Friday 6 May 2022

North to Alaska

I've started this post mid-week, thinking that I'd likely hit post when I got to the airport. I'd never tried to post from my phone so we'll see how that goes!

I've managed to keep relatively busy the first few days of the week. There were groceries to buy, more to ensure there is food in the house when I get back, but also to stock some items I know my son will enjoy while I'm away. I ran an errand for my daughter and mailed off a parcel of items for her. For my Canadian readers, if you are looking for a deal on postage for parcels, the flat rate boxes are a good buy. I paid less to mail the largest flat rate box (interior 15 X 11.5 inches) for less than I have paid to send a much smaller box. The postal clerk told me I could stuff as much as I liked in the box to a maximum of 11 pounds. In this case there wasn't anything really heavy but I certainly managed to mostly fill the box. Back at home, I left the car on the driveway and gave it a good wash. 

The carpenter finished up the work framing and installing the drywall on Tuesday. The electrician stopped by as well to get a sense of the scope of the work - he'll be installing pot lights, adding an electrical outlet and removing one that I no longer need. Later on Tuesday, the guy who does the mudding and taping of the drywall was here as well (and returned again every day since). While the last fellow was here I decided it was time to tackle the garage. I swept up the debris that tracks in throughout the year, dirt, leaves, and grime. I broke some boxes that were thrown out there that I won't use and reorganized the ones I'm keeping. There were a couple of boxes of items meant for the thrift store that were forgotten so I put those in the trunk of the car for my next trip to the store.

I had forgotten to go to the bank to get cash for my trip, for tips and small purchases, so did that on Wednesday. A stop was made at Walmart to pick up a couple of needed items as well. Back at home, I chatted with my most wonderful travel agent. She has been spending a lot of time ensuring this trip goes smoothly for me. Canada has a app that individuals entering the country must complete - ArriveCan. To enter Canada, one must complete the documentation which includes passport and proof of vaccination, and for non-Canadians proof of a negative Covid test. I had assumed, wrongly, that I would not need to complete this step until we returned to Vancouver at the end of the cruise. I had already downloaded the app, uploaded my proof of vax, and passport info. But as L discovered, cruises are treated differently and the ArriveCan process must be completed before embarkation. She also learned that it must be done no more than 72 hours prior, though it will allow one to do so. I had to delete my first receipt and reenter the info.

I had earlier scheduled my Covid test, a requirement for the cruise, for Friday at noon. After discussing it with l  I decided to reschedule for earlier in the day. This was easy, just a couple of mouse clicks. The fact it was that easy suggested the clinic isn't busy...making me hopeful I'd get my results quickly. 

The rest of the day was spent vaccuming the main floor of the house, packing a few more items, and reading in the sun room. Our weather has changed for the better though there is rain in the forecast beginning Friday.

Then Thursday happened. First off I'm writing this on my phone. My laptop power insert broke and I didn't notice the battery draining and suddenly it shut down. I can do most things on my phone but when I checked in for my flight the download receipt for my checked luggage disappeared.  I was worried I'd be asked to pay again at the airport but that didn't  happen. 

Meanwhile I got a bunch of housework done, finished crocheting the edging on three dishcloths, and checked and double checked my packing.  

Friday morning went by quickly. I got my walk in, the construction crew came by with supplies for next week, and I remembered a few more items to pack. The taxi showed up on time and I arrived at the airport just prior to my appointment.  The RAT was completed in short order, I tested negative,  and then it was a quick process to drop off luggage and through security.

Then it was a whole lot of waiting. I had 2.5 hours before boarding my first flight, an hour and a bit before my second, and about a 20 minute wait for the hotel shuttle. We had a fair amount of turbulence between Regina and Calgary,  but a smooth flight between Calgary and Vancouver. I did get a 20 minute nap on the first flight, but had an excitable youngster (about 3) in the seat ahead of mine in the second flight so read for most of the trip.

The hotel, a Holiday Inn, is lovely. I had done the online check-in so it was a matter of getting my key card and arranging a shuttle for the
 morning to get to the train. I'm at the end of the hallway  and though there is some traffic noise I suspect I'll sleep well tonight.

On that note I'll say goodnight and wish everyone a good weekend.


  1. Phew, I am tired just reading all that you accomplished. Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly and you can relax and enjoy. Have a wonderful time.

    1. I'm exhausted too...I always am, reading these posts. LOL. I've gotten lazier the older I get! :-P

  2. Have an amazing holiday; I can't wait to read all about it!

  3. There is always so much to do to enjoy a few days of true relaxation. It looks like you managed to do it all!

  4. Enjoy every moment! It’s been a long pandemic!

  5. You sure have left things in good order back home and then all the pre-travel crap that's expected of us as well. I think the ArriveCan is ridiculous. So many hoops.
    However, you are on your way. Have a fun time!

  6. I am now so tired, you sure got things done before you left. Enjoy your trip. Have fun.

    God bless.

  7. I FINALLY got here. I read this in the mail several days ago but here I am. Lot happeneing woth me, but what's happening with you is SO much better! :-) You are off to a great start! You have given me and I am sure a lot of others an ear worm with your blog title!


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