Sunday, 14 June 2020

Losing my mind?

Another week is nearly in the books.  I didn't start this post earlier in the week, so you're left with what I can remember happened...Monday is a total write-off.  

I know I got out to do a bit of shopping on Tuesday, just for a few groceries and puttered in the yard.  Wednesday and Thursday I spent most of both days in the sun room with the cats.  The painters were here to complete the living room, kitchen, front foyer and basement stairwell. The evening prior to their arrival, I had moved all the furniture in the living room to the center of the space and removed the face plates for the light switches and plug-ins.  It saved them a few minutes of time...not much but a little.

They were here by 8:30 in the morning and left about 6 p.m. the first day.  The second day was shorter, from 8:30-2:30.  I was grateful they finished early as the outdoor temperature was about 24C and the sunroom a few degrees warmer than that.  The cats don't seem to mind...I'm a little more sensitive to it.  I was able to keep myself well entertained, with my laptop, crocheting, a book, and the radio.  You-tube videos of past Olympic curling trial matches were enjoyed while I worked on the blanket.  The radio provided background music (or news) while I read.  

Since the painters left before their boss arrived to do an inspection there were a few spots that need to be touched up.  Most I could do myself, but one of the two got paint on the beam that runs across the vaulted ceiling.  That's way beyond my reach.  She was going to have them come back on Friday, but I had planned to drive out to visit D and Eli that day so we postponed the return visit until this upcoming week.

The shade of gray is a couple of degrees lighter than the original and it looks very fresh and clean now.  They've left me with one part can and one full of paint so if any damage occurs in the next while I'll be able to take care of them.  I used a company called Students Works Painting.  The crew changes frequently as the students graduate but I've used the company before and been happy with both the results and the price.  It was no different this time, and while there were a few spots to touch up I am not surprised.  As any one who has painted a wall or two knows it happens.  I did learn how to use the roller to eliminate the marks that sometimes show up - it's because I try to get every bit of paint out it and press too hard.  I'll get a chance to test my ability as I need to repaint one wall in my bedroom - since I ran out of paint when I was almost finished.

Mid-morning on Friday I drove out to visit with D and Eli.  We had a busy afternoon, while she did a bit of shopping without us, Eli and I played in the yard, took a walk around the neighbourhood, and then walked the street to check out the construction of corner sidewalks.  Eli is very fascinated by the holes but was very good at listening when I asked him to stay behind the orange cones.  When D returned, I did some raking for her, while she pulled some weeds in the flower bed.  Eli did what he did best, running around the yard.

Saturday morning we took him for a walk over to one of the newly opened parks.  Initially he was the only child there, but was joined by a five year old who is spending a week with his grandparents nearby.  
At first the other little guy seemed a bit annoyed with Eli but soon they were running and playing.  We spent about 45 minutes there before heading home for lunch.  (Note: hand sanitizer was used by all of us prior and subsequent to playing).

After lunch we did some yard work before walking over to another park a few blocks in the other direction.  Here he the space all to himself.
He played on the slide for a bit, and in the sand for longer still and then had a short time on the swing.

His dad called while we were at the park, but the winds were gusting at this point so they couldn't hear one another.  We headed back to the house so Eli could video chat with J.  

It was going on 2:30 p.m. and the winds were continuing to pick up so I decided to head on home.  For the first 75 kilometers (46.6 miles) I followed a semi.  I'm thinking his trailer was empty or held only a light load because the trailer was blown sideways quite frequently.  I finally had a spot I felt safe to get by so took the opportunity to pass.  On the other side of the valley there are passing lanes every 16 km. (10 mi.) so it is easier to get by but not on the first part of the journey.  When I got home and saw the news I learned that winds were gusting 50-80 kph (30-50 mph).  Yikes, no wonder that trailer was being blown around.

This morning, I discovered the lid of my bird feeder had been lifted off by the winds.  There were lots of evergreen bits on deck and in the grass too, and the deck chairs had moved a bit.  The neighbour pointed out that a board on the fence had come loose on my side too, so I took my hammer and pounded in a couple of nails in.  It should be good for until the next big wind.

We're expecting rain and possible thunderstorms this afternoon.  The winds seems to have died down and it's overcast.  I'm watching another final from the Olympic curling trials (the second for today) on TSN.  Beyond that I don't expect I'll be doing much today.  I know I've got a busy week ahead, besides expecting to see the painters, doing some painting myself, I have to make the drive back to D's.  I left my wallet on her kitchen counter!  While they're coming for doctor's appointments on the 25th that's a little too long to wait to get it back.  

I'll end this with a photo of my regular visitor, little bunny. It doesn't see to be very worried about me and has so far, been well behaved leaving the vegetable containers alone.  The photo was taken through the screen window from the sunroom.
Take care everyone and stay well!


  1. As you know, we had an impressive thunderstorm here last night. You'll have to let me know how you fare. I do like summer thunderstorms, especially on Saturday nights when I can have the leisure to enjoy them. (You can tell how active my social life is!)

    I think there is a 'Student Works Painting' business here, too. I wonder if they are franchises of a country-wide company, or if they just have similar names.

    It's funny that the older boy played with Eli. It seems to me that when I was a boy, a couple of years difference for children was like a generation's difference. We certainly didn't want to be saddled with 'kids'. But Eli is probably too entertaining and fun to ignore!

  2. That is a big job to put behind you! Sounds like a good group to use. Hope you have a good week:)

  3. I'm glad that most of the painting is done, and the majority of it to your satisfaction. There's a student painting business here too, College Pro Painters, I think. I got 2 cans of paint to start in on downstairs when I'm taking vacation days in a couple of weeks. I only hope I have even a fraction of your motivation!

    Take care and have a good week. 🙂

  4. Man I wish we had such a company here too! I need the inside of the house painted! I can't do it myself. If we ever email, I will explain. Meanwhile, it's a pleasure to read all YOU do. Seriously. It cheers me to read each blog. I do a lot too. And I am known to write of it on my own blog. It gives me satisfaction to list what I have done for they or several's like a "reward" to me. Just like making lists here at the house, and striking off each thing as I do it is all I need as a reward. 😊

  5. That was a violent wind to move the truck around. Isn't it great to have interior walls painted? Everything looks so fresh. Enjoy your new pretty walls.

  6. That student painting sounds like a heck of an idea. Glad they did a good job for you. I always feel sorry for truck and RV drivers in a strong wind. It must be like flying a kite as they have so much surface to catch the winds.

  7. Yikes, the prairie wind. We've gotten bad winds lasts weekend up to 55 km here but no damage. We hired student painters one time and they got paint all over our leather sofa (I spent months trying to scrape it off) as didn't cover it up and it was 6 feet away from them. We now paint ourselves - but there are 2 of us and it takes so bloody long.

  8. Mostly just thunder and lightening to the north of us, lots of wind, but not the damaging winds of earlier thank heavens.

    The paint job looks lovely and fresh.

    God bless.

  9. It's amazing what a paint job does to your surroundings. I love bright but I also love colour so would have to do an accent wall in a yellow or orange. Ha ha, don't roll your eyes! Luckily, Bill is on board with my ideas (usually).
    Fun times with Eli and some work done too. Sounds like good times except for the winds.


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