Saturday 8 September 2018

Best laid plans

Thankfully, nothing major has occurred to upset the plans for D's move, or my rapidly impending retirement.  On that accord, I'm 189 days away from official retirement, 82 days from my planned last day in the office, and a mere 44 "bum-in-seat" days when I actually have to be in the office. That last number may actually be 43 as I'm not certain I'll be in shape to go into the office on Monday.

You see, I had a bit of an accident yesterday.  Sasha was hollering from the basement as he couldn't get past the baby gate at the top of the stairs.  I leaned over the gate to encourage him to come up a step or two...and then the gate gave way and I did a Jack (and Jill) tumble down the stairs.  It is amazing how long that trip seemed to take as I was falling, and I had absolutely no control over my movements.  As I lay there at the bottom of the stairs, face planted into the carpet with the rest of my body at various angles on the stairs I first took note that nothing really seemed to hurt much.  

By the time I got to my feet (that took a minute or two) that wasn't the case.  But I got away lucky as nothing is broken, though most of my body is sore and bruised.  My right shoulder seems to have gotten the worst of it.  I think I might have hit the railing on the way down but I'm not certain. The entire cap of the shoulder is sore, though I have no problem rotating it or lifting my arm. Lifting anything heavy causes some pain but mostly discomfort.  I have a scrape on the top of my foot, a large bruise on my left knee, a knot on my left hip, and my ribs hurt if I cough or laugh.  I'm feeling it in my lower back as well. I keep trying to envision how I could have fallen/bounced/somersaulted down the stairs to have caused this damage and I can't picture it. I assume I did though, due to the variety of points of injury.

Anyway, if I'm still feeling stiff and sore on Monday I may take an extra day off to recover.

My brother sent me this photo taken at the farm.  I suspect this is above his farmyard on the hills of the Qu'Appelle valley.  Yes, fall has arrived here in Saskatchewan no matter what the calendar says - we even had a frost the other night, though it was just below freezing so that I only lost a single begonia...even the ivy made it through.  No frost in the forecast, at least for the next seven days, but the plants are starting to get leggy looking and going to seed.  I've decided I'll start pulling things out over the next few weeks.  

I did pick up three mums yesterday at Rona. I know I said I didn't want to shop there, but they had six inch pots for $2.50 a piece.  That's a price I couldn't resist.  I'll transfer them to the three pots in front of the house to replace the straggly looking petunias.  They'll provide a bit of fall colors for a few weeks before the frost takes them too.

Packing is continuing to be done though at a slower pace.  I've convinced D that tomorrow, we'll finish the packing in the basement, next weekend will be the kitchen, the front hall closet, and the cupboards with linens and cleaners.  The next weekend we'll focus on her and Eli's bedrooms ...then the following weekend will be moving day!  

I expect I'll hear from the insurance broker (he was also the mortgage broker) in the next week or so, as we'll need to get the insurance set up.  Next up will be the call from the lawyer to sign the final paperwork to transfer title, pay the remainder of the deposit and of course, the associated legal fees.  

Finally, I need to set up accounts for the utilities.  They will be in my name but D's name will be on the accounts in case she needs to call for service.  It wouldn't be good if something went wrong while I'm out of country.  

This move has already been a lot of work for me and I'm not even moving!

Finally, I'll end with another photo of Eli.  This was taken early one morning this week.  

I was getting ready for work when he woke his mom up.  He came busting into the kitchen hollering "cookie" in the style of Cookie monster from Sesame Street and pointing to the cupboard where his cookies are kept.  G'ma couldn't resist his cuteness so he got a cookie for breakfast. :)  His mom can un-spoil him when they move, right?

I chuckled at this shot, as he rode his police car ride-on up to his cart and pushed it closer to the television.  Sort of looks like one of the grocery store motorized carts doesn't it?  Or maybe he was stopping the cart for some infraction. 

Either way, he brought a smile to my face before I headed out to work that morning.  He keeps getting bigger and smarter every day.  Today his new word was shirt, he watched football with G-ma and cheered for the touchdowns, and we read "Hickory Dickory Dock" about forty-three times.  I might be exaggerating on that last part but it was close.  I'm making up for the times I missed out with my own children and getting my fill before they move.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Here's to an uneventful week ahead.  


  1. Oh, my goodness! That fall was scary -- I think about that, living alone. I'm glad nothing was broken, but don't be foolish or shrug off seemingly minor injuries. If you feel worse at time progresses (not counting the next few days!), please see your doctor. Years ago, when I fell down my few outside steps, on my back, I sustained some sort of permanent soft-tissue (?) injury. That was about a decade ago and unless I'm careful, it will act up. I never bothered to go to my doctor, which probably was a mistake in hindsight. Anyway, just a caution! We (the boys and I) wish you speedy healing!

  2. So glad you bounced rather than broke. I had a bounce this summer too in the berry patch. A few scratches and a bit of blood later was able to scrape myself up lol. Eli is so cute, growing so fast!

  3. Oh what an awful awful thing to happen! You are so fortunate that nothing really tragic happened. Are you soaking to ease the pain in your back and hip? Anti inflammatory? That just gives me the chills thinking of your tumbling down those steps. I have done that once in my youth and it was pretty painful then but I must have been made of elastic. Eli does look adorable there roaring up in his police car! I agree with Kim. Pleas see the Dr., you never know what might be helpful. Katie sends purrs.

  4. Wow, good accident - even better that nothing was broken. But you probably pulled something in your shoulder. You were very lucky. You could have been like Jack and broke your crown, instead of being Jill and tumbling after. Kidding aside, I hope by this time (late Wednesday) the pains are subsiding; if not, go to a doctor.

    I like the bit about un-spoiling Eli. That's right, you've set the bomb ticking, let his mum defuse it. Hehe. That's what grandparents are for, right?


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