Sunday, 22 March 2020

Semi-Isolation - week one

As is the case with most of Canada, our province is under a state of emergency (as is our city now) and we've all been asked to practice social distancing. No groups greater than ten are recommended as long as we stay well apart.  All local libraries, gyms, recreational centres and many of the stores have been closed down or will be doing so this weekend.  Only essential businesses and services will remain open.  

I'm not a social butterfly so staying home isn't a real hardship for me.  My son went to work Monday through Wednesday before he was sent home.  At this point they've told to return on Monday, April 6, but that may change as circumstances dictate.  He told me it will feel strange to be at home for so long, so I've offered to make a list of things for him to do. Funny, he hasn't taken me up on my offer as yet.

In the meantime I'm keeping busy with painting, crocheting, reading, and watching television.  I did go out briefly on Monday to pick up a few groceries and on Tuesday to get more paint but I won't be going out again for awhile unless necessary.  We have lots of food in the house and when I run out of paint, I'll start doing some deep cleaning.  

When I was at the grocery store on Monday they were nearly out of toilet paper, but the oddest thing I saw was the empty unit that normally holds bagged potatoes.  Of course, that was one of the items I was there for - I did get five reasonably sized potatoes from the pile of loose potatoes, but was shocked when I got home, read the receipt and realized I'd paid nearly $5 for them!  For the next while, rice and pasta will be the mainstays around here.  That and eggs because I bought when they were on sale!

I've finished painting both spare bedrooms, the hall, and most of my master bedroom.  I still have the one wall (the darker one) to finish.  I'll use the paint I used for the bathrooms as it is slightly darker than the new color so that it creates a feature wall behind the bed.  

Next up is the basement, as I am hiring professionals to complete the painting of the kitchen, living room, front foyer, and basement stairwell.  I don't have either the equipment nor the height to manage to properly manage painting those walls.

I did allow the company representative into my home on Saturday to provide a quote.  I was thrilled when it came less than I had anticipated, plus I got a 10% discount for signing the agreement that day.  We managed to keep a social distance from one another and I ensured I wiped down anything she may have touched with disinfectant wipes when she left.  The work won't happen until May at the earliest but I'll be thrilled to have it done.  

In between painting and cleaning up after painting, I've been watching curling.  While this year's women's worlds has been cancelled, TSN has been replaying the last two year's games.  I know who won the final but not the other games or at least the details of the games.  In other words, I'm enjoying seeing the replays!  

My newest crochet project is a new pillow cover.  This is the photo I snagged from the website, isn't it pretty?  I had purchased some blue yarn from the thrift store a few weeks ago and when I opened it up I discovered it is "scratchy" yarn.  I can't/won't use it for a sweater since I can't stand that itchy feeling but decided as pillow covers it would be fine.  I've nearing completing the first piece (the front) and will use some cream material I have for the back.  For the flowers and leaves I have bits and pieces from past projects I can use, and since my yarn is blue I'll likely use white for some of the flowers.  I doubt it will look as professional as the one on the website but I'll do my best!

The weather has been up and down here all week. We had a bit of snow, some colder temperatures but the weekend has been quite nice.  When the sun room warms up the sun room I've been letting the cats out to enjoy the warmth and the sun puddles.  They've both been happy. I've yet to manage to find time to actually go out and enjoy it myself, silly me. Next week for certain as we're going to reach 11C (52F) on Monday!  I'm going to take a day off from painting and housecleaning and just relax.  At least that's what I'm telling myself right now.

How are you managing with this pandemic?  My friend J in the UK is being asked to self-isolate for 12 weeks!  I can't imagine doing so but I know it is for the safety of seniors and those with underlying health issues that this recommendation has been made.  As another blogger said, better to be safe than sorry.  I know others are working from home and every one is limiting their social interactions to a minimum.  I am hopeful that we will all come through this time unscathed.  

Take care of yourselves, your families (furbabies included), and stay well!  Let's all be like the cats, relax, take plenty of naps, and wash, wash, wash. 


