Sunday 24 November 2019


Well, that didn't end well.  Our football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders did not win the West Division final, so we're not heading to the Grey Cup this year. :(  Oh well, like many other things in this world, there's always next year.  It does leave me in a bit of a conundrum.  Who do I cheer for this weekend?  The Hamilton Ti-Cats from the east, or our nemesis, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers from the west?  Decisions, decisions.  (To be honest, I really won't care, as long as it is a well played game).

In the meantime I've been watching some of the European curling championships. TSN has been kind enough to televise the afternoon draw (early morning for me), and since my regular programming has been disrupted by the impeachment inquiry hearings, it's been a blessing.  Is anyone watching those hearings?  I'll wait for the sound-bites myself.  If I understand the process correctly, it will not matter if the Congress does decide to impeach, the Senate can decide not to hold a trial.  Since the upper Chamber (is that a Canadian/English term) is held by the Republicans, this might all be for naught.  

On the home front, this has been a week of house cleaning. (Except when I'm watching curling, of course).  I must admit I've let things slide a bit, so went hard to try to get the house back into "showing" condition.  Once exception, my side table in the living room.  Earlier this week it held the two beanies I made, a finished mitten, the pattern for the mitts, two remotes, a ball of crochet thread and a partially completed snowflake, a notebook with the list of my Christmas baking, two napkins, and my cup of coffee.  I did clear some of it, but even now it's a mess because I've added another small project, the pattern book, and my hand lotion. Do you have an area in your home that's a catch-all?

I did not go out to visit D and Eli after all.  She decided it would be best for me to wait until next week.  By then the decisions on her insurance claim should be made.  Maybe, just maybe I'll get to help her pick out the new flooring!  

So I did a bit of on-line shopping instead.  I ordered this little tree from Michaels and picked it up the following day in store.  It's not as full as I would have liked but once I play with the branches a bit more and fill in the gaps with decorations I'm sure it will look quite lovely. I had gotten rid of the large tree I've had for years last spring during my purge.  It was pretty ratty and quite heavy.  This one I can carry and put together easily. I even paid attention to how it came out of the box, so am hopeful I'll be able to fit it back in for storage. 

I resisted the urge to buy more yarn at Michaels while I was there, though did pick up some fabric stiffening spray.  When/if I ever finish crocheting these snowflakes I'll use the product to starch them.  

On Thursday I popped over to Superstore.  They had family sized packages of chicken breast ($2.98/lb) and lean ground beef ($1.98/lb) on sale.  I've got chicken for that price before but not ground beef.  I broke down the packages into smaller portions for freezing.  Remember how I was going to empty out the basement freezer?  Yeah, not so much.  Maybe after Christmas.  While I was doing my wander about th store* I came across a package of 4 Paw Patrol board books on sale 30% off.  I couldn't resist.  Eli loves to be read to and is a huge fan of the puppies.  And G'ma loves to cuddle with him so it's a win/win.

I did get his mittens finished and will find out for certain if they fit when I drive out to visit on this upcoming Tuesday.  

Another near finish, on Saturday as I watched the finals of the European championship curling, I managed to get the majority of my Christmas gifts wrapped and labelled.  Glad I did as I'm missing two Santa gifts that I'll pick up later this shopping allowed after December 1st, except for a few groceries.  I've reached my financial limit and I'll avoid the crowds too.

Today, I'm puttering about, watching a bit of PVR'd television, working on my knitting project, and waiting for the Grey Cup game to start.  That won't be until early evening though the pre-game starts at noon. (I won't be watching all of that program!)  I've been out to feed the birds - it's just around the freezing mark so for late November not a bad day at all.  I should go for a walk but I probably won't. 

Have a good week everyone!

*I like to think I wander the aisles to get my steps in.  But really I love browsing.


  1. Cute little tree! I am in the process of putting our 15 year old one up. Usually if one light goes out the string stays on - but this year one string died...fortunately I drove to Salvation Army and picked up a matching string (old style color lights) for $3 and once I put it on you can't even tell. I would invest in a new tree - however they are notorious for the strings dying just after the 1 year warranty was over - especially Noma trees from CAD Tire. So for now we stick with our small but fully packed tree. That is the agenda for today - get the rest of the house decorated and get all the gifts ready for us to fly out Wednesday to AB. Two huge jobs!

  2. The only point, of the impeachment hearings is...... To discredit the sitting President.

    The Liberals/Democrats have been trying to stop him, for his entire term. And have finally managed the impeachment hearings.

    It is fully orchestrated. And fully backed, by the many forms of the Press. So, your only Sound Bites, will be those, backing the Liberal/Democratic side. Because it is documented, The Press has the same agenda, as the Liberal/Democrats.

    I'm quite sure, it is the same in your Country, because this 'Global World Government', and 'Global Socialization', is a world wide push. World Wide. And that is scary.

    Am I watching them? No. I prefer posturing and acting, on the stage, or in film. Not by people, who are elected and paid, to govern.

    And as to games, yes... Appreciate the playing. Even if the players, are not of your choosing.

  3. The tree is cute, and so are the mittens. I have a little tabletop tree, about 2 feet, that I got a couple of years ago from Wayfair. I'm not sure I'll put it up this year, I'll see how I feel. I have my warm white light strings around the downstairs anyway, my LED candles, my Christmas/winter floral displays, so it's cheery enough.

    As for politics south of the border, I try to avoid hearing or reading about it, though that's pretty darned tough. I don't go out of my way for it, however.

    BTW, thanks so much for your care and concern. Derry's quite confused and unsettled, very clingy, and I'm...well...what can I write. It'll just take time, probably every day will be just a tiny bit easier. Take care and have a good week.

  4. Crap! I had a comment all typed but exited too quick and lost it.
    No comment on the sports, not my thing.
    The tree will be lovely when decorated.
    I like waking the aisles too, bonus steps plus that one item i seem to always find.

  5. The bonus to walking the aisles is the steps on gets in. In reality we are all just browsing.

    Harvey is having a tough time deciding who to cheer for. He plans on waiting for the game to start. Like you cheering for the team that beat our beloved Roughriders is going to be a hard one for him.

    God bless.

  6. I, too, walk the aisles. It is a part of my fitness (goodness.. some of these stores are as big as sports arenas). Also, housework but the doctors disagree with me on that last one. I have a little tree too that we purchased after we donated the last one. I love it! Cheers!

  7. So sorry you too were forced to watch the hearings or turn off the TV. Doesn't seem fair. I basically knew most of the points so waited for the Cliff Notes from the various networks to give me a summary. Too much vitriol for me to listen to. Lets get him out and be done with it.

  8. Such vibrant hat and mittens!! Yes I like to think I wander to get my steps in also! :)

  9. I love the brilliant color of the hat and mittens!

  10. It's good that Eli enjoys being read to; I suspect that will encourage him to read himself. I have a memory of myself lying in bed before bed-time, eons ago, holding a book full of words and telling one of my brothers that I wished I could read. Such a long time ago...

    I have to decide whether or not to try my Christmas tree. I have a new cat here - Neville - and he's a bit of an unknown quantity when it comes to such distractions as a tree...


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