Saturday, 11 September 2021

Fast forward

Okay, who moved the hands of the clock forward?  I've no idea how it can possibly be the weekend already.  Darned if I know where the time went either.  My son had the week off, with Monday being the stat holiday.  Since he likes to sleep in, and I'm a doting mother (or I just spoil him), my mornings were generally quiet.  I puttered around the house, caught up on paperwork, played on the computer, crocheted or read. 

My pain in the back has eased considerably, to the point where I only feel it when I sneeze (OMG does that hurt), or if I twist to pick something up.  I've been doing my walking in the house, but decided one day this week to venture out on the walking paths for a change.  There are photos as proof.

I did make it over to the creek and the pond. I have no photos from the creek, as there really wasn't a lot of activity there.  Just a couple of ducks.  Over at the pond, there were lots of geese and a few ducks remaining.  

This was the only cormorant I saw, an immature bird from the size of it.  My goodness it is fast as it dives under the water and swims quite a distance before re-emerging. 

The wildflowers are still blooming near the water.  I love these sunny yellow flowers, their pretty faces always bring a smile to mine.  The fireweed is also pretty. 

The buildings mirrored in the water make an interesting backdrop for the duck.  It almost blends right in.

Sadly, I spotted a dead duck in the water. The fact it was there didn't seem to bother the other ducks as they continued to feed around it.

I'm always trying to capture the ducks or geese in flight, and I think is probably one of the best shots I've gotten.  It's calling out to other geese as it takes off from the water. 

The pond water is getting so dirty and full of scum.  But the markings on this duck are so pretty.  It sat so still while I took it's photo - almost as if it was posing for me.

This week's grocery run was short and sweet, just one store, as my list was short.  I did get chicken breast for $3.99 a pound at the Co-op, though was limited to one value package at that price.  On Friday, I made a quick run to the thrift stores - found another bag of cotton yarn for $3.99 (because one can never have enough yarn) and couple of t-shirts for a total of $5.98.  I badly stained a t-shirt a week or so ago, and could not get the stains out so it went into a rag bag. 

While I was out running around on Friday, I had a call from my back yard neighbour.  His Dad has spotted wasps going in and out of a hole in my shed.  Both of their children (5 and 2) had been stung as well.  I tried various stores with no luck finding any spray, so I gave a local pest extermination company a call.  They sold me some powder to use in the hole and I made a trap with cat food and juice.  By early Friday evening I had more than two dozen wasps in the trap. Just after dark, I went out and squeezed a load of powder into the hole they were coming in and out of.  I've checked twice this morning, and there is no activity.  I don't know if that means they've died off or moved, or because it is cool this morning, they aren't mobile just yet.  I'll keep an eye out throughout the day but hopefully the problem has been dealt with.

It's a busy sports day here today.  Yesterday, I was able to watch three curling matches on You-tube, and there are three more on tap today, along with three football games!  You'll find me planted on my couch, with my crocheting in hand.  The vacuuming can wait until tomorrow. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your walks with nature always sound so calming. I always love the pictures. Those wasps can be stinkers - hope you got them.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. That goose in flight is great. Suitable for framing. Glad you were able to get the wasps under control. Hope that is the end of them.

  3. I managed 7000 steps along the shores of Lake Ontario this morning - down by the Port Credit Marina. It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind was really strong and the waves were crashing in. Lots of geese, ducks and swans - along with a few cormorants - and yes, their diving ability is amazing!

    A double-header for the Blue Jays today, plus the women's final of the US Open so I'm also set for some time on the couch!

    Hope your back improves soon.

  4. I love the goose pictures the best! When I see and hear them flying and honking I am in heaven. Would you please share the catfood trap for wasps? Sometimes I get them under my deck. Thank you.

  5. Glad you were able to get out and take some lovely nature pictures. I have noticed the leaves starting to turn and the geese flying.

  6. I'm pleased that the pain in your back is diminishing but, oh, I know the remnants that are triggered by sneezes. I feel the sneeze coming and brace myself as if for a collision. I'm surprised a big sneeze doesn't knock the back into full-pain mode.

  7. I swear, I am with you on the sneeze thing. Since I wrecked my back several days ago...I have the pain all the time. To a greater or lesser degree. I take Tylenol...generic brands, for the pain. But when it's severe, Tylenol doesn't help much so I do have a mild muscle relaxer. We'll both get better Yours was a far worse thing that happened that I. Hoping you will be all better soonest.

  8. You really managed to get a great picture of the goose taking off in flight.

    I hope your pain disappears completely very soon.

    God bless.

  9. I am so glad that you are feeling better! Back pain is horrendous. I'm glad that you can walk again.


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