Sunday, 8 March 2020

What's up with the weather?

My brother sent me this the other day:

Canada's 11 seasons
Fool's spring
Second winter
Spring of deception
Third winter
Mud season
Actual spring
False fall
Second summer (1 week)
Actual fall

I believe we've reached second winter as we've definitely had a bit of fool's spring.  Earlier this week my cross street neighbour's lawn was clear of snow.  On Thursday, not so much!

I shovelled about two to three inches of the stuff, heavy wet snow!  Friday our temperatures soared to 11C (52F), and when I woke up Saturday morning, it was still 1C, just above freezing. And the neighbour's lawn has no snow again. Finally, on Sunday we had more snow, about 1/2 inch or so.  Spring of deception, perhaps? 

Most of the week has been taken up with curling and crocheting, though I did manage to pull nails and remove wallpaper in the spare bedroom. I used the last of my Rona gift cards to pick some drywall compound to do a skim coat as there are some dents and larger holes in the wall.  Some of it was damage from removing the chair molding, a lot was damage covered up by the wallpaper.  The family before has had foster children and I'm assuming some of it was from various kids that used that room.  Who knows for sure?

I also picked up some supplies for painting.  I'll get the paint once I've got the room ready to go.  If you've read this blog for a long time, you may remember the fiasco with the paint from Rona that kept separating on me.  I got no satisfaction when I returned the can to the store - they suggested I allowed it to freeze and would not give me a refund.  After several e-mails to the head office and then to the store manager I received the gift cards as compensation.  I will NOT be buying the paint from Rona for certain.

Then, of course, because it seems that every week something around here breaks, I bought a new printer.  I had bought an ink cartridge replacement and when I went to replace it, a piece inside the printer broke off! So I bought a printer compatible with the cartridge - another HP all-in-one.  The store employee told me that it isn't unusual for this piece to break but hopefully this new machine will last as long as the original.  I believe I've had this one for about 5-8 years.

I needed the printer to print off my insurance policy for my June trip.  My travel agent, L is a gem!  She called me early this week to let me know Manualife was likely going to change their policy for cancellation as a result of the coronavirus.  I bought my policy on Tuesday, they changed their policy on Thursday.  So I'm covered in case the cruise has to be cancelled, and I bought coverage for my flight as well.  Unfortunately, the gal who was planning to travel with me has to cancel due to an underlying medical condition.  I'll be solo for this trip, but I'm excited as I know I'll get a chance to visit with J in England prior to the cruise!  We chatted today and she's going to meet me (and stay) at my hotel and we'll do a bit of touring together while I'm there.  I know how very fortunate I am.

For those who are thinking I'm crazy to consider a cruise during this pandemic, my thoughts are these:
I'm relatively healthy, just overweight, thus have no underlying health issues that would be a major concern.  Canada has not issued a travel advisory for UK/Europe due to the coronavirus, though if that happens I have the insurance.  As a result, at this point, I have no valid reason for cancelling and doing so would be an expensive proposition.  The cruise company is allowing passengers to cancel, with a partial refund and future cruise credits.  However, my flight would not be refundable.

On the ship, I know that the crew will be doing everything to keep the ship clean as they do every cruise.  However, I have been on cruises where norovirus has been an issue, though I've never been affected.  I'll avoid the buffet, where some passengers have a bad habit of picking up food and putting it back, wash my hands frequently, use my elbows on the stair rails, and try to avoid touching my face. The latter is probably the hardest for me.  I tend not to use the elevator, not are they often crowded, but I use the stairs to help stave off gaining any more weight.  I'll try to avoid large gatherings, and my off ship excursions will also be focused away from high numbers of tourists.

Is the risk of getting ill more significant on the cruise than at home?  Probably, because of the number of people who I'll encounter.  But it's a risk I'm willing to take because I think at some point we'll all be exposed to this virus.  Regardless I refuse to be trapped in my home, I'll continue to live my life and look forward to this bucket list cruise.  

On a much more pleasant note, I received a photo from my cousin of her DIL with the blanket and toy I sent.  They love it, which is lovely to hear.  

Baby will be born on March 27, with a scheduled C-section.  I hope I'll get another photo of the wee one with the blanket too.  

