Saturday 21 April 2018

Spring has sprung!

I'm saying this with some hesitation as the calendar flipped over to spring a few weeks ago, but Mother Nature's cruelty kept winter coming at us until this week.  In fact, we had snow on Tuesday, followed by above freezing temperatures on Wednesday.  Mood swing much?

Today it's a lovely 8-10C afternoon; the sun room is open, the burgers are defrosting in the fridge, and I made a potato salad yesterday.  I firmly believe that potato salad tastes better the next day.  It's probably an old wive's tale but it works for me.  

My daughter took Eli to visit a friend in a small town about 1 1/2 hours from us on Thursday evening, and won't be home until Sunday.  I took advantage of their absence to go hard on the spring cleaning in the kitchen and living room.  All the iiving room furniture was vacuumed thoroughly as were the dining room chairs (oh, the cat hair), I scrubbed floors and baseboards, spot washed the walls, and cleaned out the pantry shelves and the cupboard that holds the cleaning supplies. I washed little finger prints off the living room window (hi neighbours!) and gave the cat tree a good brush and vacuum. The end tables which tend to gather various items were cleared and scrubbed down.  The kitchen table and island in the kitchen became my depository for all the excess items...which turned out to be a lot.  There were toys, mail, various USB's and SD cards, elastics, pens, pencils, and on and on.  Most it was either put away or tossed in the garbage, but there is a still a pile that belongs to my daughter I've left for her to deal with.

Today has been less busy.  I slept in this morning - well, after I got up at 6:15 a.m. to feed the cats - getting out of bed shortly after 8. It felt good to get a full night's sleep.  I putzed around the house this morning and went to pick up a few items at Walmart before lunch.  Then it was down to the furnace room, where the cat litter boxes are kept, to give the room a good cleaning.  I suspect it wouldn't be as dusty if the litter boxes weren't in there but it is the most convenient spot, tucked away and out of sight.

Next up was my bedroom.  I'd done a fairly good clearing out just a month or so ago so it didn't take very long.  I did vacuum the window screen, OMG it was dirty, vacuum the floor and picked up a kitten in cat hair, and sorted through the bathroom items.  I have far too many creams, deoderants, lip balms, etc.  They are now sorted, like with like, so I should be able to find what I'm looking for.  I also changed out the shower curtain, the Christmas kitten for this new one I found at Walmart today.  I think it's perfect!

That is enough cleaning for today.  I can tell because my finger tips have the rough feeling that comes from using cleansers and lots of hot water.  The bedroom carpet still needs to be spot-cleaned (for remains of the cat hairball deposits), the sun room needs to be vacuumed and tidied, and then I can get to the laundry.  Phew, it's been a busy weekend.

There is a window open now in the bedroom for some fresh air.  I love spring!  Time to go fire up the bbq for dinner.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. OMG, I'm exhausted just reading about your cleaning. Makes me want to go back to bed!

    I don't want to jinx it, but it FINALLY felt like spring here yesterday, with plus 11 temps and sunshine. About the same today, I think, and still double digits for the next couple of days. It makes me want to get out and snap some pics somewhere! (Forget the cleaning.)

    Well, as for cleaning, I did wash up my comforter and blankets, etc. recently, and I did wash my bedroom curtains last weekend. I don't wash walls or baseboards. I do take the fine duster attachment on my vacuum to the baseboards once in a while, but I'm not scrubbing them. LOL. That's what another coat of paint is for--cover up the dirt! :-P

    Enjoy your Sunday, hopefully with a bit of R&R, less cleaning!

  2. Wow, you got it done! I need to do a cleaning like that but no time. Plus here there is a ton of outside work that is ready to be done but will wait until after our trip. Don't forget to rest a little!

  3. What a good job. I wonder if spring cleaning is done at that season because the windows and doors can be open to help clear out all the dust. I clean the whole apartment each Friday, but clean a room more thoroughly each weekend. This way, I won't have to cleaqn so much come my holidays. But it's a chore keeping on top of all the cat-hair, as you know.

    I like that shower-curtain; it's something quite different, eh?

  4. I swear Girl, I wish we were neighbors. We have the same ways about things and in your comment you said you too had been cleaning. Well, we both got a heckuva lot done. Good on us. I do as John does pretty much (as he stated in his comment above mine). Saturday is my big cleaning day each week, and either on Friday or Sunday, I concentrate on a room or on something unpleasant that needs doing. I need to do the linen closet which is embarrassingly stuffed and worried. I also need to clear out the closet in my room. Oh WOE WOE WOE!

  5. I love the shower curtain of the world!! Did you ever see my newest with the cats in various poses on it? I put it in her blog months ago.

  6. I am going to give up Yahoo mail as their new policy is something I don't care for. I have subscribed to you thru yahoo.mail. I hope I can otherwise or I will just have to hope I can figure when you publish.


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