Saturday, 7 December 2019

Jingle bells, jingle bells....cough, cough, cough

Since I still wasn't feeling well, Monday was a quiet day.  I managed to get the rest of my Christmas wrapping done and all most of the gifts moved to the spare room closet (out of the reach of a little visitor). 

This cold kicked my butt for much of the week but by Tuesday I was feeling a bit of cabin fever.  I headed out to Walmart to print a few pictures, to Staples to print my Christmas letter, to Shopper's to post the Christmas cards and letters, and to Safeway to pick up the last couple of gift cards.  Hooray, Christmas preparations, with the exception of a bit of baking, is complete!

A little rant here.  I have printer at home, but my color cartridge is pretty much done.  I could have picked up another color cartridge but that would have cost me at least $75, or I could buy a new printer with a cartridge for a similar price. It's crazy that the cartridge alone is as expensive as the printer.  Since I don't do a lot of color printing AND I have a perfectly fine printer/scanner/copier I decided to print the letters at Staples instead.  It was pretty easy, they have self-serve kiosks, and you pay for both the time used on the computer as well as the copying.  My cost was about $25 so I can do this for three years before buying another cartridge or printer is an economic possibility.

Thankfully by Wednesday I was feeling some better as D and Eli came to visit.  I have to be on my toes with that little guy*.  They were here to pick up Eli's dad from his flight late that evening.  I had met my friend C for coffee that morning, and when I returned to the house they were there and Eli was busily eating me out of house and home lunch. That child has a very good appetite!  

His mother ran out to run an errand; while she was away, Eli and I made a small batch of cookies. 
These are brown sugar shortbread with a surprise in the center.  I flattened the cookies, Eli dropped in a few chocolate chips, and then I wrapped the cookie around the chips.  In the meantime, Eli continued to eat the chocolate!  He enjoyed a couple cookies later that afternoon.

It was D's birthday on Thursday so since she was here we ordered in Chinese food for dinner from her favorite local restaurant.  We ordered a dinner for three and an order of ginger beef as it is a family fave.  Eli has never tasted it so D put a piece on his plate, he picked it up, set it down, and she ate it.  She introduces new foods this way, he'll touch, then next time he'll often taste it, and if he likes it the third time he asks for more.  He does enjoy fried rice, chicken balls, and ate a bit of the vegetable chop suey.  There was enough food that I sent some home with D, kept some for my son and I, and we all were able to enjoy it the following night for dinner.  There was even enough chop suey left over, that I added some more veg to it and made a lunch for myself.

I did manage to get off my duff on Thursday, pretty much had to as I had an early nail appointment that morning.  I got some laundry done, made up the bed with fresh sheets and looked longingly at it as I would have liked to have climbed back in, cleaned the kitchen, changed the cat litter, and finally finished a third crocheted snowflake.  I pinned the snowflakes to a piece of cardboard and tried to spray them with some fabric stiffener.  I was stymied as Eli had pulled the sprayer off the bottle!  But they do seem to be (mostly) holding their shape.  

I didn't go for dinner with my friend C on Friday as she had something come up.  It was another quiet day as I continued to battle this cold.  I think I've gone through 2 full boxes of Kleenex and are well into the third.  It's annoying as I'd like to be finishing off my baking, but that's not happening while I've still got this cold.  Thankfully I have lots of programs PVR'ed to watch, a crocheting project to work on, and I don't need to leave the house.  

I'll post this on Saturday because the weekend will be pretty boring.  :)  I'll share this photo my brother sent me from one of his runs in the valley. Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone!

*Funny story - I had left the gifts for my brother and his family in a shopping bag in my closet.  D and I were chatting in the living room, we thought Eli was watching Paw Patrol in my bedroom, when we heard the sound of paper being torn.  We both headed to see what was going on.  Eli had just finished opening my niece's gift and as we entered the room, he turned to us and said "ta da".  We both had to laugh!  The gift has since been rewrapped and all of the gifts are now in the spare bedroom closet.


  1. Oh, Eli's a little monkey, opening your niece's gift. :-)

    I hope you feel better soon, that your cold is over and done with. You've managed to be very productive, IMO, in spite of the germs.

    BTW, that's a gorgeous photo that your brother sent; wow!

    Take care and have a great week.

  2. Little ones will keep you on your toes!

  3. You can't know how much I truly enjoy reading this blog!

    I have been down and out this entire week. Looks like the nonstop action and eating out constantly gave me a virus. Haven;t been sick in awhile so I "joined you" for a spell.

    Feel better quickly now. It has to be about over for both is us.

  4. I have heard that a color printer cartridge costs as much as a new printer. That is SO crazy! I hope that you keep feeling better.

  5. I hear ya! I'm on week 3 of this crud but it does get better. You are super organized! Congrats on being 95% complete with your Christmas things, I am 2%! Have a good day!

  6. So cute, he was helping! He knows that gifts are for opening. I hope you get rid of your cold so you can go enjoy yourself a bit more before Christmas (and get the baking done). We got the rest of the lights up, and am halfway thru cards but the USA ones need to be mailed tomorrow so tonight I will make a hot buttered rum and force myself to do it. Not sure why it is such an issue this year. Shopping is almost complete, need to do a bit of wrapping.

  7. Pick up Eli's dad... Happy to hear this. I had the impression that she was bringing up her son, by herself. So happy to hear, that this is not the case. I may be old-fashioned but I feel a child needs a mother and a father. Unless one turns out to be terrible, that is.

    Oh yes,little ones can get into more 'trouble,' than we think they can. Always have to be 1 step _ahead_ of them.

    Hope the cold is better soooon.

    πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„

  8. Hope you knock out that cold once and for all. Admire how you keep on trucking even when feeling punk. Eli is such a fun scamp. He does keep you entertained.

  9. I hope you get over your cold very soon. I am not as achy or nauseous as I was earlier this week, but I am sniffing and coughing a bit more.

    Sneaky Eli, I can see you need to stay on your toes.

    God bless.

  10. You are so right about the printer ink. That stuff is pricey. Good idea on just having them printed, especially if you won't use color much.
    What an adorable cookie 'helper'!
    I hope you continue to feel better and are 100% by Christmas. I had to laugh at ta-da!!!!!

  11. Do you have an HP printer? Curious because that's what I have and I was told long after I bought it that HP printers are the cheapest because their ink is the most expensive. In the end they get you. Is that picture taken in Sask or Albta?

  12. It seems like a lot of people are sick this season. Does it seem as though more are getting sick every year, and more often? I haven't for quite a while, but I am sure my time is coming. This cold of yours certainly sounds like it is hanging on. I hope it will be past its prime by the time you read this.

  13. You DO have your hands full with Eli. Too funny!
    Sorry you are not feeling well, so far we have avoided any of the nasty stuff. Glad to hear it is a bit better though.
    Good for you, almost ready for Christmas. I have 4 more days before my stuff can go up......can't wait! And then some baking too. Love the little snowflakes, I'm going to resort to my primary days and make some out of paper just to decorate the dark wood in here. :)


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