Sunday 1 December 2019

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

And indoors, this Grandma is feeling about the same.  It seems I've picked up the cold that Eli is currently getting over.  If you've read my blog for awhile, you'll know I don't do sick well. I tend to whine, complain, and sleep a lot.  I've got an ear ache (just one), a sore throat, plugged up sinuses resulting in a head ache, and I feel like I've been run through a wringer washing machine backward.  I'm pretty my readers know what that is. :)

Thankfully I didn't feel that way when I was visiting with the little guy.  It only came on as I was driving home, though I simply thought I was tired.  I'd put that up to the fact Eli was awake at 5 a.m. that morning, and though his mom tried to keep him quiet, we were all mobile before 6.  By the time I reached home, I was heading for the medicine cabinet, and I was in bed and asleep by 8:30 Thursday evening.  

I didn't sleep particularly well, as I was awake several times before I got out of bed at 6:30 a.m. on Friday.  I looked outside and groaned as we had gotten 3-4 inches of snow throughout the night.  My son was up, getting ready for work at 7, so I headed outdoors to start the shovelling.  I wanted to clear the driveway before he drove over it, as it packs the snow down. (He did give me heck when he got home and said it could have waited until he returned.  We disagree on this point.)  I spent about 40 minutes outside, clearing the driveway, sidewalks, and part of the front patio.  The bird feeder was empty so I made to fill it as I'm sure they (and probably the squirrel) would be hungry.  The temperature was forecast to reach -5C (23F) with light snow flurries for much of the day.

Back at D's, it's been two weeks since the flood in my daughter's house, and no word yet from the insurance company.  She's finding the wait very difficult, living with just the subfloor.  Did I mention that based on the dates of the plywood, the flooring was replaced in 2009?  The fellow who showed up on Wednesday morning to do the measurements for the flooring was certain he'd done same in the house several years ago.  She has decided to go with vinyl planking rather than laminate flooring.  The vinyl planking is waterproof while laminate is not, both are durable, pet friendly, so are a good choice for her.  We found some at the local Home Hardware that she liked, so hopefully the flooring store will have a similar product.

We spent some of our time at the indoor park.  The program is available Monday to Friday as well as two Saturdays a month, running from 9:30 to noon each day.  It's a great place for Eli to play with other children, with a wide variety of toys, books, and equipment.  Here are a few photos of the little guy having fun!

 Yes, he desperately needs a haircut!  His dad is here next week so I suggested D could have J hold Eli hates having his bangs cut.  I think he dislikes getting the small pieces of hair in his eyes.
Back at the house, we spent some time tidying up the main floor, and I convinced her that Eli has more than enough toys especially with Christmas coming.  She gathered up a large tote bin and will bring them to the city next week.  There is a local store that sells gently used children's clothing and toys - they purchase the items from individuals.  D sent home four bags of clothing as well, all of which need to be ironed.  I think she thinks I might do it for her...  We'll see, if I have the time and inclination.

She was also able to do a bit of shopping on her own. Eli is not the easiest kid to shop with, although he sits in the cart nicely he has a bad habit of adding things to the cart, especially at the checkout.  It is very frustrating to D, so when we stopped at the dollar store on Wednesday afternoon, I kept him away by the door.  He wasn't very happy with me but we both survived.  

I did get out for a bit of shopping on Black Friday.  My target was Safeway for toilet paper and paper towel at less than $5 a package.  I also found Fancy Feast cat food at 50 cents a tin, so grabbed some of that as well.  I didn't feel up to dinner on Friday evening, so let C know I'd see her next week.  In fact, all I did was veg on the couch until 7, when I climbed into bed for the night. 

I woke through the night with a nasty cough.  So Saturday was a quiet day.  I did a bit of housework, laundry, dishes, and cleaned cat litter.  There is a curling event on so I've been watching that, while crocheting another baby blanket.  No, these aren't for gifts, just using up leftover yarn.  D and I were talking about the potential of selling these through our local buy and sell group. I'll wait until I have a fair number of them before I decide to do that.

I did have one finish last week while I was watching the Grey Cup game.  I used up bits of yarn making this week snowman.  The eyes and buttons are supposed to be French knots, a stitch I've never mastered.  So I tried a cross stitch one direction and turned it to make a second stitch.  As you can see they didn't work well, but I've never seen a piece of coal that was perfectly round so....they are what they are.  I gave it to D and she loved it. 

Speaking of D, she sent me this photo on Saturday.  She and Eli went the Christmas pancake breakfast at the indoor playground where he got to see Santa.  D said he was the youngest child to be willing to sit on Santa's knee.  At first he was a little shy, but Santa gave him a tickle and he giggled. 

As you can see the children were able to wear their pajamas to the breakfast.  Isn't he just adorable?  And I don't mean Santa, though he has a great beard and moustache.  

Today, I have to make a dash to Walmart to pick up more Neocitran and some cold and flu tabs.  I've been using Buckley's cough syrup - like the advert says "hate the taste but it works!".  Last night was another rough one, as I woke several times with the coughing. My ribs hurt!   Other than that, I'll watch the curling finals, do a bit more crocheting, and I plan to make a pizza for supper.  

Sorry for this rambling post, I couldn't seem to get my head around putting it into some logical order.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Sorry you are sick. Kids are "terrible germ machines."

    And doing all that shoveling didn't help you any. S-h-a-m-e!!!!!!!!! -smile-

    Best of luck with getting better.

    🎄 😊 🎄

  2. I hope you feel much better soon. I sometimes take the Buckley's gel capsules, they go down much easier. :-)

    Eli's adorable, sitting on Santa's knee. That's a great Santa too. Our mall Santa has a real beard and moustache as well, and I think that makes a huge difference.

    Your little snowman is adorable too, I love it!

    Good luck to your daughter re: the insurance company. I'm actually considering vinyl plank flooring the next time I redo the flooring here, as the laminate I bought several years ago, supposedly good for "light office" use and with a 25-year warranty, has NOT worn well.

    Take good care of yourself, get lots of rest and have a good week.

  3. Eli is really a cutie or at least from his eyelashes down he is:)) Can't believe you were out shoveling snow. Take better care. I have had a coughing cold for 10 days now. Hope you get the abbreviated version.
    Remember lots of liquids and rest.

  4. So sorry you are not feeling well. It is a rotten time of year to be ill.

    We got freezing mist here for two days and then just a skiff of snow last night. I would much rather have had snow as it is now terribly icy. The city trucks have been out sanding today.

    I got Fancy Feast at Walmart for that same price last week.

    God bless.

  5. Oh my dear I am so sorry you are sick. You are going through it. All moms and grand moms go through this with their kids and then, the grandkids. A commenter above said kids are germ machines and they sure are, Mine gave me the flu several times, terrible chest colds, head name it. But you power thru and take care of them while you are suffering from the same thing.
    Feel better soon!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Those little ones will wear you out!

  7. Oh aye- you got the kidfluenza! That is the absolute worse- I'm just getting over my own bout with this crud. Hope you get better quick! Xx

  8. That seems pretty quick work for a cold that you picked up from Eli, feeling tired on the way home. But however you caught it, it sounds unpleasant, especially the coughing. That can rub a throat raw and, as you mentioned, hurt the ribs. It certainly can make for a sleepless night. I hope it is by now on its way out.


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