and energy for it!

He's also demonstrating his talents in finding his nose and mine though he does have a tendency to poke his finger up my nose.  Ew!  Next up, mouth, ears, and eyes.  New words this week include thirsty and shirt. I suspect to the unaccustomed ear it probably sounds like gibberish but for the most part we understand him.

My thoughts and best wishes are going out to those currently affected by the storms in North and South Carolina, in the Philippines and China.  I cannot fathom the devastation that so many are facing.  Beyond the loss of life, of which there are far too many, there will be so many more who will have lost their homes and possessions.  It cannot be easy.

While I may grouse about the mess in my home and express my annoyance with my daughter, I'm truly grateful for my family and my life.  It is a reminder that I am truly blessed.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Eli entranced with the curling is so cute. :-)

    I don't think I want to imagine the chaos of packing, but of course the up side is that at least it's not your stuff that's being packed (at this time). I'm a lousy packer, if or when I ever do move, I hope I can hire movers! Or that by then I will have pared down my possessions to a few boxes. :-D

    Take care, have a good week!

  2. It's funny what children will be interested in, and how much it will interest them. Will they retain that interest as they age? Who can say? I recall that I was a big sports fan when a little boy, but lost all interest in it later on. Yet I remember writing short stories when I was in grade one and two, and I still love doing it.

    Moving is an ordeal no matter what. Even if it is just a matter of having everything lying about, half in, half out, the disruption...horrible. Let's hope everything goes smoothly with the big move.

  3. I hope too that all goers well with the move. You will truly miss Eli. And Sheldon.


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