Sunday, 12 July 2020

Getting out while I can

It's mid-week already as I start this post.  Not entirely sure where the time goes, but it sure does.  Despite no social life these days (though it was never really much) I never run out of things to keep my mind and body busy.

Monday I needed to pick up a prescription for D, so I decided since I was out, I'd take a run to Costco.  It's the first time since February when I was last in the store.  I probably won't go back for a while, I was not impressed with their Covid-19 measures.  Carts were not sanitized, just left in rows outside the store, and while a number of the customers were masked, many were not nor were many of the workers. There didn't seem to be any limit on the number of people in the store, and few arrows in the aisles.  Not that anyone was paying much attention.  I went prepared with my baggie of Lysol wipes, did my best to avoid being close to people, and got in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

You'll probably shake your head at this, but I went specifically to get clothing for my adult children's Christmas gifts.  I follow a blog that details the sale items each week for the western Canadian Costco's. There were both men's and women's t-shirts, leggings for women, and men's briefs on sale.  I picked up a t-shirt and leggings for D, a t-shirt for C, and a two piece short set for Eli.   I paid just over $40 for all four items so was quite pleased. By the way, for those who may not be keeping track, it's less than six months until Christmas. 

I also bought this mat for the sunroom on sale.  As you can see Saku likes it!  I'd seen it on the blog, liked it, but didn't think I'd purchase but when I saw it in the store, it just jumped into my cart.

From there I went to Winners, another store I haven't been in for months.  I was looking for pillows as mine have lost their oomph.  I prefer a firm pillow.  I may has well not bothered, as there was limited goods on the shelves.  I'm not sure if they sent stuff back while they were closed or if people have been shopping like mad since they re-opened.  In any event I won't go back again in the near future.

Walmart was my next option, and I did find two pillows there for $10 each.  After I got home I replaced the pillows on the bed with the new ones, lay back to test them out...and dozed off!  

Much of Tuesday was spent in the garage or outdoors.  I cleaned the door leading into the house, as it was pretty filthy, pulled the wooden step away and cleaned behind it, and then I used some of my leftover paint to repaint the step.  I also swept the floor, and started mopping it.  I have been thinking I might paint the floor as it has gotten stained over the years.  However everything I've read suggests this isn't a good idea because the paint will peel when we drive over it. I wonder if bleach would help take out the stains? 
Outside, the spruce trees just won't stop dropping pine cones, the grass keeps growing, and the containers need watering.  After mowing the lawn I filled the wheelbarrow about 3/4's full of pine cones, pine needles, leaves and other debris.  The spruce out front has spread it's branches over the patio, so I cut those back and bagged the debris before loading it into the garbage bin.  I still need to go around front and trim those branches back but the bin was nearly full at this point, and wouldn't be picked up until Thursday.

It was a hot day (29C/84F) so by the time I finished I desperately needed a shower.  I was talking to D, and she said Eli wanted to call me but would wait until I was done with my shower.  When I was feeling human again, I called him back and this was his response: "Hi Grandma, bye Grandma."  I said, Eli Grandma wants to talk to you.  He replied, "No Grandma, I said bye!"  He certainly has no difficulty in speaking his mind. :)

That evening, I watched the radar closely as we had a ridge of storms heading our way.  About 9 p.m. we had some lightning and thunder but there wasn't a great light show.  However we did get a bit of rain which is always appreciated...saves on the water bill.

By Wednesday I was ready for an easy day.  I caught up on some television programs, crocheted a bit, and in between programs did a few household chores.  
I don't believe I've posted a picture of the latest baby blanket.  This is one of the three for my daughter's friend.  The second one is about half done and is a mint green color.  The third blanket's color will be determined when the mom has her ultrasound and knows the genders - I have both pink and blue yarn in the stash.

I also found a use for the old pillows that I replaced.  I'd bought some towels at Walmart on clearance a few weeks ago that I thought I could use in the sunroom.  But these turned out to be smaller than the ones I use now.  At $4 a piece I kept them because I figured I could use them for something.
I determined the towel folded in half would fit nicely over the pillow with an overlap of about 6-6 1/2 inches.  I pinned and then sewed up the sides before inserting the pillow.  I had thought I might tack down the flap, but decided to look for some buttons to decorate the edge instead.
I have a bag of buttons, gathered up over the years, some from old clothing, a few from my mom's sewing cabinet, and a few that I picked up at thrift stores.  I found two packs of embossed buttons that I figured were pretty old. When I looked at the card I realized how old - in case it isn't clear in the photo it's dated 1965 and the price was $1 for four buttons! I'm pretty sure these once belonged to my mom.  She started sewing in earnest about that time. I wonder what project she had in mind.

For just $10 (excluding taxes and the time value of money) and a minimal amount of effort, I have two new-to-me couch cushions.  They're washable too, bonus! Saku seems to like them too. 