I'm very near to finishing another blanket and will share a photo of that next week.  In the meantime our Saskatchewan team is playing the semi-final against a very strong team from Newfoundland. The game is very close, both teams playing well with the odd miss.  Fingers crossed our team makes into this evening's final.

One last photo, of a wee bird near the feeder this week.  It appeared to be injured as there were several loose feathers, and bit of excrement in the snow.  It did a bit of flapping of its wings but didn't fly off while I filled the feeder.  I did put a bit of seed down nearby, in case it was simply stunned and needed to rest a bit.  When I went out an hour or so later to check, it was gone.  I don't know if it had hit the sunroom window, but I found it odd that it had lost some feathers, so have to wonder if it hadn't tangled with a larger bird/predator.  I'm hopeful that its absence was indication that it survived and was able to fly off.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. I think half of the people I know have been on cruises this past week or are leaving this coming week. They are all going south - so I don't think they were too worried.
    You can't live in fear.
    Have a great week.

  2. It's good to be safe (use wet wipes to wipe seats down in aircraft, and use antibacterial hand gel) but not sensible to worry about life too much. Whatever will be will be. I did notice that places like costco now are spraying down the eating areas a lot more than before. And maybe people are washing their hands more which just makes sense anyway, likely the regular flu season will be less harmful this year as a result too. We are traveling in 2.5 weeks to Mexico. I understand they might do a fever test on arrival but they don't even touch you and just hold something up to your forehead. Other than that I am game to go. If cruise lines are prevented from going into ports the cruise lines may just end up cancelling the cruises altogether. And fyi worse case scenario if that happens you can change your flights for a fee with AC and WJ so don't worry about it. You only pay the rebooking fee (usually about $100-$150) when rebooking.

  3. Actually I'm glad you are continuing with your plans. You can't live in fear and the media are amping up the fear level each day/. Yes, we have to be careful but you and your first commenter are right. You can't live in fear. Now me, with my humdinger of a heart surgery in 2015...I will always be at a lower ebb in catching things and I know it,,though I have recovered well. So I'll drive places and enjoy what I have when I can. I swear I don't think anyone has more get up and go/energy than you do! You and Kim (Kea) have all my admiration!!

  4. Oh and we are cold from late Oct thru April...then, arranging inferno of heat!

  5. At least the second summer is traditional: that's Indian Summer.

    I wouldn't worry about going on a cruise. Though the ships they use these days are far too huge for my liking, I don't think they are a hazard right now. Considering the number of cruise-ships currently voyaging, the two (or is it three) that have made the headlines is a small proportion. It may be different if it were a cruise to China...

    Did you see any pawprints in the snow around the bird? If not, then it was probably just stunned, and was able to fly away. I hope.

  6. I know, what is with this crazy weather. A really warm February with little to no snow and then the madness of March. The roads were slushy in places, icy in others and clear in some spots on the way home from Kris's. I have traveled worse, but have also traveled better at this time of year.

    God bless.

  7. I would hope by June that the Virus would be history! :)

  8. I love "Canada's 11 Seasons," must save that!

    It's sensible not to let fear overtake you and keep you from traveling, though I don't think I would take a cruise at the moment. LOL. By June all might be okay (or not...who knows). That said, I'm more likely to pick up something on public transit, with people squashed in like sardines on the afternoon commute home and the buses so filthy. I was out and about yesterday and watched one young woman cough on her bare hand, then use the same hand to ring the bell and hold onto one of the bars as she was standing up and getting off. Gross, gross, gross. So wash your hands properly, take disinfecting wipes, and yup, keep you hands away from your face. (That also is hard for me, I'm constantly scratching, rubbing my eyes, etc.)

  9. Was wondering if you were still planning on the cruise. You are way braver than I am but then I am old with bad lungs. Lets hope by the time you are ready to go, the decision will be easier to make. Stay safe.

  10. Bill's step Mom is mid 80's and just cancelled her flight to Florida. She is always very cautious about germs, overboard in my opinion - we do need to build an immunity, don't we? I support your decision to live your life and as long as you are careful and practical, I believe you'll be find. Also as others have said, June is 3 months away and things hopefully will have calmed down by then.
    Love the picture of soon-to-be Taylor with blanket and lamb. :) I wish I could crochet as well and as quickly as you.

  11. You have been busy! I hope that cute little bird is okay.


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