Sunday 23 September 2018

Say it isn't snow!

Yikes, what happened to the warm, sunny days of autumn?  We've had frost the last couple of nights and today (Saturday) is supposed to bring a mix of rain and snow.  So far, thankfully the moisture is falling as rain and a bit of sleet.  I'm not ready for the potential of snow!

Edited to add this photo.  My brother was on his way out to the lake to winterize the boat.  Yikes!

However, I know I ought not whine so much when I consider the storm that tore through the communities of Dunrobin in Ontario and Gatineau in Quebec yesterday.  As the news reports have said the devastation is hard to fathom.  So many homes, businesses, and vehicles have been damaged, and at least two residents are in hospital with life-threatening injuries.  The clean up has started but will be weeks or months before anyone is back in their homes.  For certain, the lives of many have been changed forever.  

D took Eli to Melville this week to visit her friend A (and children).  Tuesday was A's birthday so D made a lasagna and some cookies to share.  They were \
planning to be there until Thursday but D decided to come home early, on Wednesday evening.  Eli wasn't able to sleep well, as he was sharing a room with Knox, who was teething. D said she ended up sleeping with Eli on a couch, with the baby resting (as well as he could) on top of his mom.  Things didn't improve on Wednesday either, as neither baby slept more than 20 minutes.  She eventually decided coming back here was the best decision...and then the little stinker didn't sleep for the entire 90 minute drive.  He did, however, spend a little time with G'ma before he was ready for a good night's sleep.  

D has decided she'll allow Eli to sleep in her bedroom for the first few nights in their new home.  We are going to set up his crib as a toddler bed (with the side down) as he getting to the point where he is trying to climb out on his own.  He's late in comparison to his mom; she was climbing out of her crib before she was 18 months old!  She'd scale the side, swing over the top and slide down the bars to the floor.  I'd wake up with a toddler next to bed asking to be let up.  Yes, she was destined to be a gymnast!  Eli is slightly less adventurous but demonstrates his climbing skills daily.  He no longer needs an assist to get onto the couch. 

It's now Sunday, I've been awake since 5:30 and out of bed since 6 as a certain elderly cat insisted on being fed.  He has taken to sniffing my ears and even licking my face.  I don't know what wakes me up faster, the tickle of whiskers or the rasp of his tongue.  Either way, there is no sleeping beyond that point.  

It's been a relatively quiet weekend, with some errands run, some housework done, and a bit of cooking for the week ahead.  I'm in my soup phase again, this week was a macaroni meatball version. I made enough for lunches for most of the week for both Eli and me.  I also made up some taco meat for wraps and salads.  It makes getting ready for work in the morning so much easier.  With a container of carrots, a piece of fruit and sometimes a biscuit or bagel I have a satisfying lunch.  I generally take yoghurt with cereal (either bran or granola) for breakfast. 

Oh, I should mention the procedure I had this week.  It was follow gastroscopy to one I had in June.  I never heard back from the doctor after the first and suspect I won't this time either.  He was a little upset with me because I mentioned I didn't always take the prescription he gave me.  First, because I often forget - I rarely take medicine and only when I have to, and second, because the research I did indicated this drug can cause kidney problems.  I have been diagnosed with GERD.  He has also suggested I cut out caffeine from my response was a resounding "no".  I have at different times cut back but it has had no real effect.  To be honest, I suspect if I were to lose 40-50 pounds of excess weight the issue would resolve on its own.  It's a goal I plan to tackle in the upcoming months.

Well, I should get to today's chores.  I was hoping to get outside, and may still do so, to start pulling plants from the containers.  It froze again last night and it looks like we'll get more rain today.  In the meantime there are a couple of closets that I want to tackle (thank you Carole for the inspiration), and fridge and freezer need a good clear out.  

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Is it Pantaloc he wanted you take? I've been on a high dose for 2 years now and it's NOT good. My attempts to cut back to 20 mg per day have failed, the ensuing discomfort is pretty high, I can't function. Like you, giving up caffeine is unrealistic. And like you, if I lost 40 or 50 pounds, that might resolve the issue, or certainly help. (Though I know two skinny people on the meds too.) I wish you good luck!

    Have fun clearing things out! I'd come over and help if I were close; you probably know by now it's one of favourite things to do. :-D

    Wishing you a good week ahead, with sunshine and warm temps!

  2. I assume that not hearing from the doctor means good news. I don’t really like that policy but I suppose it saves the doctors time, and their time is more important to them than their patients’ peace of mind. But he’s right about caffeine; that stuff does no one any good.

    Your brother was a bit late in winterizing his boat, I think… Tornadoes in the Ottawa district are rare, are they not? Even bad wind-storms are rare. What is it with the weather? Clearly, something is going on with the climate.

    The description of D climbing out of her crib as a toddler gave me a chuckle. Such an exercise must provide children with one of their first practical puzzles of movement. Crawling and walking are instinctive, but climbing from a crib takes planning - and courage!

    Stay warm there, and I hope to read of more autumnal weather from your part of the world next week.

  3. I smiled, on accounta I got rid of all 4 leaf and lawn trash bags.(those big gigantic dark green suckers)...filled to the brim AND a good vacuum that I no longer use as I have the best vacuum ever made now. I'll give away the good one I had used. The whole house heaved many sighs of happiness and breathed so much easier getting rid of all that stuff. I have more to go but I will do that by and by.

    My middle boy as a baby, the teacher one, climbed out of his crib worse than the others and came rustling into the bedroom at night in his Pampers and Dr. Denton's..asked to get into side of the bed). When he wasn't doing that he'd go into the bathroom, turn on the faucet at a low drip...wet toilet paper and put it on his little chest. Said his chest was too warm.


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