Saturday 7 July 2018

Heat wave

We're on day 2 of a mini heat wave here in Saskatchewan.  Normally overnight the house cools down and the a/c doesn't start running until mid-afternoon.  This morning it kicked in at 7:30 a.m.  The cats aren't happy with me, as I've already closed up the sunroom for the day.  But they've all found somewhere to sleep so they'll be fine.

I can't imagine living through a heat wave for days on end, as has been the case in Ontario and Quebec.  The latest article I read reported 54 heat related deaths in Quebec alone.  Most of those individuals were over 65 with chronic health issues, living without air conditioning, and in multi-story buildings.  I heard a fellow on one of the news channels suggesting that we may need to consider that not only heating is a necessity for adequate housing but cooling as well.  I know I lived without a/c for many years, but I don't think I could do it now.  Is it because I'm getting older, or because the temperatures are higher?  I think it's a little of both.

Today is day 11 of my daughter's trip to B.C.  Things got heated there last night and I had a call from her saying she's was getting on the next flight home. After some convincing (and perhaps a couple of stern comments) she agreed not to drive off into the pouring rain for what would be a 4 hour (or more) drive.   I've talked to J's mother this morning, and learned that things settled down after that call, and D and J are supposed to going to Nanaimo today to visit his grandmother.  I know that D was excited that Eli would meet his great grandmother so I expect the crisis has been averted and she'll be back here on Thursday as originally planned.  Sheesh!

I've made good progress cleaning up the house while she and Eli are away.  Yesterday I spot washed walls, cleaned the carpet on the stairs to the basement, finished cleaning windows including the front and screen doors.  Apparently I wasn't paying attention to what was happening at my feet though, as after I'd put away the cleaning supplies I noticed Saku hanging around the front door.  Then I heard a loud noise at the door and suddenly thought, did I let Sheldon out?  No, that wasn't the case, but I had trapped the cat between the two doors.  I think he's learned a valuable lesson, as have I!  

Today, I'm planning to clear up the desk and perhaps tackle a couple of closets.  But I also agreed to drive out to the farm to check on it as my brother and his wife are away this weekend.  P (his wife) is in Portland, Oregon with their daughter L for a basketball tournament.  L is part of the Saskatchewan under 17 team this year, quite the accomplishment for a 15 year old, I think.  R is in Alberta - I believe near Crowsnest Pass for an ultra race of 100 kms.  He's NOT doing it solo, but is taking part as a relay team of 7.  The e-mail I had from him this morning, suggested he'd be running about 2 a.m. tomorrow morning, for leg six.  I think he's nuts but he loves to run and I'm sure the scenery would be gorgeous....except he'll be running in the dark.  He did walk the trail yesterday to check it out.  The temps there are quite reasonable, about 19C(70F) right now with overnight low of 7C(45F). Sounds a bit cool to me, but he will be running so I guess it will be nice.

I decided to take a break and make the drive out to the farm before it got any warmer today.  In the two hours I was gone the temperature rose 4 degrees from 24C to 28C, and with the humidity it feels like 33C(91F).  That may not be extreme heat, especially for those in lower U.S. but it is plenty warm for me.  Funny, though because when I got home I noticed several of my neighbours out working in the heat.  That's funny because I so rarely see them outside any other time.  So they pick the warmest day of the year???  

I have a couple photos I took with my cellphone - forgot to take my camera.  After feeding the cats (wet food, as they had lots of dry), I wandered around the side of the house to look for a watering can and found this little guy/gal.    

There is a bird feeder just to the south of the a/c unit.  I suspect he/she was trying to get to the food supply.  It appeared to an immature squirrel as it was quite a bit smaller than others I've seen.  He/she didn't move even after I took the photo.  I think it thought if it didn't move I would be able to see it. ;)

I stopped on the gravel road to get this shot of the wild roses.  There were mounds of these flashing pink as I drove along.  I don't remember seeing so many in the past.  I also spotted wild yarrow (white) though I didn't stop to take a photo.

The route I take includes a short cut between grid roads along a narrow gravelled road.  As I came up to the corner where I turned back onto the grid I stopped to get this shot.

I was pretty much shooting blind as it was so bright out there.  But this to me is quintessential Saskatchewan.  Gravel road, rural mailboxes, the ditch is full of weeds, a canola field in the back ground and the blue sky with just a few clouds.  It is what I grew up with, sans the mailboxes as we had to go to town to the post office.  

I didn't bother using the car's a/c but left the windows open in the car.  The smell from the fields was incredible...well, at least until I passed the pasture with cattle in it.  

When I got back to the city I took a drive out to the new Save-On Foods grocery store that was opened close'ish to my house recently.  The chain stores are only located in Western Canada and the Yukon.  The first store opened up in Regina a few years ago and this is the second.  I really like some of their products but it seemed too far to go to very often.  I'm pleased to see it opened nearby, as it carries products not available at Safeway/Sobey's, Co-op or Superstore.  

One of my favorites is in the deli - Popeye's mac and cheese salad.  It contains spinach, feta and Parmesan cheese, with shell pasta and a light mayo dressing.  Today I picked up a small container of it as well as an 8 bean salad.  I had the latter with my lunch...oh, it was good!  It was similar to other bean salads with a vinaigrette dressing, red pepper, onion, and various beans.  B.C. cherries were on sale too so I grabbed another bag...I've already polished off one bag that I picked up at Safeway last week.  

Well, I suppose this isn't getting the desk or the closets cleared of clutter and I wouldn't be surprised if you are tired of the blather.  Besides Saku has decided that he needs some lap time.  

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. 31C is hot for me too. We're back up to that tomorrow (with the humidex), but I much prefer temps in the mid teens to low twenties. I hope your heat wave doesn't last long.

    You're having another busy weekend, I see. :-) I wish I had half your energy and motivation to get things done around the house.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and give the cats a scritch from me. I hope Sheldon is none the worse for being caught between the doors!

    I hope the rest of your daughter's and Eli's trip is drama-free. Haha. I'm sure you've missed them, certainly Eli, though I can imagine a break is nice -- you've got plenty done, at least!

  2. Anything in the high twenties is too hot for me, though I can stand pretty hot temperatures without air conditioning. I have to. But it doesn't mean I have to like it! It's hot here, but nothing that southern Alberta doesn't experience every summer, and there hasn't been much of it yet. August is yet to come, though, and while summer is sloping down toward autumn now, the hottest part of the year is yet to come.

    Save-on Foods is pretty good here (we have two) and while their prices are not as high as Safeways' and Sobeys', they are not usually bargains. I have to shop around. The days of the family going shopping on Saturday or Friday evening and buying all they need in one or two locations seems to be long past for many. Sigh.

    You worked magic calming D after the blow-up in British Columbia. Sometimes it just takes a calm voice - or a stern one (probably the latter was more effective!) It's all about Eli out there, or should be, even if he doesn't recall the trip in years to come.


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