Sunday, 19 February 2017

Waiting game

Well, the countdown to E's birth is truly at hand.  D called me Friday evening to say she thought she might be in the early stages of labour.  It was a false alarm, baby is still not here but there are definitely signs that it won't be much longer.  His due date is Thursday and I'm sure hoping he'll arrive by then.  Not only because she is getting so tired of being pregnant but I'm getting excited to meet the little guy.

Work was busy this week with the project I was working on.  The four to five hours we spent each day reviewing the material was both interesting and challenging.  It was good to hear different perspectives between HQ and the field, but it was also quite startling to hear some of the differences.  I think we managed to reach a balance and the final product will be useful.

Before, between, and after the sessions I was busy with my everyday work.  When I left the office on Friday, I felt satisfied I had everything caught up to the point where, if the baby were born this weekend, I'd be ready for a break.  I will spend a couple of days at home with D and E, helping them both settle in.  (Part of the reason is purely selfish too...I'll get to spend some quality time with baby).

As a result this has been only a two-day weekend.  I haven't got much done around the house, just some general tidying, vacuuming and laundry.  Oh yes, and cat litter box cleaning.  While I clean it during the week as well, it's become habit on Saturday morning to start a load of laundry, then go clean the cat litter, sweep and wash the floor in the furnace room (where the cat litter boxes reside), take out the garbage, then wash up before doing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen.  By the time that's done, it's usually time to move one load to the dryer and start another.  That pretty much took care of Saturday morning.

During my nail appointment that afternoon, one of the staff came into the store with her foster dog, Xavier, a golden lab/husky mix.  What a beautiful dog (and most likely a foster fail)! The rescue was visiting the mall with several young dogs, so I wandered down after my appointment to meet them.  They were adorable, but I suspect the cats would not approve, so I headed off to do some grocery shopping.

Back at home, after putting everything away, I settled down to watch the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (women's) curling.  D arrived home around the same time and we sat and folded laundry (me - mine, her - baby's).  Later in the evening I went over to C & N's for their annual beach party.  They leave for Jamaica next Saturday.  It was good crowd of people, including neighbours, the Friday night dinner crew, and some retirees from our office.  

Today has been pretty quiet, both D and C slept in this morning, and the curling started early.  I made a pot of coffee, took my cup and curled up in my chair with Sasha to watch.  Later, I helped D put together a vibrating/musical chair for little E before she left to go back to her b/f's place.  I suspect I won't see her until I get a call she is heading for the hospital.  

Our weather has been fantastic, above freezing every day.  The snow we got a week or so ago has been melting quickly.

This first photo was taken last Monday, while the second was taken this afternoon.

It's cloudy, overcast and windy today but still warm.

In fact, I think it's time to head outdoors and finish clearing the driveway of the remaining snow and ice.  I face north so it needs a little help!

Have a great week everyone!   


  1. You had a productive week at work and a productive weekend, from my perspective. The bonus is the melting snow, IMO. LOL.

    Purrs from the boys, and paws (and fingers) crossed that all goes quickly and smoothly with your grandson's impending birth. My old boss's granddaughter was born in a matter of a few hours, and mom and baby went home a couple of hours after that (a week ago this past Friday). So I will hope your daughter has an equally easy time of it!

  2. Geez, I'd want time off to meet the new arrival, too, and to spend time with him afterward. I hope everything goes smoothly and mother and baby are at home and comfy as soon as possible. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on much else, to tell the truth.

    The weather looks like a southern Alberta chinook went through there.


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