Saturday, 22 February 2020

Catching the sun

Despite the rocky start it has been a good week.  The weather got cold again on Tuesday and Wednesday but it warmed up on Thursday to the freezing mark and above.  The long range forecast seems to be showing we're past the really cold weather so by the end of March I expect we'll start seeing some signs of spring.  Fingers crossed!  The longer daylight hours and lots of sunshine are certainly encouraging.

On Monday I made a run to several hardware stores looking for a replacement for the wand for the kitchen faucet.  When I was talking with my friend K about our plans for Tuesday, she asked me if the entire faucet needed to be replaced.  I took a look at it more closely and realized I could simply replace the wand portion.  Woohoo!  It took me three stores to find it - the first I went to because I have gift cards to use, no luck there, the second I was picking up birdseed and thought I'd check, and the third store because I looked it up on the internet before I went.  For just $36 I was able to replace the piece.  All I had to do was unscrew the old broken wand and screw in the new one.  Even I can do that!

On Tuesday, K picked me up and we went for one of our lovely long lunches.  She arrived about 11:30 and dropped me off shortly before 3.  We never run out of topics to discuss.  This visit revolved around their recent stay in Arizona, upcoming travels for both of us, recycling, my grandson, and a myriad of other topics.  She brought her camera so I could see the photos from their sightseeing - Arizona is another place I need to visit!

D and Eli were here on Thursday, as she attended the funeral of her friend.  It was well attended and she saw a number of people she hasn't seen in years.  They didn't stay the night but went home after she got back to the house.  Eli was very adamant he wanted to go home to his treehouse.  He was very good for me while she was away; he even put himself to bed for an hour long nap.  

Eli loves Sasha, and while Sasha doesn't reciprocate, he does tolerate the little guy.  Here Eli was sharing his blanket.  It had warmed up by lunch time so I opened up the sun room for the cats and the kid.  Eli sat on the chair beside Sasha while he ate his lunch and chattered away at the cat.    

I've kept busy for much of the week with the curling and knitting.  I'm actually happy the men's Canadian championship won't start until Friday house needs some serious attention!  I did the bare essentials, laundry, dishes, and cleaning of bathrooms.  My son had to fend for himself several evenings as I didn't get around to figuring out what to make for dinner.  He didn't mind at all and is quite capable of making his own meals.  Dishes on the other hand.... not so much.

With all the time to sit and knit I managed a couple of finishes this week.  First up is the little lamb to go along with the blanket I made for my cousin's son and his wife.  Baby is due in April, so I made the blanket just big enough to cover a car seat.  The lamb was made with the leftover yarn.  By the time it was finished and sewn together, I had pretty much used up all the yarn, though  I did have to buy some additional cream yarn to finish the lamb.  I'm not showing you a close up, because although it's cute, my ability to sew knitting projects isn't the most professional.    

In addition I finished another baby blanket.  This one is also a smaller blanket. I'm using the yarn I purchased for a whopping $4 at Michaels (when I bought the cream) and I have a half a ball left.  I'll probably use the rest of it, along the cream for another blanket.  But I'll crochet the next one as I've done lots of the knitting the last few weeks. 

On Sunday I'm off to my brother's in between curling games to help my niece finish her top.  We're onto buttonholes and I've been watching videos to learn how to do it with my sewing machine.  I don't have a one step option, so it will be a little more tricky.   We'll practice with some additional material she has until we're both satisfied we're doing it right!  

I'll end this post with a photo from R's run along the river last week.  Maybe one day I'll go for a walk there too, though there will be no running.  

Wishing you all a week of sunshine ahead!


  1. You have been busy! Much warmer her today I too hope the worst of the winter is behind us although March weather can be anything:)

  2. Sunshine would be glorious! I'm glad that you've had some.

  3. Had sunshine all day yesterday and more coming today! YAY!
    Your sweet kitty is beautiful.

  4. Goodness, you're always so busy and so productive, whether cleaning or working on your projects...or both! Somehow I don't think I'll be as ambitious when I'm no longer working full time. :-P

    As for March, it usually brings a messy mix as winter and spring battle it out. :-D After our very early start to the winter season, though, I hope March brings real spring. Unlike last year, where we had cold weather into June.

    Take care and have a good week.

  5. Thought of you the other day when I saw something really cute on TV. Not sure if it was a commercial or just a video but it was of a cute toddler sitting in a round dish sliding down a snow covered path. In front of him was Dad furiously sweeping the path. I could get behind that kind of curling:))

  6. I love coming here to see what you are doing and with whom...and the result! XX

  7. The weather here seems to be up and down, and has been throughout winter. As I age, I look forward to spring more. I don't like the extreme heat of high summer, but the moerate temperatures of spring are more than welcome.

    It was good fortune that you looked again at the repair needed on the sink. It's even better that you could do it yourself. I am not handy, so I would appreciate such a discovery, too.

  8. Hasn't the weather been lovely!!

    Home from the city and getting caught up with everyone. Our youngest came home with me for a bit, but we will be taking him up to see his specialist and then he wants to stay there. Guess I will just have to be a worried Mom for a bit. We have warned him that we will be coming up a bit more often until we are sure he can get things done on his own.

    God bless.

  9. Back home on Sunday was a gorgeous +10C day so with sunshine that would have been a welcome relief. Even though they say the winter hasn't been horrible. I envy you your talents knitting, crocheting and sewing so well. Your projects are always beautiful, I'm sure even close up!

  10. We finally have a mostly sunny February after such a dismal January. It's actually been super nice and I needed all the sun we've been getting, shaking off the blues. Your blanket is so cute! I am sure they will love it.


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