Saturday 17 July 2021

Still more heat, little rain, and I'll be hiding

As I start this post on Friday, it's day 2 of what is expected to be 10 days of very hot weather.  Yesterday we reached a new high of 33C (91F), today we're expecting even more heat and that trend will continue.  It isn't unusual for us to have several days of hot weather in July but typically, after a few days of heat, we'll see thunderstorms in the evenings. Our forecast says we might have a storm tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.  

I've been walking outdoors every day but haven't had the camera with me since I'm in a hurry to get the walk over and get back home.  Generally I get out first thing in the morning before the heat settles in and while it's been cooler it's also been buggy.  The grasshoppers are out in force and I've been slapped in the face more than once by one jumping up.  I've found them in the back yard as well and as this heat continues I expect they'll make short work of some of my plants.  

For a change I'd gone out for a walk on Thursday evening since it was overcast and had cooled down a few degrees.  I was about 5-10 minutes from home when there was a sudden rain shower, that soaked me good.  It lasted less than 3 minutes but the increase in humidity was immediate.  Surprisingly the bugs weren't bad at all. I counted 20 rabbits in the park having their evening meal. They didn't let the rain deter them from the repast. 

Friday morning, I headed out after my chat with D and a cup of tea.  There were several folks out enjoying a walk as well - great minds think alike.  Since I had my camera with me I have a few photos to share.

First up is a lousy shot of Hungarian partridge.  I was surprised to see it on its own as they usually are seen in groups.  Perhaps this one wandered a little further afield than the others.  It wouldn't slow down and pose for me.  Funny that!

The killdeer were out on the creek again, and while I could hear two (or more) calling I only saw the one.  

Below is a mama duck and her brood.  They're getting big!

There are several houses that border the park, and it appears this family feeds the ducks.  They've worn a path in the grass from the creek up to the house.  I use the path too, to get closer to the creek because the city isn't mowing that area. With the bugs and gopher holes I'm choosing not to walk through the long grass. 

There wasn't a whole lot happening at the pond. Most of the geese were resting on the grass along with a few ducks.  Several ducks were feeding along the edge and the sole pelican was out feeding as well.  I love how it is reflected in the water.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet.  Groceries were bought, housework got (mostly) completed, and I took a nap just about every afternoon.  My craft room was sorted and a number of items discarded. When things were cleaned up I got busy and finished the sewing project D wanted me to make. I cut squares from several old t-shirts of Eli's, sewing them together in rows of four, and then added the blue material in between the strips.  The backing is made of the same material. I had picked up a pillow at one of the thrift stores, so used the insert inside this pillow.  It's meant to be a father's day gift for Eli's deadbeat dad.  D will have Eli sleep with it for a few days before she sends it off to him.  Maybe that will encourage J to come up with the last year's unpaid child support? sarcasm!

Pillows were the order of the week it seems.  I had picked up three more placemats at the dollar store ($2 each), and made up these pillows for the sun room.  Saku is checking them out, I'm pretty sure he thinks they need more fur.  I used up a bag of fiber fill to stuff them.  They've been added to the other two I made earlier this spring.

I've decided it is time to get back to the UFO's (unfinished objects).  I finally got the ribbons on the baby dresses I made several months ago - D will gift these to her friend who had twins last year in August.  I've pulled out Eli's sweater - it only needs the button bands knitted on and buttons added.  Then there is the tank top I started crocheting for D....I had to start again as it wasn't fitting properly.  

Today promises to be another hot day, with the added bonus of the smoke haze from northern forest fires.  It's finally reached us here.  There are currently 137 fires burning in the province, and several northern communities have been evacuated due to the threat.  My brother R left on Wednesday for a canoe trip with several friends though they weren't going as far north. Since I haven't heard from him, I assume they haven't had to cut the trip short.  

The weekend prior he ran 50 miles in the Sinister 7 ultra marathon in the Alberta Rockies.  (I think he's nuts!)  He's definitely enjoying his vacation. I'll leave you with a photo he sent me.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. The heat has been on here as well. I think this next week will be cooler and less humidity. We have had rain and storms every day.
    I love seeing your pics. What a beautiful picture of the mountains.

  2. So sorry about the heat, one would think your area would remain cool. We tend to think the farther north one goes the cooler it gets. Evidently not. Also was not aware of the fires. These are trying times around the globe these days.
    Love that picture your son sent and glad he is enjoying the outdoors in spite of the heat.

  3. Oh, that photo from your brother is incredible. So is running that distance. I have a co-worker who used to run those distances, along with her husband, and even 100-mile ultra-marathons. They host at least one marathon now, but I'm not aware that they run in them anymore. Still, they're both incredible athletes, as is your brother, obviously!

    Good luck staying cool through the incredible heat. We're having deluge after deluge now. 53 mm several nights ago, then 96 mm in half an hour two nights ago. That's 3.8 INCHES of rain. I woke up to some pools of water in the basement; no wonder. From drought in the spring to this, one extreme to the other. Seems to be a year of extremes.

    Take care and thanks for sharing all the pics, especially the pelican!

  4. Great pictures, the heat can become quite oppressive, day after day. Hope you get some relief.
    We seem to go up and down with dry and rain, humidity and cool. Strange weather everywhere.

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  6. OH man...what a beautiful scene your brother sent for you! I used to run, but not like THAT. No where near. I admire him!! The pics that you took on your walk were lots of fun to look at. You always see the best things to take pictures of on your walks. I haven't been outside for a walk for awhile. I have been doing it in the house. I still sweat as aerobics are in it too...but the humidity outside is like walking in a river. It always has been. I would be a melted- with- love parent to get a pillow like that. Made from his little T shirts and him sleeping with it before it was sent. That is a loving dear thing. I hope the Dad has a change of heart once he learns just how special his present sent to him is. (hug)


  7. The smoke from the fires in Canada has reached us too. We've had air quality alerts because of them for several days. Have a good and safe week!

  8. We are having the same heat in southern Alberta, though it's cooler today with the smoke from forest fires masking the sun. I'd rather have the heat, considering the cause of the cool. The smoke is terrific here, like a fog, and very strong smelling.

    My first thought, too, when I saw the ducklings wsa that they were getting big!

    And that's a beautiful picture of the Rockies. The Alberta government is still hoping to strip-mine great swaths of the mountains...

  9. Running in the Rockies?? That does seem a tad nuts. But gorgeous pic!

  10. What a scenic place to run a marathon! I hope it was entirely in the flat bottom of the valley!

  11. Well that last photo is ever so beautiful! Stay busy and inside...just like winter I guess. The smoke is bad here too:(

  12. That sure is hot! I'm glad that you're still getting out for your walks! I love the Killdeer.

    Your brother must be enjoying himself in those beautiful mountains!


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