Sunday 21 January 2018

Catching my breath

What happened to the weekend?  Heck, what happened to the past week?  It has been a busy one for sure.  

I spent the entire work week* in the classroom with four students.  It was first time I taught this particular course.  Usually I train what I consider "soft skills" courses, this was quite technical.  While I generally knew most of the material some of it was not familiar.  I tried to keep ahead of the class but there was one section where I think we all ended up quite confused. Hopefully they never run into that particular situation or their supervisors and coaches are able to assist.  What I heard most often was my stories of real life situations were beneficial in understanding the technical information.  I guess the last 20 plus years weren't entirely wasted. J/k.

As a result of spending time in the classroom, I only managed to do the bare minimum of my regular workload.  On one break I came back to my desk to find 37 e-mails!  Almost all were items that needed to be actioned.  I did my best but I suspect that I'll be busy this coming week catching up.  I'm okay with that as it means the week will fly by!

This weekend, I've been kept busy doing housework, grocery shopping, playing with the grandson and what was that other thing again?  Oh yeah, watching curling!  The Pinty's Grand Slam was held this weekend, as were the Junior Canadian curling events.  Yesterday, there were three draws for the Slam event, and two for the Juniors.  Today there are a total of four draws, all finals.  While not everyone's idea of great television viewing, I quite enjoy.

Speaking of my grandson, Eli, he continues to grow and change.  He's beginning to vocalize more and more.  He says dada, mom mom, ma-ma - D insists that's me, kitty, and cookie.  At least that's what they sound like, and I think he even means them sometimes.  If you ask him where's the kitty, he actually looks at one of the cats.  Eli now has 5 teeth with a 6th on the way and enjoys his food very much.  No more baby food - except for arrowroot cookies though I like those too.  He's also off formula and onto regular homogenized cow's milk.  Much cheaper for mom.  That would be Gma's homemade soup on his's a favorite of both of ours.

Eli still isn't walking on his own, though will walk holding someone's hands.  He quite enjoys walk circuits from the living room to the bedrooms, and back to the living room.  And he still loves to bounce, whether it is on my knee, in his bouncer or on the small trampoline he got for Christmas from his mother.  Yes, a trampoline!  I think he's still too small for it and he generally to sit on his bum but he can hold the bar and bounce for a few seconds at a time.  You'd think if he can do that he could walk ...but I don't want to be in a hurry for that to happen.

This is a lousy photo, as the lighting is awful however I think it is sooo cute!

I had the sun-room door open so the cats could get out there as we're having some decent weather at the moment.  Eli shut the door and we could hear him giggling.  We found him playing with Sheldon who is batting at Eli's hand.  Lots of fun!

This evening I drive the little rug rat over to his Dad's for the night, and I'll pick him up tomorrow after work.  J had asked if he could have him last night...his mother contacted D about 5:30 p.m. yesterday.  I flat out said, no because I had other plans.  I absolutely refuse to jump when this guy says jump....he tried to find someone else willing to pick Eli up from my house but could not. I suspect his friends feel the same way.  This may seem unfair to J, but in my mind some advance notice is both appropriate and expected.  

I miss the little man when he's away but I do enjoy the relative quiet.  On that note I'm off to watch the rest of the men's final at the Grand Slam.  Have a great week everyone!

*I'm unofficially working four day weeks - Fridays are earned days off, vacation or some other form of leave where needed - for the rest of my 10.5 months of work!


  1. I love that pic with Eli and Sheldon, it's a keeper, so adorable. :-)

    Good luck with work this week...We're in the middle of office insanity with the other department moving out today, utter chaos as we pack and get ready to switch spaces within the same suite. I hope it's worth it in the end!

    Take care. :-)

  2. It is not unreasonable to expect advance planning when you are the one who is taxi service. What a cute picture with the kitty, definitely great timing.

  3. I missed this post. I would have your website on my side-bar but I know you want to keep it quiet, so sometimes I forget whether I've checked if you have a new entry.

    That Eli must be such entertainment. He does look like he's having fun with Sheldon, doesn't he? A the life of a baby: to putter about all day, wear pyjamas with feet on them and eat arrowroot biscuits. Well, I still do the last bit...


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