Saturday, 4 November 2017

Keeping busy

Phew, having a baby in the house is reminding me that I'm grateful I had my children when I was young.  Eli is one busy boy!  Add in a rambunctious kitten and my home is moving and shaking for a good portion of the day.

D is doing better, this time, and seems resigned to the fact that she and J are not able to live together.  J has taken Eli for a couple of overnights since she returned and she's expressed her frustration that Eli's schedule is off when he comes back here since J is a night owl.  Plus he doesn't bathe the baby or change Eli's clothing (diapers, yes) so the little guy comes back a tad bit messy and smelly.  

I try not to interfere...oh but it's hard sometime. One of the lessons I've tried sharing is to get chores done while baby sleeps, leaving enough time for a short nap.  Most of the time she plays with her I-Pad or I-phone (no wonder they're called "I") though she's started doing some crafting.  My kitchen table is currently covered with various projects including a scrapbook for Eli, flash cards that she's printed out and needs to laminate, and several bibs she's sewn.  I showed her how to set up the sewing machine yesterday and she's partially finished four bibs.  I've given up trying to get her to clear the table...some day all of these projects will be finished, right?

As I said Eli has been very busy.  He's learned to play patty cake - I've been playing it with him for a couple of weeks.  Now he'll do it on his own!

He's pretty proud of himself and will clap and clap for several minutes.  I get such a chuckle out of watching him.

Eli has been drooling and chewing on just about everything and it was pretty clear his teeth were coming in.

On Halloween day, D checked and sure enough his bottom two teeth had come through.  Now he's working on the top two.  Still no photos though.  A friend of D's who is a professional photographer told her the best way to get a shot of the teeth is to make the baby cry.  Mean!

 Speaking of Halloween, check out my little dinosaur!
I picked up the outfit at Costco. The sizing said 6-12 months, thank goodness it still fit.  This kid is getting so big!

He is moving more so I expect his weight gain will slow down.  He can army crawl and scoots around on his butt.  Eli can sit unaided for long periods, but still hasn't figured how to pull himself up into a sitting position.  Soon, I'm sure!

His mom took him to her workplaces and he had a visit with his dad as well.  Apparently J was a bit upset that he wasn't consulted about the costume.  Sheesh, he could have bought one if he was so concerned!

Eli was quite happy to get out of his costume and into his pumpkin pj's.  After a cuddle with mom, he was ready for bed...he had a busy day!

This morning we woke to at least four inches of fresh snow.  I went out and used my electric shovel to move most of it off the driveway and then cleared up the rest with my regular shovel.  The long range forecast is calling for more snow and colder temps this winter.  I'm not looking forward to it at all.

It is, however a good time to work on my own projects.  I have a shawl I started, meaning to take it on my cruise that isn't yet finished.  I also have a knitted cap on my needles for Eli.  This is attempt #2, as I didn't trust the pattern the first go around and ended up with a effort that was less than stellar.  This time, I'm using the pattern and making it up for the 2-3 year old size, as Eli apparently has a big head.  I have enough yarn to make him a pair of mitts as well.  Then there is all that sock wool I bought last year intending to make socks for my kids for Christmas...ain't gonna happen but maybe I'll get a start on those as well in the next few weeks. 

Yep, we're definitely keeping busy around's a kind of busy, where I go to bed at night feeling I've accomplished something, no matter how small it is.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I chuckled over Eli's 'big head'. All babies seem to have that, don't they? It makes them top-heavy. No wonder they learn to crawl long before walking. I can understand that he was glad to be out of his dragon costume - a reluctant dragon, you might say - but he was cute in it regardless. It's neat when they learn how to do something. Just being able to do it repeatedly seems to be something astonishing to them.

    I'd suggest to the photographer that the best way to make a photographer take decent pictures is to slap her a couple of times. Let's see if she shows her teeth.

    Oh, we've had snow here, too, and cold. It is not easy to bicycle through several inches of it, but I haven't missed a day's riding due to weather yet. I at last bought a heated water-dish for any of the strays around here. I think a few stop by. We'll see.

    I like that last picture of Eli. What a cutie. His hair is staying pretty short for now, eh?

  2. I have to echo John's comment: I chuckled at the "big head" comment! And ditto his comment on getting the photographer to take decent baby teeth pics. How about getting the baby to laugh? Gees.

    Eli sure was adorable in that costume. He'll be able to trick or treat before you know it, time flies so quickly.

    Have a good week and good luck with your projects. And thanks for the condolences on Harry's passing. I told him, if he's "out there" listening, that it's his turn to keep watch over my mom now, given how much of her life has gone into caring for him. :-)

  3. I love3d every word and paragraph and oh, how it brought back memories of raising my own. I also understand fully about the table and anything else. We do get used to having order etc in our homes and pf course, that goes put the window with a child in residence. When my grandson is here..anything goes. I never say a word or do a thing regarding the house while he is here..I just enjoy him. When he goes home with his mommy...I spend the next hour vacuuming and low crawling around cleaning the wooden furniture of baby sticky prints. All too soon those times will be passed by. I will enjoy each one while I can.

    That photographer could stand a few lessons in customer service. True...crying shows the teeth but what a sad picture!! Silly woman. As Kim said, laughing does the same thing. Those teeth are adorable though. I loved t when they came in. The top two are adorable too.

  4. I was going to delete and correct the typos..but you are like used to me by now. :-)


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