Monday 2 April 2018

Who's the fool?

Mother Nature has pulled a cruel joke on us this first week of April.  It has been cold, like February cold, with high temps of -9C (15F) and lows of -18C (0F).  When we factor in the windchill it feels even colder.  I am so ready for spring, but the forecast isn't looking good either.  At this point, it looks like we'll be in the deepfreeze for the rest of the week.  Yuck!

The snow we got 10 days ago or so is now a hardened pack of ice after the warmer temps we had.  It all looks dirty and gritty and I will be so happy to be rid of a few weeks I expect.

On the other hand, with the sun shining brightly, the cats and I have been able to spend some time out in the sunroom.  By early afternoon, it has warmed up sufficiently to let them out. Sasha heads straight for the bed that is in a sun-puddle, Saku flakes out on a rug, and Sheldon zooms around like the crazy kitten he still is before snuggling in under the towel that covers the chair.  

It's a little too cool this morning out there so there are no cats in the photo.  But I'm sure later this afternoon the door will be open. Little Eli loves to spend time out there too, so I'm sure he'll be happy to see the door open.  He loves to look out the windows, chase the cats, and play in the sun with his toys.  

I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday, reading a book - Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles. What a writer he is - this is the fourth book I've read of his, but the entire series (thus far) is seven with this the last book.  Set in Natchez, Mississipi the books tell the stories of Penn Cage, a former lawyer, turned writer and his family.  The books take us back to the 50's and 60's to a time when it was dangerous to be black in the South, to the Korean war, the JFK assassination through to the present.  There is a lot of death in these books, some natural but most intentional.  In the current book, Penn's father (a doctor) is on trial for the murder of his former nurse (and lover).  All the while the remaining Double Eagles (best described as a gang of former KKK) seek retribution for the death of one of the founding members at the hands of Penn Cage.  While all of this is happening, there are tender moments too of family and friends coming together to support one another.  Unlike many mystery stories these books leave me guessing and hoping for a sequel.  

This morning was Easter for Eli, as he had spent the night with Dad on Saturday.  I really don't see why D felt the need to wait, since Eli will have no memories of this Easter...and likely the next two or three as well.  

D put out a trail of plastic eggs that led to his basket in the living room.  He picked up the first one, shook it and banged it on the floor.  Out popped (initially I wrote pooped...that describes it too) an unwrapped chocolate.  He immediately put it in his mouth as you can tell from his face.  That was it, he was done.  

So she picked the eggs up and he followed her to the living room to the basket.  (At least she didn't wrap the gifts and expect him to open them).  Eli is holding one of the two books that I gave him.  In the basket were a ball, a bottle of bubbles, a bunny on a stick, a stuffed bunny, egg shaped crayons, and two pairs of socks.  In addition she gave him a large coloring books.  He hugged the stuffed bunny, shook the bunny on the stick, picked up one of the crayons and promptly put it in his mouth.  I hope she wasn't too disappointed in his reaction. 

We'll have our Easter dinner this evening; ham, scalloped potatoes and veg of some sort. I don't think I'll do dessert as I'm sure we'll fill up on the rest of the meal. 
It has been a good, long weekend.  I've got a fair amount done around the house including cleaning up the laundry and storage rooms in the basement, two tasks I've been planning to tackle for awhile.  This morning I got another needed task done when I pulled out the fridge to clean out behind it.  I found enough cat hair to make a kitten!  I pull it out twice a year, around April 1 and November 1 and I'm always shocked.  I'm not sure what attracts the cat hair, the fan perhaps?  I haven't done the same with the stove as it is such a tight fit that it is difficult to move out and back into place.  I'll probably ask my son to help later today.  

Tomorrow, it's back to work for another short work week.  Yes, I have Friday off as well.  Plus I get to take another marble out of the jar.  Eight more to go!
Then I can start planning to move to where April will truly be spring.  

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Happy Easter weekend! Doesn't Eli look adorable, smeared with chocolate. LOL. Smart kid, go for the sweets. :-D

    I hope your snow disappears SOON, and that the snow in our forecast for almost every day right through mid-April doesn't materialize. It's chilly here too, though not as bitter as your temps at the moment. Still too cold to put away winter coats and mitts, though. I've noticed how winter seems to be hanging on much longer, these past several years. Bleh.

    I wasn't sure if you still were committed to the move, though, so I'm glad you are.

    Enjoy your dinner tonight, and have a good short work week!

  2. I could never be disappointed in what a one year old does. Everything they do is a discovery. I would probably have treated the day - at least for Eli - as every other. He wouldn't know the difference, only whether it was a good day or a bad.

    It snowed some more here today. Every time the snow begins to melt, more comes. It doesn't look like it will warm up soon in southern Alberta, and the next two weekends are snowy. Sigh.

    I sure like your sun-room; I always have. There is something about red and white stripes that says 'summer' to me; maybe it reminds me of a big marquee on a lawn. I'd love to have a sun-room; more importantly, the cats would love it.

  3. Eli doesn't know, just as you said nor can he act in any way other than as as close to an infant as he can be at id "advanced" age. :-) His mom will learn as she gets older and more experienced. We always learn along with our first children, and by the way, I smiled at the discoveries behind the fridge. I had finally got on my knees ( no easy job these days...they are a mess) and looked under the spare bed while hunting for something and oh my goodness...there was years old Admiral furs under there and truly I could have made a kitten out of them. I didn't save those fus as they were too dusty.


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