Sunday, 15 December 2019

Baby, it's cold outside

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it's not officially winter until December 21.  On Monday the cold air of the Arctic came blowing in and the temperatures dropped throughout the day.  I met my friend K for lunch and just from the car to the restaurant took my breath away!  

We had a lovely visit over lunch.  She and J are off to Arizona soon so we won't see each other until early 2020.  Lucky people!  I so wish I could get away but that's not happening, unless that lottery ticket in my wallet turns out to be the winner (it was not). I can only be thankful that I don't have to go out unless I want to.  

Despite the cold, D and Eli were back in Regina on Tuesday.  Eli had an allergist appointment that morning.  Great news, she doesn't feel that he has any other allergies and since he hasn't had an episode since last summer, she isn't concerned about his egg allergy either.  His mom will offer them on occasion but won't be in too big of a rush to get him to eat them.  J was with them, but decided to hang out with some friends before he was to fly out the next morning.  I'm pretty sure he was tired of being dad, after only a week.  AND it turns out he "slept in", missed his flight, and had no money to pay the change fee.  So initially he told my daughter he was looking for work to get enough cash together to fly home - I assume trying to get my daughter to give him the money.  As most of you know, I'm not a fan of this guy and I seriously considered giving the money to him myself however his mother came through with the cash to permit his flight change. Hooray!

I did venture out both Wednesday and Thursday.  I met the stitch and make group at the library.  There were only four of us - I'm sure the cold weather kept some home while prep for Christmas is probably in full swing too.  On Thursday I met my friend C for coffee.  We've changed coffee shops as the original spot was noisy, and while this current shop is busy they do have a quieter area off the side.  We had a good visit, chatting about a wide variety of topics.

I'm in a happy place again this week as another Grand Slam event is being televised (started Thursday morning). Oh, and I bought my Christmas present to myself - a weekend ticket to the next event being held here in Saskatchewan.  It's not far from D and Eli so I'll stay with them and drive back each day.  

I'm also feeling much better, still get the occasional coughing spell so still getting rid of some gunk, but the energy level is definitely up.  I got caught up on some housework, finished another baby blanket and started another, and as Eli would say, "ta da", I got my sugar cookies decorated.  I left three plain for Eli to decorate on Christmas Eve for Santa.  (At his mother's request....won't that be fun?)  

Saturday, I awoke to severe cold warnings.  The temperature at 7 a.m. (omg the cat's let me sleep in!) was -26C (-15F) with windchills of -35C (-31F).  Yikes, I'm so glad I hd no errands that need to be run.  I got the shovelling done on Friday as we'd had snow overnight.  Not a lot as you can see, but at least it was only -18C (0F) when I was clearing the driveway.  Best of all the sun was shining.  With the short daylight hours it's always wonderful to see the sun.

Funny story starring Eli - D called me Saturday morning to tell me.  He was misbehaving, she'd given him a warning that if he put his fingers in the butter again, she'd put him in time out. The little stinker went upstairs, grabbed his suitcase, came downstairs and told his mom, "I go Grandma".  We both laughed and he got away with his naughtiness.  I guess that means I (we) are a bit soft on the little guy....and he's already figured that out! 

Today it's warmed up considerably, just -11C (12F) and although I've not been outside I'm sure it will feel balmy.  I'll go out a little later to feed the birds before the curling is on. I'm currently watching a program on Animal Planet - it's a free preview for a month.  I think if I were to add any channels it probably would be this one.  I've learned so much from the various rescues and it is amazing the work that is being done for dogs, cats, bears, monkeys, and so many other animals.  The other night, I was laying in bed watching a show about lions and Saku watched with me for nearly 20 minutes!

Enough blather from me.  Have a wonderful week ahead!

One last note:  Connie,  the picture at the end of the previous post is of Saskatchewan.  It's the Qu'Appelle Valley north and west of Regina near my brother's home.  The photo is taken at the top of the valley near where R and  climbed this fall.  Looks a little different now!  And yes, I have an HP printer.  Next time I'm in the market I'll have to compare ink prices. 


  1. I'm pleased to read that you are feeling better. It seems like coughs and colds are taking longer to be gone these days. That's all we need: the common cold to become worse.

    And you're right about winter. That season seems to have come very early. Does it mean it will leave early? I don't think it works that way, unfortunately.

    Eli made me chuckle. He's forming coherent and (almost) complete sentences now? Good Heavens...

  2. That's some cold!!!!!!

    Ahhh, I had a different idea, about your daughter's "family". Glad his "mommy" got him home. He must be a *Winner*.... Not!!!!


  3. Glad you are feeling better. My goodness that is cold! Stay in if at all possible.
    Too cute on leaving cookie to decorate for Santa!
    Have a good week.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like your Grandson is at a fun age, Christmas will be fun this year. I am so glad it didn't get down below minus 17 in Alberta, I can see in our future that we will make less winter trips there and more summer trips as I just can't stand the cold anymore.

  5. I, too, am glad you're perkier, on the mend. Just in time for Christmas! The cookies look yummy, btw.

    My thoughts about Eli's father were not charitable re: oversleeping and missing his flight, needing money, etc. Good thing his mother came through, because it's sure as heck not your job, or your daughter's, to cough up the money.

    Anyway, take care, stay warm and cosy...dress in layers! Oh, and OMG, please don't send that deep freeze our way, we've already had enough of winter, thanks.

  6. Great looking cookies! Yes it is cold here too unbelievably cold for this time of year after Christmas yes and Jan too but before Christmas...we need a break!

  7. Your temps sent me shivering! I love those cookies :)

  8. Glad you are feeling better but those negative temperatures can't be helping.
    How funny that Eli not only knows where life is easier but he is willing to use it as a threat.:)) You go grandma.

  9. Yes, I knew those pictures of where you were hiking were of the valley!! I think you are correct and we don't live that far apart.

    Isn't it lovely that the temperatures have warmed up and we can actually get from house to vehicle to where ever without needing to bundle up quite as much?

    I am glad you are feeling better.

    God bless.

  10. Sorry to see those bitter c-c-cold temperatures!!! Yeuch!! My brother is in Cold Lake, Alberta and often posts a picture of his forecast. Staying inside is a good option! Your cookies look awesome, mine are never so nice looking.
    Eli sounds so cute, love the suitcase episode. They are so smart!

  11. I LOVED what Eli did! How perfect that was!! I shared your story with my DIL. She loved it too. I hope my grandson James says something like that one day!


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