Saturday 14 July 2018

I'm sitting here at the laptop, the house quiet for the moment.  Sasha is sleeping on the couch, Saku and Sheldon are napping in the sunroom and D and Eli are snoozing too.  My son C is downstairs, having been woken by a crying baby an hour or so ago.  I mentioned to him that everyone went to sleep when he got up...he didn't think I was very funny.

D and Eli arrived back very early Friday morning at just after midnight.  They were delayed out of Calgary likely as a result of a flat tire on the airplane.  The trip home was rather eventful, with lots of drama, most of it self-perpetuated from the sounds of it.  She spent much of the day yesterday talking to various service reps, with her story getting more and more embellished (at least to my ears), and eventually got $125 in WestJet dollars for her trouble.  

It's been fun having Eli here again.  I swear he grew an inch in 2 1/2 weeks and has mastered running.  This morning, D and I took him for a walk around the nearby pond.  I couldn't believe how high the water level is at this time of year.  There is no real natural water source so this is run-off from the neighbourhood.  They may call the area Riverbend but that's simply wishful thinking.  

Surprisingly there weren't very many birds on the water.  I drive past this on my way from shopping and over the last few weeks there have been dozens of geese and ducks.  These two ducks are actually sitting on top of a pile of rocks.  Normally this would be out of the water.  I've been lazy this summer and this is the first time I've been out walking nearby.  

On our way back we stopped at the little park that is about a block and half from the house. There is a climbing structure, a couple of slides and three seats that rock (not like the animals that we used to ride on when I was a child).  No swing, however, but Eli had fun none-the-less.  

Check out that t-shirt.  Little dude, big plans indeed!  He loves to climb and had absolutely no problem with those stairs.  He's still crawling up them for the most part, rather than walking up, and can't quite reach the railing at the same time. 

I can't imagine that those stairs are very easy on the knees, but no matter to Eli.  He climbed and slid down several times.  

His sliding skills though could use some work.  He insists on going head first despite his mother's suggestion that he sit on his bum.  I guess he thinks that's for scaredy cats.  

G'ma wasn't able to drop the camera fast enough to catch him on this flight and he was almost able to keep himself from doing a face plant...but not quite.  He ended up with sand in his mouth, which he decided tasted just fine.  It didn't stop him from doing another climb and slide but this time mom was there to ensure a safe landing..

He's truly become a toddler and not a baby anymore.  Though he still insists on a ba-ba (bottle) for nap and bedtime.  I'm certain that will end soon or at least by the time he goes to school. :)

We had a couple of big storms over the last week, the latest happened yesterday afternoon about 4 p.m.  The clouds came scudding in, the lightening and thunder followed soon after, and then the skies opened up.  We had a downpour that lasted less than 10 minutes.  Last night at dinner, N said we got just under a quarter of an inch of rain in that short time period.  I didn't water as a result though unless we get more rain I'll be out watering this evening.

The front flower bed is filling up nicely - with the exception of the most shaded area, that always annoys me to no end.  I recently added a coral bells heuchera (the lime green leafed plant at the bottom of the picture).  It is likely too shady for it too but does get some afternoon sun. 

This fall I'll probably split the larger of the hostas and perhaps the heartleaf bergenia in an attempt to fill it in.  Not sure why I'm worrying so much about it as I don't expect to be here to enjoy it.  

The front containers have filled in nicely.  These get both morning and late afternoon sun, along with a shot of fertilizer once a month.  Next door my neighbour's yard is in shade from my large evergreen.  I suspect she wouldn't mind if it came down, but I love the privacy it gives to the patio and the front of the house.

The containers along the patio are doing great too.  The geraniums have been blooming non-stop.  I've been cutting them off as they die back. 

The center container holds a mix of petunias along with the calibrocha. The trailing plant (lime green) is the only thing that isn't doing as well.  I suspect the bunnies may be enjoying it as a snack on occasion.  

Today is a bit cooler, and though we're covered by clouds at the moment, it doesn't appear we're in for a storm or any more rain.  I've even got the sunroom open for the cats - they certainly appreciate being out there, with the window open for a breeze and the fan going it feels very pleasant.  I took my coffee and my book and sat out there for a couple of hours this morning.  

I expect the rest of the weekend will be more of the same.  The temps are reasonable, in the mid 20's C.  There is housework to finish, including washing the kitchen and living room floors - the cats don't call Eli the sticky bean for no reason, and I'm hoping to convince D to get some clearing up in the garage done though I expect I'll have to be out there with her.  I have given her an ultimatum; everything must be out of the garage by the end of October.  I have no desire to be parked out on the driveway when winter arrives.

Well, should sign off and get a few more chores out of the way.  I still haven't gotten to the linen closet nor the cleaning supplies.  Anyone have any idea why I have 6 or 8 containers of wipes?  Sheesh, I need to learn to stick to my shopping list!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. You have multiple containers of wipes because you spied them on sale at various times? :-) That's what happens to me, I forget what I have and how much of it, see something on sale and pick it up, get home and discover "x" number of the same already stored away.

    I'm glad your daughter and Eli are home safe and sound! He had a great time on the playground, obviously. Faces full of sand is how we learn, yes? I love that photo of him coming down the slide, happy smile/laugh.

    I think your flowers look great! I've had to water my little garden every other day (standard water restrictions in our city, odd # houses water on odd # days, even on even). Even so, some of the perennials are crispy. Hope they survive and come back next year. The few flower pots I have out front are so-so. One's done, too hot and dry for it, the other two might still hold on a bit longer. Probably not through August. Two years ago we had a drought, last year it was flooding, this year it's a drought again. One extreme to the other.

    Anyway, I'll wish you a great Sunday! Enjoy the summer temps, they sound perfect. Feel free to take some of our humidity, it's climbed again to the mid and high 30s C, which is too much for me.

    Take care!

  2. Children of Eli's age have no fear of what would scare us adults, and are afraid of little things that are of no consequence to us. When does that flip around? Tell Eli to stay his current age - it doesn't get better than that!


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