Sunday 10 November 2019

Some whining and a bit of gratitude

If you are hearing whining in the distance, it's just me.  We had more snow, followed by the cold, more snow, and more cold.  This is November, dammit not January or February!  Apparently Mother Nature doesn't care what I think.  Wednesday morning was the worst as I awoke to -21C (-6F) with windchills approaching -30C.  I had thought I'd shovel the driveway but it was still so cold when I went out to feed the birds, I decided to head back indoors and have a shower instead.  

We had more snow on Tuesday afternoon, and I had shovelled before my son got home from work.  There must have been 2-3 inches of the fluffy stuff at that time.  It continued to snow lightly, so there was maybe a 1/2 inch or so left on the driveway that I cleared up on Wednesday before I went to the weekly stitch and chat at the library.  

Friday was a reasonably decent weather day, but that brought snow on Saturday.  I shovelled twice that day to try to keep the driveway clear.  By evening it had stopped but there was a cold wind so we've got a couple of days of freezing to get through before things improve.  Ok, enough whining!  I grateful to have a warm and comfortable home where I can shelter from the weather.

This week, I went through the items I've purchased (or made) for Christmas gifts and finalized my list.  I was very happy to realize I'm almost done.  Just a couple of gift cards; one for my nephew K and one for L, my esthetician.  I'll pick those up later this month, K's when I fill up at the gas station and L's at the grocery store.  When I added up the total, I was even more excited to realize I've stayed within my budget and it will all be paid for in advance of Christmas.  I don't need Christmas cards or wrapping paper as I have lots of that left over from last year.  (I know it seems early but as most of you know, I dislike crowds with a passion, so shopping around Christmas time is a non-starter for me).  

I also started the list of Christmas baking ideas.  I'm sure it will change over time but there are a few things I generally make every year.  Shortbread and mini cheesecakes are definitely on that list and I was fortunate to find butter and cream cheese on sale at Costco a few weeks ago. Since I have more time to spend on these activities I'm thinking I may try my hand at more finicky type baking.  Nanaimo bars, perhaps?

C and I postponed our regular Friday night dinner to Saturday, after we went to see the movie Midway.  The movie was incredible: the special effects amazing and the story was told without a lot of gore (which is sort of suprising given the topic).  While the impact on Pearl Harbor is well-known and I visited there several years ago, I must admit I didn't know anything about Midway.  The US navy had fewer men, fewer ships, and fewer aircraft, than the Japanese.  Through the efforts of the code-breakers and the belief of their results by the man in charge, they were able to surprise the Japanese at Midway and secure the Pacific.  The sheer bravery of those young (and some old) men to fly into the face of the guns on the aircraft carriers, while being chased through the skies by the Japanese war planes.  I'm sure there were at least a few on both sides shot down by friendly fire.  The movie was a spectacle, real life must have been excruciating.  While this movie focused on the one battle in the one war, I'm grateful to all those who served to ensure our security and freedom.

It reminds me that I really have little to complain about.  Now I'm off to watch the finals of the curling, and the CFL playoff games.  Eight hours of sports isn't for everyone but I'm a happy girl.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh my, you are getting hit with Old Man Winter.

    Here, we are expecting very cold temps and first snow. But have not had snow, until now.

    Yes, we have to be happy we have a warm home to shelter in.

    Hooray for having Christmas mostly done. Yes! Here, family does not exchange presents... Just to the "Grands." And they are mostly of the age, when money is the most "delightful" present. So, there is no more mad rush. -smile-

    Stay warm!


  2. We keep seeing the news about how badly parts of Canada are being hit with the weather - it's ok to complain because who loves that! I feel so fortunate we are out here where a frost is a big deal :)

  3. You must be sending the snow to us. We had a bit of it mid-week, which mostly disappeared, but we're slated for 10 - 15 cm starting tomorrow (Monday) and into Monday night. Not fun. It's far too early for us to have this, but there you go, what can we do? I looked through my pics last year and our first snow was November 16 (2018), so we're already ahead of the game...unfortunately.

    Anyway, stay warm and cosy and enjoy watching your sports! :-)

  4. We had a heavy snowfall today, but the predictions are for above-zero temperatures all week, so it should vanish for the most part by next weekend. I don't envy you the continual snowfall, though. That's a bit much, especially when combined with the very low temperatures.

    I am glad you liked "Midway" but I wish there would be more movies commemorating the efforts of the Canadians and British Commonwealth forces during the Second World War. According to many Americans, they pretty much won the war single-handedly; I'm surprised they acknowledged that the Germans and Japanese were in it. This film at lreast sounds like it was a good one.

  5. Thanks for the snow, it snows everyday here and is very cold for November. I hate the weather already:(

  6. Kudos for managing Christmas shopping so well. You are the second to comment very positively on the movie Midway. Sounds very impressive but since I don't have a theater within a 3 hour round trip, I will wait for the DVD.
    Our temps are tumbling as I type. Should be in the teens tonight and started at 57 F this AM. Glad I am warm.

  7. I have not seen Midway yet. The trailer looked good though.
    I am so glad I do not have to shovel snow to drive anywhere. That might be a deal killer for me. If we get 2 inches of snow the whole city shuts down.

  8. It looks to be warming up a bit here in the southeast corner. Sure hope it stays that way, our rear doors were frozen shut on Sunday and I couldn't get them open until late yesterday.

    God bless.

  9. Good for you on the Christmas thing. I need to organize tht. We went to see Motherless Brooklyn yesterday-Midway is still on this list. Our snow always melts here the next day, thankfully.

  10. I love sports too!!!!! I hope that it gets warmer for you.

  11. I'm LATE getting here! Is there a way to subscribe? I don't think I see one. I am a WWll aficionado. I have lots of things from the era in collection...stamps, war bonds, coupons, pics, etc etc. The innocent things. And things that show how our Countries were back in that time. Full of fine people.
    Not ready yet for Christmas. When I was working, I had things done by August!

  12. I found your follow by email! YES!


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