Tuesday, 9 June 2020

She's almost done - a she-shed update

I think it is nearly time for a visit to the farm to visit the old shed.  In the meantime R has been good enough to send more photos of the progress.

While his wife and daughter were in the city one day, he put in the flooring.  This is wood that was salvaged from their kitchen ceiling in the old stone house.  I'd love to have this quality of hardwood in my own home!

The siding is nearly complete, and again he's using salvaged wood on the addition. This wood is from an old barn.

There is still some work to be done on the front, trimming out the windows and a stoop.  He's also planning to build a deck on the back side (north facing) so there is a place to sit in the shade when the temperatures rise.

This is the view of the east side, in the late afternoon, looking towards the valley and the hills beyond.

Still left to be completed is the loft where L plans to use as a reading space, a desk area for art work and writing, and whatever else she decides to decorate it with.  

Although I wasn't happy about having to get rid of the shed, I'm so grateful to R to finding a place for it on the farm.  I know he's enjoying it too - he called the other evening, when he was out at the shed after clearing some of the growth from the path leading to it.  And with L graduating in a year and going to school in another city, I suspect it may become more of man-cave.  

In any event, I know it is being put to good use!


  1. Geez, some curtains for privacy, a little electric heater or wood-burning stove, and I'd move in.

    1. I would have said the same as John here, had I thought of it as I was writing my comment. Well done too with using materials at hand. I wish this could be showcased in the local newspaper! It could be an inspiration for others.

  2. NICE! I love the little shed - it is lovely. I want one!!!

  3. Wow, it looks wonderful. I am sure it will be greatly enjoyed.

    God bless.

  4. The She-shed is coming along nicely. Beautiful wood. A loft? It doesn't look high enough but it is going to be so nice with the deck and those lovely windows.Makes me want to clean mine up!

  5. Hope there is a completion party planned. It is looking good. Nice to know your shed found a good home.

  6. The she shed was awesome. I can't remember the reason you got rid of the shed. At least it has been put to fantastic use, I would love a space like that

  7. I really love it! That hardwood is gorgeous.

  8. How far away from the house is the she shed located? I'm hoping it isn't a long walk.

  9. Cheapchick said it for me. This shed is awesome and what a vast amount of work has been put into it. I think it is beautiful! I love seeing how it has taken form. And that it is made from materials at hand.

  10. Oh it looks wonderful! Love the floor!


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