Sunday 30 September 2018

Beginnings and endings

The countdown continues!  We are less than a week away from moving day and the packing is nearing the panic point.  This morning, D is busily packing up the masses amounts of clothing from both her and Eli's rooms.  The sheer volume amazes me.  She's already filled two large suitcases, two 2 cubic foot boxes (one for shoes), and is now working on a third, plus a smaller box.  One of the boxes is filled with items from when Eli was a baby; his first sleeper G'ma bought him, his first pair of sweatpants, his first pair of two piece pj's, so on and so forth.  I suggested she might want to limit the "firsts" to one or two special outfits, but was immediately rebuked that they all have sentimental value.  That may be true, but sadly there will come a time when no one wants those items. I know this because I have a box of items from my children's early years.  D used her first sleeper and a few of the receiving blankets for Eli, but the outfits mean nothing to either of them.  Sentiment is a lovely thing but it only lasts as long as the owner of it.

I suppose when I start the packing up here I'll find I have far too much clothing as well. I do intend to rid myself of most of my work clothing.  I'll keep a couple of pair of dress slacks, dressy blouses and sweaters, specifically for those times when I need to attend a formal event (rarely) or funeral (if this year is any indication more frequently).  I also have clothing that is specific to cruising, which I plan to use for several years yet.  Then there are the everyday items...yes I suspect I have more than I need as well.

This reminds me of a story one of my co-workers told us this week.  She is currently in the middle of helping her parents move from the farm to the city.  She and her brother were helping with the sorting and packing one weekend, and discovered her father had nearly 200 pairs of socks, 150 dress shirts, and a similar number of belts.  (If she told us how many pair of pants he had I don't remember though I suppose there must have been at least as many).  They also found three decanter sets in the china cabinet, though neither of their parents drink.  It turns out Dad is a habitual auction sale attendee and has the purchases to show for it.  They have moved some of the items to her garage here in Regina, but at least five loads were taken directly to the dump.  I don't think they've told him so hopefully he has a short memory as well.

By the way, Carole, I never did get to those closets last weekend.  I don't remember what I did instead.  

This week I made the call to the Pension Centre and by Friday, I had my paperwork in hand.  I left the envelope unopened on the island until today, when I had a few minutes to review it.  I got about half-way through the letter and decided it is a job best left to a time without interruptions.  The documents won't be looked at by the Pension folks until I actually retire so there is no hurry.  There is a reminder they need the official notice of the acceptance of my retirement notice.  I'll submit the notice of retirement tomorrow or Tuesday, and should have the official response shortly thereafter.

It will be an interesting week, as I'm in the training room for much of the week with two new employees.  I'll be doing their orientation for the first couple of days, then we'll be joined by a few other more recent hires (last fall) to review material I've developed especially for this session at the request of my manager.  It is nice to be able to share some of the knowledge I've acquired in the past 21 years, though whether it sticks I'll never know.

There is some likelihood that my replacement will be named by the end of October.  That would give me some opportunity to spend some time with her/him and hopefully give them a good start.  I've also been asked to attend a learning circle with the new supervisors and share some of the lessons I've learned.  The timing of that will depend on when the individuals are appointed.  

There are a mere nine weeks left before my final day in the office.  The jar last week held just four marbles, one of which will be pulled when I get to work tomorrow morning.  Bum-in-seat days total about 32.  I'm not yet down to counting hours and minutes but I suspect that won't be long in coming!


This week Eli reaches his 19 month milestone.  I see the little boy he is becoming everyday.  He's recently come to understand that G'ma's television has the capability of rewinding his favorite show, Paw Patrol.  If his mother or I happen to be in another room, he'll bring the remote to one of us when the show ends.  As a result, he watches the same episode several times before the 2 hour time limit ends that option.

Friday marked the end of life for my brother's mother-in-law, Phyllis.  She had fallen at home and was unable to get up on her own.  Her daughter L found her and Phyllis was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago.  I don't believe anyone thought she was near death though.  In fact, Thursday evening she was visiting with her grandson M, joking with the nurse, and complaining about her doctor.  All was normal.  But the following day she was to be released from hospital and moved to a nursing home.  She definitely was against that idea, and I have to wonder if she simply willed herself to die that night.  The nurses checked on her at 4:30 a.m., she was sleeping peacefully, but when they went in again at 5:30 a.m. she was gone.  As my brother said, she checked herself out on her own terms.

Fall is full on here now, with the leaves rapidly turning yellow.  We've had frost in the morning most days this past week and more forecast this week.  It's a bit unusual as we would normally see some warmer days at this time but perhaps they'll come a little later in October.  I cleared out several containers yesterday but left the geraniums as they are still going strong.  I planted three mums in the front containers - I'm sure my neighbours think I'm beyond mad but they should last a few more weeks.

I have lots yet to do, moving all the critters and the other garden items to the back shed.  Perhaps this afternoon after the Riders football game.  Playoffs are nearing and they can't possibly win without my cheering them on, right?  Oh, and there is curling too.  It's a wonder I got any chores done this weekend. :)

Have a great week everyone! I'll likely be late posting next weekend but will be certain to update on the move.  


  1. My condolences to all on Phyllis' passing. That would be a bit of a shock for her daughter and the family, though I suppose, as you wrote, she left on her own terms, with presumably no or little suffering.

    Good luck to you and your daughter re: the remainder of the packing and the move. (I'm itching to toss everything via donation, etc. LOL. Maybe that should be my second "career", once I'm retired!)

    And as for your impending retirement...I can't believe it's almost upon you! I don't even remember how many years I've been following your blog, but it seemed so very far away when you first mentioned it. Time flies...whether you're having fun or not! :-)

    Good luck this week at work (and with life in general). My dad and his wife are here till Tuesday, so my work week will be short--just as well, since I'm exhausted. LOL.

    Take care.

  2. Wow, so little time left before you retire! That's great! We downsized my Mom about 4 years ago when she moved into our condo. Was previously a bit of a hoarder...but she doesn't seem that way any more. If she even mentions getting rid of something I take it from the premises to sell or give away or trash if necessary. It comes as a big relief, that is for sure. She does hoard cleaners (funny because she hates cleaning) but now I drive her to all her shopping so can remind her of the 900 cleaners under her kitchen sink if she tries and buys more. I am the opposite, see almost no sentimentality with anything. I guess I got tired of the clutter when I was a kid

  3. I'm late in reading up on your adventures. Forgive me. Time is being used up by work, cats and, now and then, sleep.

    I was sorry to read about Phyllis. Though she may have willed herself gone, I can't help thinking she had a little more time left. But then, we go when God decides, not when we do. He just lets us think we do.

    Nine weeks until retirement! What a change this will be, but entirely good. What freedom you will have!


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