Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Final she-shed update

This is likely the final she-shed update, though I suspect I'll share a few more photos when I finally get a chance to visit.  Everything is complete with the exception of the roof shingles and I expect R will finish that in the next week or so.  That's not very exciting so I doubt I'll see photos.

Loft and desk were set up - I suspect the loft was lowered to allow for my niece to be able to sit....she's nearly 6 feet tall!

She plans to use this space as a place to read. She was checking the view from the window - just enough head room for her. 

Nice view from the side desk!

Then it was time to start decorating the space.  

R built her a ladder, from what else, salvaged wood.  Much nicer than the step ladder.

They even built in a bench for seating (photo taken from the loft).  An old microwave stand provides some storage too.

One of my favorite photos of all is this one.  All lit up in the evening, using battery operated lighting.  I can envision L working on her art projects in the quiet of the day.

I was asked about the distance of the building from the rest of the property.  It is about 30 yards into the bush on a clearing.  R did send me a photo taken from up closer to their home that same evening.
L spent her first night sleeping out in the she-shed recently.  It was one of our colder nights with temperatures falling to 5C (40F), which she noticed along with how early the sun rises these days.  That gives me ideas for a she-shed warming gift.  Perhaps a warm blanket or some curtains are in order.

What a transition!  From a garden shed to keep the lawn mower, tools, and garden supplies in, to a lovely art studio or a hang-out space in just a few weeks.  I'm pretty impressed with my brother and his carpentry skills.  Especially knowing the craptastic job he and my cousin B did in renovating my mom's bathroom years ago.  It was bad!  Like the shed he's come a long way. 

Take care and stay well everyone!


  1. Wow, what a cool she shed. Lucky lady and I love the reuse of everything

  2. LOVE IT! I want one!!!!!! That is just too cool and what a nice quiet place to read or craft. Looks pretty lit up.

  3. The shed is just perfect and what gorgeous scenery to gaze at while reading or working on an art project.

    God bless.

  4. What can we all say except "fantastic". I want one too!

  5. He needs to mass produce these. I want one too, oh that's right, I all ready have one, just not as well thought out. Loved the lights on shot. How warm and inviting that makes it look.

  6. That is indeed a marvellous transformation. It looks very nice. (Perhaps if you had had your brother transform your bathroom into a rustic shed, it would have been perfect...)

  7. That is so cozy and pretty! :)


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