  1. For us this is not a hardship to stay home either, we already do that 90% of the time. The hardest part is not running to the store when you "think" you need something like everyone used to be able to do. I've ordered thinning hair cutting scissors from amazon but it won't be here for weeks....the 3 of us (including dog) are going to look pretty funky soon. We were out all day yesterday in the sun washing down the patio furniture and arranging it, getting the cushions out etc. It was 13 degrees and gloriously sunny.

  2. Oh my goodness, that pillow is beautiful.
    Yes, be like kitties!!!! They have the right idea.
    Stay busy and stay safe my friend.

  3. I'm glad you're managing well so far and that you're continuing to be productive!

    While my life is pretty isolated on a good day, my routine of going to work, catching up with bus friends I've made over the years, chatting with drivers I know and baristas and store staff, as well as my co-workers, is pretty crucial to my mental health. So I have some concerns as to how I'll fare over the long-term, given that I can't go browse in a store or run errands the way I normally would.

    I actually ordered 2 hard-covered books from Amazon today (one not released till May), and when the first comes I will be mindful that the virus lives on cardboard for 24 hours.

    That pillow cover is so pretty! Oh, that reminds me, have you seen the videos on how to make masks? A 10 - 20 minute project. It makes me wish I still had my sewing machine...and sewing supplies.

    Take care; stay well!

  4. MY gosh girl, you are da bomb in getting things done! I smiled over your list being ignored by your son. Haver three of them that do the to me all the time. That pillow IS pretty. I wish I had those skills. I wish it every time I see lovey things like that. My fingers have problems knowing what to do even when they've been told. They have aways been recalcitrant like that! Can't do a thing with them!

  5. We will be heading back up to the city on Friday. Kris has his specialist appointment that day. He is working half days from home now as the occupational therapist said that would be best for him. The city was very quick at getting him his laptop delivered. Turned out they really miss him.

    Keeping busy here, taking walks on the almost deserted streets, knitting, cleaning and baking. Supplies are sometimes hard to find, but so far our pantry and freezers are holding their own.

    God bless.

  6. I'm in Toronto so under the same rules. My office closed last Tuesday and we don't expect to be back until after Easter. I may go in for a couple of hours early Tuesday morning but it will only be me and one of the caretakers so we will be observing Social Distancing. I went out Saturday morning for a walk and to get some fresh groceries (It was bitterly cold but it was nice to get some fresh air). My No Frills was doing a good job of only letting in so many people at a time and having us stand on an X on the floor while waiting to check out so we were the proper distance apart. They had lots of bread, meat & dairy and weren't too bad for fresh fruit & veg but frozen section was decimated and the rest of the shelves were hit or miss.
    I too have a list of chores to get through however, I live in a small apt. so I'm trying to pace myself.
    I'm going to sign up for another online course, putting out a new puzzle tomorrow and have lots of books plus Netflix so I have lots to keep me busy.

  7. Sounds like you are keeping busy! Glad hiring the painting worked out for you! Stay safe! :)

  8. Here in Lethbridge, the libraries are closed, as are the schools and day-care centres. That means half of all the working couples have to stay home. My department at work has lost two members this way, so the rest of the work falls on those remaining. Most of us are still working because we need the money. I would have no problem with staying home, well, all the time, but I don't see that happening.

    With regard to the potatoes' price, here we have somewhere we can report price gouging. You may want to consider that. Five dollars for five potatoes can't be the usual price...

    I hope things continue well for you. As usual, I am impressed at how much you can do!

  9. I'm glad you are doing well and I hope your son takes you up on your job offers. haha
    The house is looking gorgeous! You won't want to sell although I know you really do. :)
    The furbabies sure do have the right idea. Nothing to worry about at all. Just as long as mama doesn't run out of food for them!
    Take care, I'm anxious to get to the point of crocheting where you are. I know that was a pix off the internet but your stitches are always so neat compared to mine. LOL
    stay healthy and safe!

  10. You are getting so much done. Kudos. Ya know, cats do have natural pandemic skills. So far I have been locked up for a week. I did get to mow this week which I actually thought was fun. Zero toilet paper in my area. Wonder if that will ever ease. Not panicking for paper yet but if this keeps up--
    Keep busy and stay safe.

  11. Take good care of yourself. I am very impressed with your focus - my mind is too scattered right now. I need to find that focus. Good job to you.


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