Our weather has been wacky, with a day of heat followed by a few days of cool temperatures.  Thursday I woke to rain and overcast skies.  There went any plans to be outdoors.  I received an e-mail that Michaels was having a 60% off sale, so after a bit of housework I masked up to go see what I could find.  Surprise, surprise (not) some yarn fell into my cart.  I think I know what I want to make with it, and will share more when I start that project.  I'm pretty certain it won't be around in 55 years for someone else to use.

Michaels is across the parking lot from Walmart, so I stopped in there to get eggs, tomatoes, and something I couldn't remember so I wandered the store to see if I could find it.  (It was bananas and I didn't get any.) Imagine my surprise when I found more yarn on sale! Naturally a few skeins needed to come with me. Again I have some ideas for this yarn but suspect it will be awhile before I get to it.  I've added another task to the list, to clean the craft room and sort the yarn.  And for the next while I'll spend more time crocheting and knitting than weeding...I hope.

I leave the sunroom overnight - it cools the house off and on warmer days I find my a/c doesn't cut in until the afternoon.  I close it up when it starts getting too warm, though the cats don't seem to mind.  Friday, though it was a bit cool with an outside temperature of 10C/50F. But the day was promising with sunshine and a high of 24C/75F.  While I was talking to D, I mixed a small batch of coffee cake muffins to use up some sour cream in the fridge.  With a topping of brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts they were delicious!  

After I went for my walk, and then  posted about it (see Friday), I puttered around in the backyard for awhile, watering the lawn, deadheading, and pulling the pea pods off the plants.  It shouldn't have been a surprise but every pod was empty, and the shells well chewed.  I think the bunny beat me to them!  There are more flowers coming so maybe I'll have a chance to sample them another time.  Then I sat and relaxed, did some crocheting, talked to D briefly, and read.  

I'm so glad I spent the time outdoors because that evening we had another line of storms blow through, but this time with a ridiculous amount of rain.  It started raining just before 7 p.m. and I snapped this photo close to 8 p.m.  I guess I didn't need to water the lawn earlier in the day.  
It rained for at least another hour or so.  I don't have a rain gauge but according to the weather stats website we got about three quarters of an inch. I certainly won't need to water for a while!

Saturday was pretty much a relaxing day.  I made up some potato salad for dinner, cleaned the bathrooms, crocheted, watched television - including an old curling game from 1993, talked to D and Eli on the phone.  Nothing strenuous and nothing exciting.  Perfect day!

Today appears to be much of the same, except...I'm getting visitors later today. We'll probably head over to the local splash pad or I'll set up the sprinkler in the back yard.  Either way I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet of this's going to get nosy soon.

Have a great week everyone!

*A note to Cheapchick - Please know you and your family will be in my thoughts at this difficult time. There are no words to express my sorrow at hearing this news.  May your be granted joy in every day as you move this journey.


  1. You sound like a busy lady to me!

  2. Love reading all you're doing. I seem to be flat out of things I feel must be done for the present. You are more busy than I in the nitty gritty in painting and lopping and scrubbing. Well, wait...I do scrub. I detest painting and my knees are such that I don't get up on a step ladder nowadays to lop branches that need it. That's a great idea about leaving the sun room open at night! And the cats, if they aren't sleeping with you, will enjoy slipping out there to count stars.

  3. I've still got lots of things to do, but as usual lack the motivation. I did some main-level painting when I was on vacation 2 weeks ago, and installed lots of "pantry" shelving behind my basement door, and I think that's it for the summer. It's been insanely hot here, though we finally got rain yesterday.

    It's mandatory to wear masks when in an indoor public space like a store now, so my most recent trip to Costco was fine. They're allowing limited numbers of people in, but it's still impossible to physically distance in the aisles, so I'm glad for the masks.

    I love your repurposed pillows and towels, what a great thing to do. You have sewing talent anyway, so while that likely was simple for you, it's very impressive to me!

    Take care, enjoy the rest of the day and have a terrific week.

  4. You are very busy, busy, busy. My energy level is not at that (although I shop onine anyway)Housework has been shot around here. I am taking advantage of all the warm days though........all the earm and even hot days.

  5. wow you did some shopping! Glad you could get out and about! :)

  6. That one day of outside work in the heat wore me out! Inside and out you manage to keep incredibly busy.
    Love the pillows and it seems that Saku loves all of your efforts.
    Cute conversation with Eli, typical but at least you heard his voice and sometimes that takes us a long way in our day!

  7. All that shopping would have worn me out. Do most of mine via computer these days. Really liked your recycle of the pillows. Good job. Had to smile at Eli's idea of conversation. Guess he got the important stuff in. Hi and bye:)

  8. I am like you: I have far too many things to do each day. I wish I need not work; I find that my job is simply a waste of eight hours that could be spent infinitely better doing almost anything else. If only I were rich... (Not many people think that, eh?)

  9. I found the same problem with Costco as you did. I was in and out in a speed here to fore unknown to me.

    Wow, did you ever get rain.

    God bless.


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